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This collection, organized alphabetically, of 70 comforts for the mind, body, and spirit, also includes entertaining bits of trivia, recipes, and fun illustrations throughout. The ABCs of comforts begin with "Aromas: Trigger memories," "Birding: Finding flying treasure," and "Candlelight: Mellows the mood." And ends with "X-Tra Time: Doing less to experience more," and "ZZZs: Renew and reactivate." Book jacket.
The loss of a loved one turns our world upside down. Suddenly, everything has changed, and it seems as if life will never be in balance again. But as writer Carol Wiseman shows us, there is a way back from the paralyzing sadness of grief. In Emerging from the Heartache of Loss, Wiseman gently takes our hands and guides us along the healing journey to acceptance and recovery. Through practical and sometimes surprising suggestions on ways to move forward-like dancing out your emotions in the comfort of your living room, giving yourself permission to talk about what you're feeling, and looking for ways to lend a hand to others-Wiseman nudges us a little closer to okay every day. With easy-to-follow exercises and supportive insight from others who have experienced grief, this heartfelt resource is a companion for anyone who is suffering from some kind of major loss or knows someone who is. We all need help getting through the tough times, and weaving some of the ideas found here into our own lives will do just that, allowing us to fully experience the complex feelings of mourning and gently reminding us that life is there waiting for us to start living again. Book jacket.

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