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Catholic life is not easy, especially in our contemporary society that views Christian beliefs in subjective and relativistic terms. As Christians, we cannot simply stand on the sidelines and watch. This book presents hot button Catholic topics such as ma
It's a funny thing when you take responsibility for your life and tell the absolute and brutal truth. What's the famous saying? The truth will set you free? Yes, it sure does. The time had come to be brutally honest, to tell the truth, to take responsibility. This is my story, the journey of how I discovered love for me, unconditionally.
Truth has the power to transform our lives—if we allow it. If we can give truth just a little air to breathe, nurture it, help it to grow, allow our light to shine in the darkness and eventually become brave enough to look it in the eye and call it by name, truth will transform. Our darkest hours can lead to our brightest days. Our most difficult lessons can lead to our greatest blessings. Truth can be the catalyst for creating a truly authentic life—a journey to finding and forgiving ourselves, learning from all the teachers in our lives, gaining peace and authenticity, loving and becoming ourselves, walking with our Creator and getting to our own hearts.
Each day's reading shares inspirational stories with Biblical truth to convey a message of hope and encouragement, love and empowerment for living a victorious life. The readings will unleash timeless biblical principles that will enlighten your mind and awaken your spirit to the call of Christ as you grow to be more like Him. Life Lessons for the Journey is motivational, instructional, and easy to read, covering 30 different life changing topics to include: Facing our Fears Unwavering Faith The Secret of Success A Spiritual Makeover Pressing Toward the Goal The Power-Filled Life Grow in strength and wisdom for your journey today!
It is no secret that many of us are challenged every day in our personal journeys to achieve success and fulfilment. But with the right mental attitude, it may be possible to overcome any obstacle that stands in the way of accomplishing goals. In "Life Lessons from the Heart," Dr. H. S. Broderick-Scott shares twelve powerful principles intended to help anyone discover his or her true potential, plan a unique life journey, and live an empowered life. Dr. Broderick-Scott, a seasoned educator and founder of a successful mentor program, offers a road map through simple truths that help others recreate a new plan for their lives. She includes ways to implement a clear vision and mission, set goals, create a plan of action, and develop good character and leadership skills. Within her lessons of love and poignant stories, Dr. Broderick-Scott provides positive reinforcement and step-by-step guidance that encourages you to stay on course, find your purpose, build lasting relationships, manage finances and stress, and pay it forward by becoming a mentor to someone else. "Life Lessons from the Heart" offers practical, compassionate advice that can help you take the right steps to begin achieving your dreams and make positive contributions to the world-starting today!
Written for real teenagers who live very real lives. The Psalms, in all their glory--and anguish--are brought to life for your students through 12 spirited and interactive lessons. Adjustable to any size group. 12 lessons.
A Proven Road Map for Today's Job Seeker Landed!, Randy Hain's fourth book, offers today's job seekers proven strategies and practical ideas gleaned from his 25+ years of recruiting, executive search and senior leadership experience along with the candid insights of real candidates in transition, hiring managers and other experts in the workplace who also share their experiences and thoughts. The result is a book filled with proven approaches to help job seekers of any age or experience level quickly get on the right path towards landing a new position. Landed! is a combination of candor, practical ideas, proven strategies and insights gleaned from professionals who have seen all sides of a job search. No matter where you are in your career or even if you have not yet joined the workforce, you will find tremendous value in Landed! as you consider how to navigate to the next job on your journey. Here is what a few folks had to say ... "We all lose our jobs, or our jobs lose us, and it is time to move on. Change is never easy but with Landed! in your hands, your odds just got WAY better. Randy Hain has seen it all, and he can share with you all you need to know to find the next great career in your life. Read it, believe it, do it! You will have no regrets." -Chester Elton, author of the New York Times best sellers, "The Carrot Principle" and "All In" "Landed! is a must-read for both senior executives and recent graduates alike who want to take their career to the next level whether they are currently in a job or looking for the next one. Randy provides keen insights from his own experience while summarizing helpful 'best practices' from his vast network of experienced corporate leaders, HR professionals and entrepreneurs. Take great notes because Landed! is full of tips that really work!" -Tim Tassopoulos, executive vice president of operations for Chick-fil-A "As a college student looking at a tough job market in a few years, I appreciate the practical lessons here. I want to find the right job and best fit for me and think this book can help. I appreciated the sections on interviewing and negotiating. Definite must read for students and anybody looking for a new job." -Brian Anthony, student at Clemson University

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