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As A Soft Landing opens, Stacey Blake tries to process her instant life-changing diagnosis of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). She is immediately immersed into a world of serious medical procedures, including a bone marrow biopsy and preparation for a stem cell transplant. She looks for signs of reassurance from the Almighty. Stacey alternates accounts of her years of leukemia treatment and setbacks with chapters relating her business, personal, and spiritual growth, including meeting her husband Tom, visitations by angels, and a near-death experience. Through prayer and reflection, Stacey finds a deep sense of peace - and miracles begin to occur as she is enveloped in loving-kindness. *** "A Soft Landing is powerful reading because of Blake's firm belief that 'with God, all things are possible.' This is an inspirational book for anyone suffering from a life-threatening illness or for anyone with a seriously ill loved one. It provides rare insight." - Congressional Libraries Today *** ..". touching and thought-provoking. A Soft Landing is beautifully written and a wonderful read. Reading Stacey's book was a joy for me, and I have even read portions of it out loud to my ailing mother to comfort her." - Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Energy Diet
While there are hundreds of spiritual books on the market today, Stacey Blake's Today Creates Tomorrow is exceptional. Written in concise language the author explains that while it is never possible to understand "everything" that happens in life and the 'why's' of it all, it is possible to understand much of it. Recounting catastrophic loss in her life Stacey offers that "no matter how many spiritual or mystical books you have read, it is a 'Divine Truth' that until you are finally ready to be released from pain and suffering, you will not be." " However, in "one moment" you can make a great change "within" yourself when your soul is ready." Today creates Tomorrow is a book that will lift your spirits and set your heart to soar as you realize that the creator of our Universe and the Divine Spirit does not judge you "right" or "wrong" in life. Stacey's writings on Divines Truths are beautifully described in both simplicity and elegance. Her writings on Divine Truths offer intense comfort as Stacey contends that no matter "how painful life can oftentimes be "We are all Loved" and "We are all Safe" as we walk on our journey back Home"! A powerful read.
In January 1988, aged twelve, Martin Pistorius fell inexplicably sick. First he lost his voice and stopped eating; then he slept constantly and shunned human contact. Doctors were mystified. Within eighteen months he was mute and wheelchair-bound. Martin's parents were told that an unknown degenerative disease had left him with the mind of a baby and he probably had less than two years to live. Martin went on to be cared for at centres for severely disabled children, a shell of the bright, vivacious boy he had once been. What no-one knew is that while Martin's body remained unresponsive his mind slowly woke up, yet he could tell no-one; he was a prisoner inside a broken body. Then, in 1998, when Martin was twenty-three years old, an aromatherapy masseuse began treating him and sensed some part of him was alert. Experts were dismissive, but his parents persevered and soon realised their son was as intelligent as he'd always been. With no memory of the time before his illness, Martin was a man-child reborn in a world he didn't know. He was still in a wheelchair and unable to speak, but he was brilliantly adept at computer technology. Since then, and against all odds, he has fallen in love, married and set up a design business which he runs from his home in Essex.Ghost Boyis an incredible, deeply moving story of recovery and the power of love. Through Martin's story we can know what it is like to be here and yet not here - unable to communicate yet feeling and understanding everything. Martin's emergence from his darkness enables us to celebrate the human spirit and is a wake-up call to cherish our own lives.
Destined to become a modern classic in the vein of Guns, Germs, and Steel, Sapiens is a lively, groundbreaking history of humankind told from a unique perspective. 100,000 years ago, at least six species of human inhabited the earth. Today there is just one. Us. Homo Sapiens. How did our species succeed in the battle for dominance? Why did our foraging ancestors come together to create cities and kingdoms? How did we come to believe in gods, nations, and human rights; to trust money, books, and laws; and to be enslaved by bureaucracy, timetables, and consumerism? And what will our world be like in the millennia to come? In Sapiens, Dr. Yuval Noah Harari spans the whole of human history, from the very first humans to walk the earth to the radical -- and sometimes devastating -- breakthroughs of the Cognitive, Agricultural, and Scientific Revolutions. Drawing on insights from biology, anthropology, palaeontology, and economics, he explores how the currents of history have shaped our human societies, the animals and plants around us, and even our personalities. Have we become happier as history has unfolded? Can we ever free our behaviour from the heritage of our ancestors? And what, if anything, can we do to influence the course of the centuries to come? Bold, wide-ranging and provocative, Sapiens challenges everything we thought we knew about being human: our thoughts, our actions, our power...and our future.

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