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Whether you are a graduate student seeking to publish your first article, a new Ph.D. revising your dissertation for publication, or an experienced author working on a new monograph, textbook, or digital publication, Handbook for Academic Authors provides reliable, concise advice about selecting the best publisher for your work, maintaining an optimal relationship with your publisher, submitting manuscripts to book and journal publishers, working with editors, navigating the production process, and helping to market your book. It also offers information about illustrations, indexes, permissions, and contracts and includes a chapter on revising dissertations and one on the financial aspects of publishing. The book covers not only scholarly monographs but also textbooks, anthologies, multiauthor books, and trade books. This fifth edition has been revised and updated to align with new technological and financial realities, taking into account the impact of digital technology and the changes it has made in authorship and publishing.
This book addresses the roles and challenges of people who communicate science, who work with scientists, and who teach STEM majors how to write. In terms of practice and theory, chapters address themes encountered by scientists and communicators, including ethical challenges, visual displays, and communication with publics, as well as changed and changing contexts and genres. The pedagogy section covers topics important to instructors’ everyday teaching as well as longer-term curricular development. Chapters address delivery of rhetorically informed instruction, communication from experts to the publics, writing assessment, online teaching, and communication-intensive pedagogies and curricula.
Demonstrating how to compose a scientific paper, this book describes not just what to do but why and how, explaining why each section of a science paper requires its particular form of information, and showing how to fit data and arguments into that form. It recognizes that experiments in different disciplines need different presentations.
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Researching can be a daunting task, but once one learns efficient research techniques and proper format and documentation, the process becomes much easier. This book teaches both these techniques and formats. This user-friendly book continues to be a leading book for teaching research techniques and current practices in research documentation. Spiral-bound, the book is structured to correspond to the step-by-step process of writing research papers, from the initial research to the documentation of sources Its description of library use illustrates both print and electronic sources, including more than 50 examples of proper documentation. Discussions of computer catalogs, the Internet, and CD-ROM bring readers up to date on the most recent innovations in library research techniques. While stressing the MLA style throughout, the author also discusses APA style in depth, and includes a sample paper in that style. The major chapters contain exercises to reinforce the most important points, and the bibliography serves as a reliable reference source for 24 different fields. Anyone who needs to write and research.

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