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Shows eighteen color images created by pairing specific colors, discusses tone, separation, gradation, and color scales, and looks at the characteristics of basic colors
This colour workbook for fashion, interior design and graphics, features 130asic colours and over 1000 colour combinations matched to a list of keymage-words.
This dictionary is the first of its kind: a treasury of colour words and phrases and a comprehensive resource for exploring every aspect of colour and its many applications across the disciplines and through the ages. Colour is much more than decoration; it provides us with a means of distinction, warning, attraction, stimulation, diagnosis, symbolism. In short, it is a powerful shorthand for conveying ideas and information. Words are drawn from many different worlds including art, artists, crafts and design, painting, printing and sculpture, the decorative arts, gems, fashion, textiles and clothing, cosmetics, hair and complexion, physics, maths, astronomy, and many others. This is a book for reference and for entertainment, for the professional and academic as well as the word-lover. It will prove valuable for writers, journalists and copywriters, graphic, textile and fashion designers, artists and illustrators, art students, art critics, decorators, architects, set designers, colourists and dye-makers, colour scientists, paint manufacturers, product designers and originators, marketers -in short, a book to delight and intrigue lovers of colour and language everywhere.
This dictionary, from the pen of the well-known philosopher Dagobert D. Runes, is offered as an attempt to define the borderlines of human thinking and human morality. In 152 pages organized alphabetically, Dr. Runes has created a dictionary of his own philosophical musings indexed by evocative words. Each word is followed by up to several single sentence aphorisms and occasionally a short essay. As a collection, they cover an extremely broad range of topics. In his search for real verities and true humanity, he takes the reader on an arduous thought-provoking voyage through the depths of the mind. This type of soul-searching philosophy, unburdened by traditional manner and terminology, is sometimes baffling, frequently of melancholy character, but almost always fascinating and inspiring.

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