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Does your love life need a makeover? At last, a dating rulebook for fashion lovers! All’s Fair in Love and Wardrobe puts a uniquely glamorous spin on shopping for love, offering pearls of wisdom from a venerable fashion editor. Who better to help you resist wayward temptation and avoid potentially expensive mistakes? With stiletto-sharp wit, this little guide reinvents the dos and don'ts of dating, covering everything from The Bra Code to the etiquette of chatting up a living mannequin. By the time your nail polish is dry, you'll also learn to: • Give your love life a makeover • Write a lipstick letter like you mean it • Prevent first date faux pas • Pack for a proper getaway (as in, get away from a creeper…fast!) • Communicate effectively with the right statement pieces • And more! Consider this statement-making little book your front-row seat to the madcap antics of the modern guy—featuring more than one hundred rules on shopping for love, eye candy fashion illustrations, and a standard Curate-a-Date application for weeding out ill-fitting duds and heartbreaking heels.
Chic-tionary is a darling little dictionary of fashion and beauty words you never knew existed. It takes its inspiration from the peculiar and amusing language of fashion people like Tyra Banks (smize), Man Repeller (arm party), and André Leon Tally (dreckitude), and contains more than two hundred made-up acronyms, abbreviations, and afflictions that are certain to leave an indelible glitter stain on the English language. Have you ever tried something on at a department store without bothering to hang it back up (fit it then quit it)? Or been saved by a Sephora when a last-minute invitation strikes and you’re without makeup (serendipretty)? Are you a dark-haired maiden who’s tired of letting blondes believe they have more fun (brunetiquette)? Other terminally chic terminology includes: accessorcism What needs to happen when you feel possessed to wear every piece of jewelry you own, all at once. bangover The morning-after remorse that occurs after getting bangs that are too short and don’t behave. dresspassing When another woman invades your territory by showing up in the same dress as you. fête-abolism The phenomenon in which calories consumed while standing and making small talk at a fête don’t count. ideal body weight Bradley Cooper on top of you. prisoner of wardrobe What you become when you turn down an invitation. . . . And more!
This is one woman’s tale of small-town drama, of heartbreak and sweet revenge so surprisingly absurd that it just begs to be told. Sometimes life just presents us with a perfect opportunity to tell a story about true karma and justice in a small town. Having traversed the dark and narrow path of heartbreak and infidelity, I have found we are all guilty of sins on some level. The ability to own our sins is what defines our character, and our legacy in life therefore must be defined by how we owned them. The essence of real justice is always in its truth. As the wife in this immensely painful saga, I found that at the end of the day choices had to be made. She chose to pursue my husband and then my hometown. I chose to run her off from both! In every town there is always that person for whom the rules do not apply, or so they think. This is my story, complete with secret e-mails and a private server, Donald Trump–worthy insults, and a little Monica Lewinski flavor thrown in for good measure! It really is a small world we live in. Secrets are never really secret in a small town. My husband owned his mistake in such remarkable ways, and God helped me to find a way to forgive him. May the tears and fears of yesterday, Fall away and begin to cease, Only to remind us every day we live, That peace is love and love is peace!
From the hugely popular fashion blog created by mother-daughter team Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum, Stylelikeu goes way beyond the now ubiquitous and static poses of street-fashion bloggers The Sartorialist, Face Hunter and all the rest. Instead, it takes the readers into the homes - and more importantly the closets - of the most stylish people on the streets of New York, Los Angeles, London and more.
Evaluates the costs of low-priced clothing while tracing the author's own transformation to a conscientious shopper, a journey during which she visited a garment factory, learned to resole shoes, and shopped for local, sustainable clothing.
An ingenious book of simple wardrobe solutions, clever tools, and straightforward advice from a Hollywood costume designer. A costume designer's styling kit is a magical bag of tricks, built to solve every single wardrobe malfunction on earth. TV and film productions wait for nothing, so a costume designer's solutions have to work—and work fast. How to Get Dressed is a fun, empowering style guide for women that focuses on making the most of your wardrobe. Costume designer and XOJane fashion columnist Alison Freer provides real-world, no-BS style advice that covers everything a girl could need to know: from determining if your clothes are fitting properly to how to care for, maintain, and keep your garments organized—plus what to do when the inevitable fashion disaster strikes. Full of hundreds of insider tricks from Freer's endless arsenal of tools and expertise, How to Get Dressed teaches you to rethink your wardrobe like a fashion expert—and proves once and for all that you don't need to spend a ton of money to always look your best. You just need to use the tricks the pros do!
A guide to healthy romantic partnerships cites the importance of fairness as an essential component in addition to good communication skills and compatibility, in a resource for couples that explains how differences in perceived fairness are at the core of most interpersonal conflicts.

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