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Ancient Civilizations Three Books in One ] Free Bonus - Ancient Rome: A History From Beginning to End - Ancient Greece: A History From Beginning to End - Ancient Egypt: A History From Beginning to End - FREE BONUS! Ancient Rome Rome is a city of myth and legend. The Eternal City, the city of the seven hills, the sacred city, the caput mundi, the center of the world, Roma, Rome, by any of her many names is a city built of history and blood, marble and water, war and conquest. Inside you will read about... - Legendary Beginnings - The Senate and the People - Ave Caesar - Empire - Rulers of the World - The Fall - Legacy From legendary beginnings, a city rose from the swamp surrounded by the seven hills and split by the Tiber River. Built and rebuilt, a sacred republic and a divine empire, blessed by a thousand gods and by One, the story of her rise and fall has been told and retold for a thousand years and is still relevant in today's world, as echoes of her ancient glory have shaped our culture, laws, lifestyle and beliefs in subtle and pervasive ways. Ancient Greece Ancient Greece was the birthplace of advances in government, art, philosophy, science, and architecture-all of which continue to influence the world today. Warriors and diplomats, scientists, artists, and the first comedians; the achievements of this ancient society have formed a strong foundation to be built upon by later cultures. Inside you will read about... - Mount Olympus - Polis - Athens and Sparta - Literature - Philosophy - Art and Architecture - Science From the ancient origins of the Olympic Games through to art, architecture, language, and even the very way we view and investigate the world around us, the legacy of the culture and civilization of ancient Greece still burns brightly in the modern world. Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt was a highly developed civilization that lasted for thousands of years and left behind fascinating clues in the form of impressive structures and monuments. It was a culture balanced between the lush fertility of the Nile Valley and the barrenness of the surrounding vast deserts. The same balance holds true for our knowledge of the history of Egypt. In spite of the evidence we have, so much remains hidden and yet to be fully understood. Inside you will read about... - The Nile - The Gods and Goddesses - The Book and the Dead - The Pyramids - Magic, Plagues and Curses - Famous Pharaohs - Immortality New methods of scientific investigation reveal new ways of interpreting the ancient evidence. As the shifting desert sands overflowed and then disclosed the Great Sphinx, after thousands of years of study ancient Egypt still holds much that has yet to be revealed.
If you want to discover captivating stories of people and events of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome then keep reading... Three captivating manuscripts in one book: Ancient Egypt: A Captivating Guide to Egyptian History, Ancient Pyramids, Temples, Egyptian Mythology, and Pharaohs such as Tutankhamun and Cleopatra Ancient Greece: A Captivating Guide to Greek History Starting from the Greek Dark Ages to the End of Antiquity Ancient Rome: A Captivating Introduction to the Roman Republic, The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, and The Byzantine Empire Some of the topics covered in part 1 of this book include: Who Were Ancient Egyptians-Their Origins, History, and Geography Who Held the Power: The Social Structure of Ancient Egypt Kings and their Military Power The Magnificent Pharaohs of the New Kingdom and Their Empire The Decay and End of the Egyptian Civilization A Romance, Politics, and Tragedy: The Story of Cleopatra VII The Religion, Mythology, and Rituals of Ancient Egyptians Funerary Beliefs and Rituals: Mummification and Afterlife The Architecture of Ancient Egypt: Temples and Pyramids And much more! Some of the topics covered in part 2 of this book include: Dawn of the Dark Ages From Darkness to Democracy Olympic Origins Greece Grows from War to War The Fight for Democracy The Peloponnesian War Enter Alexander the Great Great Minds of Ancient Greece Roman Take-Over Cleopatra and her Consorts Hadrian's Travels Gothic Raids on Greece Rise of Christianity End of Antiquity And much more! Some of the topics covered in part 3 of this book include: The Seven Kings of Seven Hills: the Foundation of Rome and Its First Rulers The Early Republic The Punic Wars and Mediterranean Dominance: The Middle Republic Decay, Corruption, and Civil Wars: The Late Republic Gaius Julius Caesar, Crossing the Rubicon, and Death that Shook the City The Rise of First Roman Emperor Early Roman Empire: Princeps Augustus and Julio-Claudian Dynasty The Flavian Dynasty The Nerva-Antonine Dynasty Late Empire The Empire of Constantine Constantinian Dynasty Decline and Fall of the Western Roman Empire The Byzantine Millennium And much, much more! So if you want to learn about ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome without having to read boring textbooks, click "add to cart"!
Covering more than four thousand years of ancient history, from the early Egyptians to the dawn of Byzantium, an illustrated introduction to the Mediterranean's three major civilizations examines their links and traces their influence up to the present day. UP.
Examines cooking as an integral part of Acient civilizations.
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Readers will follow the story from the Egyptians' prehistoric origins to their conquest by the Persians, Greeks, and Romans. Begin the journey at Hatshepsut's tomb, Egypt's first woman pharaoh. Then explore the amazing pyramids at Giza, learn about the fascinating language of hieroglyphics, and the rise and fall of the mighty pharaohs.
This book covers the highlights of ancient Rome, including the founding of Rome, mythology, Pompeii, and Roman law, among other topics. The book also focuses on Roman civilization, Roman religion, social life and customs. Everyday life is also featured in the book as well, including the bread and circuses, the trade guilds, the blood games, chariot races, the baths, theatre, poetry, and education.

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