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A diverse set of poetry for poets at all levels. Set includes A Book of Love Poetry, A Mind Apart: Poems of Melancholy, Madness, and Addiction, The Poetry of Sappho, and The Oxford Book of American Poetry.
Madness and the Romantic Poet examines the longstanding and enduringly popular idea that poetry is connected to madness and mental illness. The idea goes back to classical antiquity, but it was given new life at the turn of the nineteenth century. The book offers a new and much more complete history of its development than has previously been attempted, alongside important associated ideas about individual genius, creativity, the emotions, rationality, and the mind in extreme states or disorder - ideas that have been pervasive in modern popular culture. More specifically, the book tells the story of the initial growth and wider dissemination of the idea of the 'Romantic mad poet' in the nineteenth century, how (and why) this idea became so popular, and how it interacted with the very different fortunes in reception and reputation of Romantic poets, their poetry, and attacks on or defences of Romanticism as a cultural trend generally - again leaving a popular legacy that endured into the twentieth century. Material covered includes nineteenth-century journalism, early literary criticism, biography, medical and psychiatric literature, and poetry. A wide range of scientific (and pseudoscientific) thinkers are discussed alongside major Romantic authors, including Wordsworth, Coleridge, Blake, Hazlitt, Lamb, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Keats, Byron, and John Clare. Using this array of sources and figures, the book asks: was the Romantic mad genius just a sentimental stereotype or a romantic myth? Or does its long popularity tell us something serious about Romanticism and the role it has played, or has been given, in modern culture?
Manhattan 1936, East Side. Don Birnam trinkt. Und der Schriftsteller hat längst jenen Punkt erreicht, an dem »ein Drink zu viel ist und hundert nicht genügen«. Seit dem letzten Absturz kaum wieder auf den Beinen, widersetzt er sich erfolgreich allen Versuchen seines Bruders Wick, ihn zu einem langen Wochenende auf dem Land zu überreden, und bleibt fünf Tage in der gemeinsamen Wohnung allein. Dort nimmt das Schicksal seinen Lauf: Don trinkt, beschafft sich Geld, verliert es, besorgt sich neues, landet auf der Alkoholstation, trinkt weiter. Schwankend zwischen Euphorie und Verzweiflung, Selbsterkenntnis und Selbsttäuschung, Inspiration und Panik, glasklarem Denken und tiefer Umnachtung, fällt Don zunehmend ins Delirium.

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