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A versatile manual that can be used to stimulate product innovation, benchmarking analysis, and engineering design, this book goes beyond theory to provide relevant advanced methods and techniques that readers can apply in their work for both short- and long-term results. The author links Quality Function Deployment (QFD) with other quality design techniques and discusses processes for improving its effectiveness. He also highlights methods for selecting a product's technical features. Real implementation case studies and numerous examples illustrate the concepts, including the Qualitometro method for designing and measuring quality in the service sector.
A structured planning process that systematically incorporates the voice of the customer into product design, Quality Function Deployment (QFD) has proven itself a highly effective development tool for creating globally competitive products - in software, hardware, services, and many other industries. This book not only explains QFD fundamentals clearly and concisely, it takes you well beyond the basics to provide the advanced techniques, specific information, and concrete examples you need to implement QFD successfully and derive its full benefits. Of course, the book contains detailed information about the House of Quality, the most commonly used QFD matrix that relates customer needs to technical solutions. But rather than stopping there, it goes even further to explore the many possibilities for matrices that you can apply to every phase in product development - including multiple levels of design detail, quality improvement planning, process planning, manufacturing equipment planning, and value engineering planning. In addition, you will find concise, experienced-based guidance on all the practical aspects of implementing QFD from start to finish, including such issues as establishing organizational support, creating a schedule, and gathering customer data. The book also covers QFD's relationship to the product development cycle, as well as its impact on various functions within an organization. Most important, Quality Function Deployment: How to Make QFD Work For You helps you to see QFD as a collection of techniques and processes you can customize and adapt to your own real-life situations. "This is far and away the best book on QFD, a book that is very much needed by American and European industry." - "Don Clausing, Bernard M. Gordon Adjunct Professor of Engineering Innovation and Practice Massachusetts Institute of Technology" 0201633302B04062001
Changes in the economy have put pressure on today's managers to compress the development and manufacturing cycles of their new products. In their quest to meet this challenge, many managers have found Quality Function Deployment (QFD) a very effective technique, but they want to take it further. Advanced QFD was written for QFD practitioners who want to enhance the power of their practice. Designed for use as both a reference book and a training manual, this book's goal, in the words of its author, is "to infuse value thinking into practitioners of QFD ... to take the reader beyond the basics and into the world of planning". After a review of basic principles and techniques of QFD, Advanced QFD demonstrates how to incorporate modern planning techniques, Value Engineering, and Technological Forecasting methods - topics that are not even discussed in other books about QFD. It shows readers how to apply new methods and combinations of techniques, based on true industrial experience, to their own design problems.
Quality Function Deployment ist ein sehr nützliches Management-Werkzeug: Es versetzt Unternehmen in die Lage, Kundenwünsche besser zu erkennen und Produkte schneller zu entwickeln. Die vorliegende dritte, vollständig aktualisierte und erweiterte Auflage vermittelt Anwendern in Produktions- und Dienstleistungsunternehmen ein solides Grundwissen über QFD. Die Autorin zeigt anschaulich, wie die ”Stimme des Kunden“ im gesamten Unternehmen hörbar gemacht und in innovative Produkte und Dienstleistungen umgesetzt wird. QFD fördert nicht nur die Kreativität der Mitarbeiter, sondern belebt auch deren Innovationsgeist und das Zusammenwirken aller am Produktentwicklungsprozess beteiligten Mitarbeiter. Auf diese Weise rücken Marketing, Entwicklung, Produktion, Einkauf, Vertrieb und Service enger zusammen. Der systematische, detailreiche und zugleich praxisnahe Aufbau des Buches vermittelt dem Leser nicht nur methodische Grundkenntnisse, sondern befähigt ihn, QFD im eigenen Unternehmen einzuführen und anzuwenden.
This book focuses on the collection, interpretation, and analysis of the voice of the customers (VOC) and serves as an excellent reference or textbook for learning how to apply QFD. Following this unique approach for capturing the VOC will ensure your product/service meets their needs. Included is a discussion of recent advances in QFD methodology, methods for strategically analyzing and selecting benchmarks, and examples through case studies.
Im Rahmen der vorliegenden Studie wird die Möglichkeit der Anwendung von Quality Function Deployment bei der Entwicklung von industriellen Produkt-Service Systemen (IPS2) untersucht. Die IPS2 stellen eine Bündelung von Sach- und Dienstleistungen dar. Hierbei sind insbesondere die spezifischen Eigenschaften dieser hybriden Systeme zu beachten. Die vorhandenen Ansätze zur Planung und Konzeption von IPS2 werden erforscht und mit den Merkmalen der QFD-Methode verglichen. Unter Berücksichtigung der IPS2-spezifischen Eigenschaften wird der QFD-Ansatz für die Planung von IPS2 optimiert. Zur weiteren Entwicklung einer Software-Unterstützung bei der Methodendurchführung wird ein Entwurf mithilfe von UML-Diagrammen erstellt. Die Anwendbarkeit der angepassten Methode wird an einem industriellen Beispiel gezeigt. Die modifizierte QFD-Methode ermöglicht eine hohe Kundenintegration in die Lösungsentwicklung und liefert volle Kundenzufriedenheit in der Erbringungsphase.
Quality Function Deployment is an information system producing structured data for quality managers and practitioners. This is a practical guide to implementing such a system for readers assumed to be familiar with it. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.
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