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This classic reference work is organized as follows: Part I. Introduction Chapter I. New Material Chapter II. The Historical Method Chapter III. The Κοινη Chapter IV. The Place of the New Testament in the Κοινη Part II. Accidence Chapter V. Word-Formation Chapter VI. Orthography and Phonetics Chapter VII. The Declensions (Κλισεις) Chapter VIII. Conjugation of the Verb (Ῥημα) Part III. Syntax Chapter IX. The Meaning of Syntax (Συνταξις) Chapter X. The Sentence Chapter XI. The Cases (Πτωσεις) Chapter XII. Adverbs (Ἐπιρρηματα) Chapter XIII. Prepositions (Προθεσεις) Chapter XIV. Adjectives (Ἐπιθετα) Chapter XV. Pronouns (Ἀντωνυμιαι) Chapter XVI. The Article (Το Ἅρθρον) Chapter XVII. Voice (∆Ιαθεσις, Genus) Chapter XVIII. Tense (Χρονος) Chapter XIX. Mode (Ἔγκαισις) Chapter XX. Verbal Nouns (Ὀνοματα του Ῥηματος) Chapter XXI. Particles (Αι Παραθηκαι) Chapter XXII. Figures of Speech (Γοργιεια Σχηματα)
Vital Apologetic Issues Vital . . . pertaining to life; essential; of critical importance. Apologetic . . . a systematic defense of the authenticity and authority of Christian truth. Issues . . . a point or matter, the decision of which is of special or public importance. When it comes to giving a reasoned defense of one's faith, just knowing definitions isn't enough. It helps to have reliable guidance through the critical issues of apologetics such as philosophical questions regarding the Christian faith or biblical reliability. Vital Apologetic Issues: Examining Reason and Revelation in Biblical Perspective draws upon the insights and study of numerous evangelical scholars and writers to address crucial questions in the field of Christian apologetics. Some of the chapters included are: The Nature and Origin of Evil by Robert Culver Biblical Naturalism and Modern Science by Henry M. Morris Ebla and Biblical Historical Inerrancy by Eugene H. Merrill Theological Problems with Theistic Evolution by David H. Lane Christian readers, church leaders, and pastors will appreciate the insight and guidance of Vital Apologetic Issues.
Historical-Jesus research continues to captivate the interests of scholars. Recently there has been renewed discussion of the criteria for authenticity. This study traces the history of this type of research, especially in terms of authenticity criteria.
Stressing the historical and theological significance of pivotal figures and movements, William Baird guides the reader through intriguing developments and critical interpretation of the New Testament from its beginnings in Deism through the watershed of the Tubingen school. Familiar figures appear in a new light, and important, previously forgotten stages of the journey emerge. Baird gives attention to the biographical and cultural setting of persons and approaches, affording both beginning student and seasoned scholar an authoritative account that is useful for orientation as well as research.
This revised and expanded edition of a classic grammar includes a variety of improvements: additional examples, expanded paradigms and glossaries, a new section on English grammar, assignment layout, and a parsing guide. The Genealogy of a Greek Grammar Robertson--Davis--Beaman--Shackelford A. T. Robertson ('A Grammar of the Greek New Testament in the Light of Historical Research,' 2d ed. 1915) taught in the New Testament department at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville from 1890 to 1934. William Hersey Davis was one of his students. In fact, Robertson remarked that Davis was the most brilliant student of Greek that I ever had. Davis taught for thirty years (1920Ð50) at Southern Seminary and co-authored with Robertson an intermediate grammar, 'A New Short Grammar of the Greek Testament' (1931). In Davis's classes was Roy O. Beaman. Beaman taught at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary for twenty-two years. He taught at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary from 1972 to 1992. In Beaman's classes was David G. Shackelford, the editor and reviser of this grammar. Shackelford joined the faculty of Mid-America Seminary in 1988.

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