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Created for map lovers by map lovers, this rich book explores the intriguing stories behind maps across history and illuminates how the art of cartography thrives today. In this visually stunning book, award-winning journalists Betsy Mason and Greg Miller--authors of the National Geographic cartography blog "All Over the Map"--explore the intriguing stories behind maps from a wide variety of cultures, civilizations, and time periods. Based on interviews with scores of leading cartographers, curators, historians, and scholars, this is a remarkable selection of fascinating and unusual maps. This diverse compendium includes ancient maps of dragon-filled seas, elaborate graphics picturing unseen concepts and forces from inside Earth to outer space, devious maps created by spies, and maps from pop culture such as the schematics to the Death Star and a map of Westeros from Game of Thrones. If your brain craves maps--and Mason and Miller would say it does, whether you know it or not--this eye-opening visual feast will inspire and delight.
The Transformational Odyssey was written to help those individuals who are facing difficult life transitions, and who are attempting to successfully navigate tough life decisions and engage in deep selfdiscovery. Unlike other selfhelp books that attempt to provide readers with homespun advice for addressing difficult life challenges, The Transformational Odyssey shows readers how to take charge of their selfgrowth and development. It does this by providing readers with several applied techniques for engaging in deep selflearning in a more profound and fundamentally lifechanging way. The title, The Transformational Odyssey, reflects the book’s integrative metaphor of transformational learning as a personal odyssey of selfdiscovery. The word “odyssey” connotes a long, and sometimes arduous and meandering journey. Although an odyssey may present the traveler with unexpected trials and challenges, in the end it may yield increased wisdom and knowledge. Building on this metaphor, The Transformational Odyssey introduces readers to eight passages that they will inevitably encounter during their own personal odysseys of selfdiscovery. Each of these passages involves a uniquely different learning challenge that, as it is successfully navigated, increases the reader’s capacity for selfgrowth. The Transformational Odyssey is written in a conversational style, as if the author were sitting down next to the reader to share my fortyplus years of experience as a personal coach and life transition counselor. Since different people learn in different ways, this book incorporates a variety of different learning methods, including actual cases, exercises, suggested actions, famous quotes, and metaphors. For those readers to would like to dig deeper on a given topic, at the end of each chapter the author has included a separate section that introduces readers to related cuttingedge research in the field of human psychology. The topics included in these sections cover such areas as mindfulness, meditation, narratives, and future selves. ENDORSEMENTS "The Road to selfdiscovery is one that has been traveled before. The Transformational Odyssey explores this journey in a unique and different way, by beginning at the intersection of academic exploration and the examination of authentic experiences. Robert Barner finds ways to challenge his readers, while also guiding each person in a way that is most logical and emotionally transcendent to them. And he does so in an insightful, compelling way. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is ready to be vulnerable and wants to grow." ~ Kevin Beachum Jr. NFL Athlete, Investor, Speaker, Philanthropist "This is a dazzlingly ambitious book and it does not disappoint. Thoughtprovoking, compelling, and an extraordinary source of scientificallybased insight for anyone seeking to improve their lives." ~ Jim Loehr, Best Selling Author, CoFounder of The Human Performance Institute "The Transformational Odyssey enlists the reader in a powerful journey, grounded in their own creative imagination and wells of inspiration. This road of selfrenewal is exciting and dangerous and the work is not for the timid. Robert Barner knows the territory intimately and is a guide you can both trust and enjoy." ~ Charles J. Palus, Senior Fellow, Center for Creative Leadership "In The Transformational Odyssey, Dr. Robert Barner offers what few selfhelp books do a researchbased journey into selfawareness leading to real and sustained change. In embarking on this journey, readers will become more attuned to their experiences, more open to others, and more effective leaders, partners, parents and friends. I highly recommend this book for those courageous enough to encounter transformational learning!" ~ Jaime Goff, Certified Executive Coach and President, The Empathic Leader, LLC.
