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David escribió que Dios "[habita] entre las alabanzas de Israel" (Salmos 22:3). Cuando el pueblo de Dios lleva su alabanza a un mayor nivel, comienza a liberar su "autoridad del reino". La alabanza es un arma espiritual, y una parte necesaria de gobernar y reinar con Cristo. Más que ser meramente la parte preliminar del servicio en la iglesia, la alabanza es un ingrediente esencial para experimentar la presencia de Dios y pasar al ámbito espiritual de la profecía. El llamado de Joshua Fowler avivará en su interior una mayor hambre y pasión por el Señor, a medida que se levanta como uno de los encomiables hijos de Dios. En este libro, descubrirá cómo la alabanza...Le abre acceso a los lugares celestials. Atrae a los perdidos al reino. Desata señales y maravillas. Le permite gobernar territories e influenciar naciones para Cristo! Permita que las verdades de “Alabanza Profética” penetren en su corazón y transformen sus expresiones de alabanza en decretos proféticos que sacudirán el territorio del enemigo y liberarán el reino de Dios!
"You will…decide and decree a thing, and it will be established for you; and the light [of God's favor] will shine upon your ways." —Job 22:28 AMP The body of Christ must break out of a just-get-by, poverty-ridden mentality if the church is going to win the world to Jesus. There is a life of abundance—prosperity, health, and favor—available to every believer when they decree the Word of God over their lives. Like kings of old, speaking decrees over their lands, we are to speak decrees over our lives, inspired by God’s own words. In Daily Decrees for Accessing Abundance, Joshua Fowler welcomes you into the life-changing “Decree Dimension” and invites you to discover the power of Job 22 by entering into a 22-Day Decree Challenge. Learn what decrees are and how they work. Then experience twenty-two specific daily decrees—each with supporting Scripture and a journaling section—that will impact your life and change the world.
Passionate Praise for an Extravagant God!. David wrote that God is "enthroned in the praises of Israel" (Psalm 22:3). When God's people take their praise to a higher level, they begin to unlock their "kingdom authority." Praise is a spiritual weapon, and it's a necessary part of ruling and reigning with Christ. More than merely the preliminary part of a church service, praise is an essential ingredient to experiencing the presence of God and moving into the spiritual realm of prophecy. Joshua Fowler's calling will stir within you a greater hunger and passion for the Lord as you arise as one of God's praiseworthy children. In this book, you will discover how praise...Opens your access to the heavenly places; Draws the lost into the kingdom; Releases signs and wonders; Allows you to govern territories and impact nations for Christ! Allow the truths of Prophetic Praise to penetrate your heart and transform your expressions of praise into prophetic decrees that will shatter the enemy's territory and release the kingdom of God!
Filled with motivating insights and practical advice, these inspiring quotes from best-selling author Dr. Myles Munroe provide wisdom for living your life according to God’s purposes. Keys for Change highlights vital principles for seasons of change and how you can maximize the benefits of change—whether the change seems positive or negative—enabling you to thrive while fulfilling your purpose in life. As you meditate on these truths, your mind will be renewed and your life will be transformed. You will understand the Creator’s original design so you can fulfill your unique, God-given purpose in the world with joy and confidence.
PUT THE SQUEEZE ON SATAN AND CROWD HIM OUT OF YOUR LIFE FOREVER! God wants to reveal to you the secrets of how to press on even when the enemy would like you to cave in! It’s time to reclaim what satan has stolen from you! With God’s protection and anointing, you can go into his camp, scout out the place, do battle and emerge victorious…no sweat! YOU CAN LIVE ON TOP! Let Kimberly Daniels tell you how to get rid of those pesky problems of habitual sins and to stand spiritually strong in all situations. You don’t have to live in oppression, addiction or any kind of bondage, because Jesus came to set you free! VICTORY CAN BE YOURS! God loves to see His children beat up on the enemy…in His name! Allow God to show you His strategy. Pick up your God-given weapons, and learn how to use them with confidence as you read this basic training manual for spiritual warfare.
Passionate praise for a passionate God. What truly happens when believers unlock their Kingdom authority—when praise is taken to the highest possible level? The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in Him, and I am helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoices, and with my song I will praise Him (Psalm 28:7). Governors of Praise—Releasing Heaven’s Decree is part of the fulfillment of prophecy and is a Word and Stone to set generations free. You will be stirred to a greater hunger and passion for the Lord, arising as one of God’s praiseworthy children. Governors of Praise reveals how your praise and worship: Opens the heavens. Draws the lost into the Kingdom. Releases signs and wonders. Allows us to govern territories and impact nations for Christ! You can move beyond the revelation to receive the impartation—when the Holy Spirit moves upon your heart, you will enter into interactive, participation praise! Whether you kneel, lift your hands, sing, dance, shout, cry, or laugh, joining Heaven’s Host is the most exciting and creative experience of your lifetime.

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