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This volume provides surprising new insights into the interrelation of medical practice, public health and politics in 19th century Iran, esp. the assimilation of Western medicine into indigenous systems.
The religious and strategic importance of Western Palestine in the Islamic period is clearly reflected in the hundreds of Arabic inscriptions found, the texts of which cover a variety of topics including construction, dedication, religious endowments, epitaphs, Qur'anic texts, prayers and invocations, all now assembled in this "Corpus Inscriptionum Arabicarum Palaestinae" ("CIAP"). The inscriptions are arranged according to site, and are studied in their respective topographical, historical and cultural contexts. In this way the "Corpus" offers more than a survey of inscriptions: it represents the epigraphical angle of the geographical history of the Holy Land.
Islamic substantive law, otherwise called branches of the law (furu? al-fiqh), covers the textual provisions and jurisprudential rulings relating to specific transactions under Islamic law. It is to Islamic substantive law that the rules of Islamic legal theory are applied. The relationship between Islamic legal theory and Islamic substantive law is metaphorically described by Islamic jurists as a process of ?cultivation? (istithmar), whereby the qualified jurist (mujtahid), as the ?cultivator?, uses relevant rules of legal theory to harvest the substantive law on specific issues in form of ?fruits? (thamarat) from the sources. The articles in this volume engage critically with selected substantive issues in Islamic law, including family law; law of inheritance; law of financial transactions; criminal law; judicial procedure; and international law (al-siyar). These areas of substantive law have been selected due to their contemporary relevance and application in different parts of the Muslim world today. The volume features an introductory overview of the subject as well as a comprehensive bibliography to aid further research.
شكّل عالم الإسلام الشيعي مؤخراً بؤرة استقطاب لاهتمام عالمي في سياقات النزاعات والأزمات التي تعصف بالشرق الأوسط. +++ يقدّم هذا الكتاب، الذي ألّفه واحد من أبرز المؤرّخين المسلمين وأكثرهم تميزاً، روايةً لتطوّر التشيّع توضح سوء الفهم المتكرّر والتشويهات التي كثيراً ما تلوّن العديد من التصورات المتعلقة به. واعتمد المؤلف على النتائج المبعثرة للبحث الحديث من أجل شرح الحقبة التكوينية للإسلام الشيعي وتفسيرها، عندما كانت مجموعات مسلمة ومدارس فكرية متعدّدة تعالج مواقعها العقائدية وتفصّل فيها. +++ مسحٌ شامل للإسلام الشيعي يعدّ مرجعاً للدارسين المختصّين بالدراسات الإسلامية والشرق أوسطية خاصة، وبتاريخ الأديان عامة، كما للقرّاء العاديين غير المختصّين.
Volume 1 : "Official United States government census of the Cherokee Indian from 1817 through 1924 residing east of the Mississippi River."

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