Theoretical and Applied Solutions in Multi Scale Mapping Users have come to expect instant access to up-to-date geographical information, with global coverage--presented at widely varying levels of detail, as digital and paper products; customisable data that can readily combined with other geographic information. These requirements present an immense challenge to those supporting the delivery of such services (National Mapping Agencies (NMA), Government Departments, and private business. Generalisation of Geographic Information: Cartographic Modelling and Applications provides detailed review of state of the art technologies associated with these challenges, including the most recent developments in cartometric analysis techniques able to support high levels of automation among multi scale derivation techniques. The book illustrates the application of these ideas within existing and emerging technologies. In addition to providing a comprehensive theoretical underpinning, the book demonstrates how theoretical developments have translated into commercial systems deployed within NMAs. The book explores relevance of open systems in support of collaborative research and open source web based map services. State of the art review on multi scale representation techniques Detailed consideration of database requirements and object modeling in support of emerging applications (3D, mobile) and innovative delivery (map generalisation services) Illustration through existing map production environment implementations Consolidated bibliography (680 entries), 200 illustrations, author and subject index
A captivating tale of young Lieutenant Luis Armador who was aboard the Atocha in September of 1622 when a hurricane sank the ship in the Florida Keys. This is a riveting account of Luis' struggle to find his way from the Florida Keys to sanctuary in St. Augustine, Florida and to eventually return home to
In June 1792, amidst the chaos of the French Revolution, two intrepid astronomers set out in opposite directions on an extraordinary journey. Starting in Paris, Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Delambre would make his way north to Dunkirk, while Pierre-François-André Méchain voyaged south to Barcelona. Their mission was to measure the world, and their findings would help define the meter as one ten-millionth of the distance between the pole and the equator—a standard that would be used “for all people, for all time.” The Measure of All Things is the astonishing tale of one of history’s greatest scientific adventures. Yet behind the public triumph of the metric system lies a secret error, one that is perpetuated in every subsequent definition of the meter. As acclaimed historian and novelist Ken Alder discovered through his research, there were only two people on the planet who knew the full extent of this error: Delambre and Méchain themselves. By turns a science history, detective tale, and human drama, The Measure of All Things describes a quest that succeeded as it failed—and continues to enlighten and inspire to this day.
Odyssey of Light in Nonlinear Optical Fibers: Theory and Applications presents a collection of breakthrough research portraying the odyssey of light from optical solitons to optical rogue waves in nonlinear optical fibers. The book provides a simple yet holistic view on the theoretical and application-oriented aspects of light, with a special focus on the underlying nonlinear phenomena. Exploring the very frontiers of light-wave technology, the text covers the basics of nonlinear fiberoptics and the dynamics of electromagnetic pulse propagation in nonlinear waveguides. It also highlights some of the latest advances in nonlinear optical fiber technology, discussing hidden symmetry reductions and Ablowitz–Kaup–Newell–Segur (AKNS) hierarchies for nonautonomous solitons, state-of-the-art Brillouin scattering applications, backpropagation, and the concept of eigenvalue communication—a powerful nonlinear digital signal processing technique that paves the way to overcome the current limitations of traditional communications methods in nonlinear fiber channels. Key chapters study the feasibility of the eigenvalue demodulation scheme based on digital coherent technology by throwing light on the experimental study of the noise tolerance of the demodulated eigenvalues, investigate matter wave solitons and other localized excitations pertaining to Bose–Einstein condensates in atom optics, and examine quantum field theory analogue effects occurring in binary waveguide arrays, plasmonic arrays, etc., as well as their ensuing nonlinear wave propagation. Featuring a foreword by Dr. Akira Hasegawa, the father of soliton communication systems, Odyssey of Light in Nonlinear Optical Fibers: Theory and Applications serves as a curtain raiser to usher in the photonics era. The technological innovations at the core of the book form the basis for the next generation of ultra-high speed computers and telecommunication devices.

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