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Carrying a dark secret of her own, can she face those of her new husband too? Dramatic and utterly compelling, A Dream of Her Own is a heart-warming saga from Benita Brown about despair and hope, passion and heartache, and the strength of true friendship. Perfect for fans of Kitty Neale and Rosie Goodwin. It's a cold winter's night in 1906 but nothing can dampen the high spirits of Constance Bannerman and her fellow skivvy and best friend, Nella. For tomorrow, Constance can escape her life of drudgery at Doctor Sowerby's home in Newcastle by marrying her handsome sweetheart, the prosperous John Edington. But Constance's last night of servitude is to end in terror. As a final act of spite, Mrs Sowerby throws her out of the house late that evening where she is met by the doctor's dissolute son, Gerald. In the front yard, surrounded by freezing fog, Gerald attacks and rapes her. Distraught and unsure of what to do, Constance marries John the next day with a heavy heart. She cannot tell John what has happened, for his is a respectable family, and shame will not allow her to reveal the truth to Nella. But the worst is yet to come, for John Edington himself has a shocking secret that will make Constance feel more alone than ever... What readers are saying about A Dream of Her Own: 'This is a wonderfully compelling read that pulls you right into the world of turn-of-the-century Newcastle... the setting is so incredibly well portrayed, I walked the streets with Constance and Nella' 'This is my favourite Benita Brown book! This book has scandal, romance and betrayal. It has everything, I just didn't want to put it down' 'Five stars'
Her father's murder drives a young woman to seek refuge in Liverpool - but she could now be in even greater danger... Lyn Andrews' The House on Lonely Street is a powerful and nostalgic saga set in Dublin and Liverpool, of the power of love, friendship... and fear. Perfect for fans of Dilly Court and Kitty Neale. For Katherine Donovan the slums of Dublin are a lonely place. Her father, a pawnbroker, is the most hated man in the district, and Katherine an outcast. Her only friend is tiny Ceppi Healy, underfed, irrepressible and, the youngest in a neglected family of eight, as much an emotional orphan as eighteen-year-old Katherine. Then, one night, the unthinkable happens. Katherine's father is murdered, a victim of local revenge for an act of cruelty even she couldn't have anticipated. Fearing for her life, Katherine flees, taking with her the desperate young Ceppi. Liverpool is her longed-for haven and, with the last of her father's money, she rents a lodging house in a street decimated by the sinking of the Titanic. But, far from finding a refuge for herself and the little girl she promised to protect, she realises she has put them into the path of terrible danger... What readers are saying about The House on Lonely Street: 'I read [this book] in less than a day... The characters were so believable and you could imagine the struggle, but from the start you wanted Katherine to succeed' 'As usual Lyn Andrews tells a really good story. She makes you care about the characters, and the only criticism I have is that I was left wanting more' 'The brilliant plot will sweep you away to its majestic and tear-jerking ending'
A family struggles to survive bereavement, bombing and bitter rivalry... Love is Blind is a gripping wartime saga from much-loved author Anne Baker, which follows a family's path through heartache and war. Perfect for fans of Katie Flynn and Sheila Newberry. Patsy Rushton's brother Barney doesn't know the meaning of hard work, so when their father tragically dies, Patsy has no choice but to save the family's business. Meanwhile, Barney has got his girlfriend pregnant and, feeling trapped, he abandons her and leaves Merseyside altogether. But trouble follows Barney wherever he goes and when he learns of his sister's growing success, he can't help feeling resentful. Why is their mother, Beatrice, so quick to forgive him? Surely, she can't be blind to his faults? As Patsy is to discover, there's something else about Barney that is frightening her mother so much she has never dared to speak of it before. What readers are saying about Love is Blind: 'Very good, easy read. The twists and turns in the plot kept the intrigue alive. I would recommend to anyone' 'Engaging characters and a gripping war time story. A good insight into life during the war. Can't wait to read another of Anne Baker's books'
Life has been hard for Adele Ford. Will she ever find the happiness she deserves? Alexandra Connor writes a moving saga in The Lydgate Widow, the tale of a young woman facing unbearable heartache, and her ultimate triumph over adversity. Perfect for fans of Rita Bradshaw and Catherine Cookson. Adele Ford's clearest childhood memory is of her father telling her about the enigmatic Lydgate Widow, whose abandoned house dominates the village. But the stories end abruptly on the day Adele and her sister are orphaned, and they grow up with only each other to rely on. Adele finds work in an antiques shop, but when a wrongful accusation robs her of her reputation, her future looks bleak. So it's not hard for Col Vincent, a successful businessman, to persuade Adele to marry him. Adele grows to love him - until she realises that her husband is a violent man. In the 1930s, a woman who leaves her husband faces penury. Somehow Adele survives, and then news comes that will transform her life, bringing back the haunting memory of the Lydgate Widow - and the man who has loved Adele for decades... What readers are saying about The Lydgate Widow: 'Thoroughly enjoyed this book... a brilliant ending that binds all characters together. This is the first book that I have read by this author, and it won't be the last' 'A superb read - five stars'
Two young mothers fight to keep their families safe as the shadow of World War II falls over Liverpool. In the sequel to Friends Forever, Lyn Andrews writes a gripping wartime saga in Every Mother's Son - a tale depicting the power of love and the inner strength of the women of the Liverpool Blitz. Perfect for fans of Anne Baker, Joan Jonker and Kate Thompson. Molly and Bernie have been friends forever. As young girls they left Ireland seeking new beginnings in Liverpool. Now they are marrying their sweethearts and looking forward to enjoying the lives they've worked so hard to build. But as the Liverpool Blitz begins, it seems as if their dreams are about to be destroyed. Night after night, horrific bombing tears the city apart. As wives and mothers, both women know that they could face great tragedy. But they also know that their friendship, and their love for their husbands and sons, will give them the strength to find the happiness they deserve... What readers are saying about Every Mother's Son: 'As with everything that Lyn Andrews writes it's a page turner, I could not put it down... you live the lives of the characters and cannot wait to read the final page, but don't want the novel to end' 'Andrews' writing on the war is vivid and remarkably realistic and the journey of the two main characters has an emotional truth and authenticity about it which I found very moving... a believable and heartfelt story'

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