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"A story of the evolution of one man from blind adherence to religion to a realization of spiritual truth that lies beyond the doctrine of beliefs."--Author's website.
“Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?”“Moabites.” “Moabites, who?”“Don’t take any Moabites out of my sandwich.”This collection of knock-knock jokes is sure to keep readers of all ages rolling with laughter and eager to share with others!
The space between us as God's sinful children and His infinite love is found in His grace. Grace is a diamond with many facets. Those facets are seen within the light of scripture and reflection. Lessons from the Back Pew is an honest, sometimes funny and insightful examination of how to close the gap between us and God by addressing the obstacles to His grace that we place in our own way. Parables and common language were Jesus' way of communicating to the world. This book is not a study from a seminary, the analysis of a language scholar or the thesis of a doctoral candidate. The chapters of this book look at grace from the life of an every day believer, using scripture, experience, failing and time at the foot of the cross to speak to those who seek grace as God's gift to bring us back to Him.
Are you a "church hopper" or thinking of becoming one? Do you look down on Christians who change churches? Did you know that 76% of "church switchers" are devout Christians? Do you wonder about vast changes in church? Do you wonder what will bring church unity and transformation? Changing Churches describes, through the eyes of one couple, the difficult journey that "church switchers" travel-a journey often precipitated by disruptive church changes. The book encourages Christ-like transformative change in churches rather than man-devised makeovers. As you read you will learn about: The right reasons to leave a church. How to manage the pain and angst of leaving a familiar church. How to search for another church-the anxiety and adventure. How to handle conflict between spouses about leaving and searching. How to find the new church that fits you and fits God's plan for you. Changing Churches is helpful in understanding the sweeping changes in churches and what we can do to build up the church.
Give your life away to change this world and God will change you…for the best. A rising voice in the missional movement, Palmer Chinchen challenges Christians to a new kind of spiritual formation—one focused on pouring out our life for others and radical dependence upon God. When we get out of our comfort zone, our souls are awakened—everything seems more alive and vibrant. So why don’t we live our faith that way? Why is it that our faith can easily become an old, tired routine instead of an exhilarating, God-honoring lifestyle? Discover why true religion involves engaging the problems in our world as we go with the good news of the gospel. And in the process of pouring ourselves out for others, we’ll see God radically transform our own hearts as well.
Faith Beyond Belief gives a much-needed voice to the “good” people who have left their church but whose spirituality continues to mature. Johnston uses first-person stories as well as known spiritual authorities in describing various stages of religious growth. Some of these real-life accounts are by nonbelievers; others are by those among the growing numbers of the “spiritual but not religious.” All are thoughtful people with too much integrity to live what they consider a lie. The stories of the nonbelievers-including an ex-Catholic, a former Mormon, and a clandestine Muslim apostate who left his community after the attacks of 9/11-show how complete confidence in human reason can lead away from literal religious interpretation. But, while that step is a necessary one on the spiritual path, it is only intermediate. Her second set of stories are of people at the “mystic” level who can tolerate paradox and see truth and reality as multidimensional. Johnston’s book will help doubters to see things in a new light as well as those who are struggling to clarify their own spiritual vision. It also points beyond the atheist/believer controversy wrecking such divisive havoc in our culture today.
With hilarious stories and nutty pictures, the Tales from the Back Pew series offers kid’s a unique view of church. Enjoy plenty of giggles with your child—and learn fun, important truths about God, church, and the Bible.Mom’s sending me to church summer cramp—I mean, camp. The woods are full of poison ivy, and you become a mosquito burrito and eat in a mess hall. Yuck!

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