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When opposites collide...the plot thickens
How to ruin a perfectly good divorce
Reproduction of the original: English as we speak it in Ireland by P.W. Joyce
It's a dirty job, but someone has to be Blackwater Lake's most eligible bachelor. Sexy newcomer Sam Hart goes through women like water. Florist Faith Connelly should know – she delivers the millionaire's first–date rose, followed by the inevitable break–up bouquet. But when Sam gallantly offers her temporary shelter after a fire sweeps through town, it's the single mother who could end up burned again. The sassy town sweetheart, her adorable daughter and Sam all together under one roof? Sam even has the perfect flower for a third date with Faith – the one that could tempt him to risk his heart again...
Summer of her cowboy. Never fall in love. Never get married. Logan Hunt knows all the things he doesn't want, but his daughter needs a nanny and Grace Flynn fits the bill...and then some. The sweetly alluring kindergarten teacher is showing the diehard bachelor a thing or two about fatherhood. Did Grace really think her crush on Logan would magically vanish when she moved in with him and his adorable little girl? Still, she never thought the broody rancher would turn out to be the cowboy of her dreams! All she ever wanted was a real home. Could her place to belong be with this unexpected family man?
The Second Time's the Charm...
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