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After You Hear It’s Cancer offers a step-by-step guide for recently diagnosed patients and their families as they embark on this arduous journey. The authors integrate cutting-edge research with the perspectives of numerous cancer patients to provide an empathic, but pragmatic handbook that should be required reading for every cancer patient.
This issue of Hospital Medicine Clinics, edited by Dr. Eddy Chen, covers topics including: Being the Oncology Hospitalist; Caring for Acute Leukemics; Blood Transfusions for Cancer Patients; QI Initiatives in Hospitalized Cancer Patients; Febrile Neutropenia - A Closer Look; Chemotherapy Complications - Short and Long Term Issues; Malignant Bowel Obstruction; Tumor Lysis Syndrome; Principles of Radiation Therapy: What Hospitalists Need to Know; and Neoplastic Related Cord Compression.
Navigating your Cancer Journey is a book that dares to understand the unique challenges that exist for cancer patients and caregivers at home, during treatment. This book was written by an oncology nurse navigator to empower cancer patients and caregivers with knowledge on topics like: • Financial Resources • Exercise and the Cancer Patient • Nutrition • Complementary and Alternative Therapies • Clinical Trials • Self Help • Cancer Medications • Medical Insurance • What is Cancer Anyway? • Cancer and Sexuality • End of Life Counseling • Care for the Caregivers • How to travel with cancer • Survivorship and more… The compassion and understanding with which Marais writes feels like a warm, calming hug from a beloved best friend. Her obvious and refreshing belief in the power of the patient takes center stage and is solidified through eloquently penned patient stories that bring home the message: You are not alone. Marais is a natural writer whose descriptions gently move the reader from one vivid landscape to another with ease and grace. We sincerely hope she continues to put pen to paper! Angela Wade Dog Ear Publishing Editor
When struggling entrepreneur and hobby rhymist - Jon (from Perth), meets aspiring writer - Kat (Sydney), in an unpredictable encounter, he believes he has found the true adoration he's been yearning for all his life. Jon shares his stories with Kat and she arises to inspire him to put together, "The legen-dariest epic adventure novelZz that has ever been delivered in Australia!" To raise funds to fix his conun-drums.' Kat runs away with Jon to take his business national in his Bricklaying truck while she resumes her writing and he commences his novelistic journey, expecting a great adventure but confronted by ghosts from their pasts. When everything ultimately goes up in smoke, Jon stumbles on what he's truly been searching for; himself and the power and magic of, 'The Gorilla,' within. Inspired by a real life experience, The Gorilla is so full of emotions and unexpected twists, it keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire trip. Marshall Mathers meets Beauty and The Beast, Deadpool versus Harry Potter, Eat Pray Love and The Alchemist. The Gorilla is a flirtatiously flinging epic adventure; pervaded by the effects of karma.
Offers cancer survivors strategies and advice to help them address their physical, emotional, social, and practical needs while undergoing treatment, with first-person accounts in which other cancer survivors share their tips for survival.
Dan Burke’s award-winning Navigating the Interior Life just got better with this Navigating the Interior Life Study Guide. Delve deeper into the book Ralph Martin calls “inspiring and practical” and “some of the Church’s most important wisdom” on spiritual direction. Navigating the Interior Life Study Guide is designed to help you better understand the trajectory of your soul and to go deeper in your relationship with God. It leads you, step-by-step, through reflecting on essential material and answering personal questions that will help you discover God’s will for your life through spiritual direction. Most of us have questions about spiritual direction. What is it? Is it for me? What if I can’t find a spiritual director? Get the answers to those questions and more. Each chapter of this Study Guide includes a brief summary of material covered in Navigating the Interior Life and poses questions for reflection. A glossary of terms at the back helps you gain a better grasp on spiritual direction and become more literate in the faith. Navigating the Interior Life Study Guide can be used for group study or independent reading. For the most personal benefit and growth, read Navigating the Interior Life and have it handy so you can refer back to it if you need to.

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