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Sexy, flamboyant and hilarious female punk rock singer-songwriter Colleen Caffeine started out as a forgotten, overweight, confused and sheltered child born in troubled and destitute Detroit. In spite of it all, she has managed to live out her teenage dreams of playing in clubs and festivals all over the world in the band she created, Choking Susan. Fueled by her passion for punk rock and unusual life, she has written, performed and recorded hundreds of songs in the United States and internationally. She taught herself bass, becoming an award-winning bass player. Be entertained by her wacky mind and interesting take on life by reading about her journey, her good luck, crazy times and insane romances. When there's nowhere to go but up, that's where you go.
" of the best memoirs I've read in years...a tragicomic gem about family, class, race, justice, and the spectacular weirdness of Wichita. [McDermott] can move from barely controlled hilarity to the brink of rage to aching tenderness in a single breath."--Marya Hornbacher, New York Times Book Review Zack McDermott, a 26-year-old Brooklyn public defender, woke up one morning convinced he was being filmed, Truman Show-style, as part of an audition for a TV pilot. Every passerby was an actor; every car would magically stop for him; everything he saw was a cue from "The Producer" to help inspire the performance of a lifetime. After a manic spree around Manhattan, Zack, who is bipolar, was arrested on a subway platform and admitted to Bellevue Hospital. So begins the story of Zack's freefall into psychosis and his desperate, poignant, often hilarious struggle to claw his way back to sanity. It's a journey that will take him from New York City back to his Kansas roots and to the one person who might be able to save him, his tough, big-hearted Midwestern mother, nicknamed the Bird, whose fierce and steadfast love is the light in Zack's dark world. Before his odyssey is over, Zack will be tackled by guards in mental wards, run naked through cornfields, receive secret messages from the TV, befriend a former Navy Seal and his talking stuffed monkey, and see the Virgin Mary in the whorls of his own back hair. But with the Bird's help, he just might have a shot at pulling through, starting over, and maybe even meeting a partner who can love him back, bipolar and all. Introducing an electrifying new voice, GORILLA AND THE BIRD is a raw and unforgettable account of a young man's unraveling and the relationship that saves him.
In this mesmerizing drama, one life-altering event catapults a family into turmoil, revealing secrets that may leave them fractured forever . . . or bind them together tighter than ever before. From the outside, the Davenports look like any other family living a completely ordinary life--until that devastating day when five-year-old Jonah is killed, and the family is torn apart. As the fury of guilt engulfs them, the Davenports slowly start to unravel, one by one. Losing her son forces Rachel to withdraw into a frayed, fuzzy reality. Her husband, Sam, tries to remain stoic, but he's consumed by regret with the choices he's made. Eden mourns her brother, while desperately fighting to regain a sense of normalcy. And Aunt Ruth, Rachel's sister, works too hard to care for the family, even as her own personal issues haunt her. Told from multiple points of view--including Jonah's--the family struggles to cope with unthinkable loss. But as they face their own dark secrets about that terrible day, they have a choice: to be swallowed up in sadness forever, or begin the raw, arduous ascent back to living.
"If you haven't read Galouye, Project Barrier is a fine place to start."-Mike Resnick Here is a unique collection from a distinctive author whose works include such classic titles as Dark Universe and Similacron-3. Project Barrier showcases five loosely-connected stories, never before published in the U.S. In "Rub-a-Dub" Galouye helps us explore what it is that makes us human, in a future were advanced technologies can copy a person's mental imprint - or is it their soul? - into someone else's body. And in "Shuffle Board," we leap forward into a potential future that explores the damage the human race has caused to Earth, and to our very own genome itself. For what is it that makes us who we are? Our mind, or what it is housed in? Galouye takes this concept one step further when he places humanity on new planets in "Recovery Area," and Reign of the "Teletpuppets," to show us how Man can (re)discover himself, when experiencing a first contact scenario. Do we rise to the occasion, as a race, or show our uglier side as a result of miscommunication and ignorance? How better to answer that question, then to read what happens in the collection's title piece, "Project Barrier," where Galouye dazzles the reader with the most tantalizing "what if" in the entire book. The novelette is a fascinating study of a possible evolutionary decision we could make, as we expand our spiritual and galactic horizons. Galouye is going to mess with your mind, and make you think, as you consider the moral implications this collection offers forth.... Enjoy the journey. It's going to be one hell of a bumpy ride! "Project Barrier collects five powerful novelettes and novellas, and serves to further cement his reputation in the annals of science fiction's best practitioners."-Mike Resnick
Kali Rae Wheeler is growing up in Newport Coast, an affluent section of Orange County, is part of a picture-perfect family, and has plenty of friends. She is an A-student, varsity athlete, and superlative-holding 8th-grader. Her future is gleaming bright.As an indigo child, Kali is gifted, but she is also hypersensitive. When Kali's sister is taken to therapy after her best friend ends up in the ER due to alcohol poisoning, the therapist requests an appointment with Kali. Not knowing she needs to hold anything back, Kali unloads her complex emotions onto the bewildered therapist. The appointment results in a prescription for an anti-anxiety medication, foreshadowing the drugged-out years to follow.Years later, an adverse reaction to a reckless prescription of Prozac leads to a faulty diagnosis of bipolar disorder, thus beginning the destructive, and at times tragic path into Western medicine's pharmaceutically-driven industry.Still searching for her place in the world, but now under the veil of ever-shifting prescription drug combinations, Kali spirals just in time to head into her toughest years of high school.
Intent on glory, Kithiik enters the forbidden tunnels to slay a legend and become one himself. What happens next sets him on an electrifying journey through exotic lands, and changes him from a reckless, violent and angry boy to a man with intuitive powers that open his heart to love, his mind to the truth and his body to erotic pleasures he never imagined.
Vapid West Hollywood socialite Busty Russell and her equally self-absorbed gay best friend Tope McWhite own the most exclusive-and inept-private detective agency in Tinseltown. When a wealthy, dying benefactor hires Busty & Tope to discover the origin of the spork for him, the clueless duo set out on an adventure that lands them in the Scottish Highlands in the year 1391. Get ready Clan Bannock-ye canna ken the havoc that one incredibly gay man and a straight woman raised by two dads are capable of.
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