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1. Introduction 2. Conformational analysis of alicyclic rings 3. Ring synthesis 4. Conformation and reactivity 5. Polycyclic systems Index
All the basic principles of the field of aromatic chemistry are clearly presented in this important account. Many compounds of industrial and biological significance are used as examples with consideration given to structure, reactions, and properties. Topics such as thermodynamic versus kinetic control and pericyclic reactions are also introduced. In addition to benzene and the classes of aromatic compounds derived from it, the text covers polycyclic arenes, and the small and large ring systems which are embraced by the wider definition of aromaticity. The text will be especially useful for courses in organic chemistry.
This physical chemistry primer is specifically designed to introduce physics to undergraduate chemistry students, and show them how a knowledge of physics is relevant to their degree.
Aimed at pre-university and undergraduate students, this volume surveys the current IUPAC nomenclature recommendations in organic, inorganic and macromolecular chemistry.
This book will allow students to see how the organic chemistry taught in undergraduate courses is applied by medicinal chemists in industry. Many of today's best selling drugs are first made in the chemical laboratory on a very small scale many years before they enter the market place. During the intervening period, organic chemists investigate alternative methods both to improve the overall yield of the process and to ensure that it operates safely on a manufacturing scale. This book describes briefly how each drug works and then reviews the most efficient routes to their synthesis.

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