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Collects Amazing Spider-Man #20-30 & Annual 2.ÿ Thrill to stories of spectacular web-slinging adventures from Spidey's early days including battles with the Green Goblin, the Molten Man, Vulture and Scorpion! Featuring appearences by Dr. Strange and the Human Torch!
Presents the adventures of Peter Parker, a college student turned super-hero by the bite of a radioactive spider.
It's time for another round of web-slinging wonderment from two of the men who put the "master" in Masterworks - Stan Lee and John Romita Sr.! Their classic "Saga of the Stone Tablet" kicks off with the Kingpin's quest to decipher an ancient clay tablet whose secrets promise great power. But Spidey soon gets caught in the mix and finds himself branded Public Enemy Number 1! With the Kingpin on one side and J. Jonah Jameson on the other, turning up the heat in the Daily Bugle, things go from bad to horrible when the mob gets involved. It's a Peter Parker pressure cooker! COLLECTING: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) 68-77, MARVEL SUPER-HEROES (1967) 14
Collects Amazing Spider-Man #62-67, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5 and both issues of Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine.
Nuovo appuntamento con la riproposizione delle prime, storiche storie dell’Uomo Ragno, realizzate da leggendari autori come Stan Lee, ai testi, e Steve Ditko e Jack Kirby ai disegni! Tra i protagonisti di questi episodi che hanno fondato l’Universo Marvel troviamo personaggi del calibro del Doctor Octopus, di Mysterio, di Electro, Kraven e della storica nemesi del Tessiraganatele: Goblin.

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