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Disk contains: Computer codes for Equilibrium Products of Hydrocarbon-Air Combustion.
Introduction to Combustion is the leading combustion textbook for undergraduate and graduate students because of its easy-to-understand analyses of basic combustion concepts and its introduction of a wide variety of practical applications that motivate or relate to the various theoretical concepts. This is a text that is useful for junior/senior undergraduates or graduate students in mechanical engineering and practicing engineers. The third edition updates and adds topics related to protection of the environment, climate change, and energy use. Additionally, a new chapter is added on fuels due to the continued focus on conservation and energy independence.
This graduate-level 2006 text incorporates these advances in a comprehensive treatment of the fundamental principles of combustion physics. The presentation emphasises analytical proficiency and physical insight, with the former achieved through complete, though abbreviated, derivations at different levels of rigor, and the latter through physical interpretations of analytical solutions, experimental observations, and computational simulations. Exercises are mostly derivative in nature in order to further strengthen the student's mastery of the theory. Implications of the fundamental knowledge gained herein on practical phenomena are discussed whenever appropriate. These distinguishing features provide a solid foundation for an academic program in combustion science and engineering.
A hands-on, integrated approach to solving combustion problemsin diverse areas An understanding of turbulence, combustion, and multiphasereacting flows is essential for engineers and scientists in manyindustries, including power genera-tion, jet and rocket propulsion,pollution control, fire prevention and safety, and materialprocessing. This book offers a highly practical discussion ofburning behavior and chemical processes occurring in diversematerials, arming readers with the tools they need to solve themost complex combustion problems facing the scientific communitytoday. The second of a two-volume work, Applications of Turbulentand Multiphase Combustion expands on topics involving laminarflames from Professor Kuo's bestselling book Principles ofCombustion, Second Edition, then builds upon the theory discussedin the companion volume Fundamentals of Turbulent and MultiphaseCombustion to address in detail cutting-edge experimentaltechniques and applications not covered anywhere else. Special features of this book include: Coverage of advanced applications such as solid propellants,burning behavior, and chemical boundary layer flows A multiphase systems approach discussing basic concepts beforemoving to higher-level applications A large number of practical examples gleaned from the authors'experience along with problems and a solutions manual Engineers and researchers in chemical and mechanical engineeringand materials science will find Applications of Turbulent andMultiphase Combustion an indispensable guide for upgrading theirskills and keeping up with this rapidly evolving area. It is alsoan excellent resource for students and professionals in mechanical,chemical, and aerospace engineering.

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