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Art of the Hot Rod is a feast for the eyes--a gallery of gorgeous hot rods, the best you'll see from the world's top hot rod builders! A hot rod is art on wheels, and this book contains a whole gallery of the best you'll ever see. In this exclusive collector's edition of Art of the Hot Rod you'll find a jaw-dropping array of beautiful hot rod photos, plus special gatefolds, updated text, and exclusive frameable photographic prints. Art of the Hot Rod: Collector's Edition celebrates the uniquely American marriage of mechanical know-how and an inspired sense of style and design. Built from the ground up, pieced together from salvaged or hand-built parts, rebuilt with classic looks and modern technology--these automotive works of art are as powerful on the page as they are on the street. The book profiles top builders such as Pete Chapouris, Roy Brizio, Vern Tardel, Troy Trepanier, and fifteen others and features studio portraits of their most outstanding custom creations. Through the stunning portraiture of master photographer Peter Harholdt, Art of the Hot Rod captures these magnificent vehicles as they've never been seen before. In addition to full-color photography and updated text, this special collector's edition features two gatefolds with new photography and four garage art photo prints.
“Just what is a Muscle Car?” Road Test magazine asked in June 1967. The answer: “Exactly what the name implies. It is a product of the American car industry adhering to the hot rodder’s philosophy of taking a small car and putting a BIG engine in it. . . . The Muscle Car is Charles Atlas kicking sand in the face of the 98 horsepower weakling.” Unconcerned with such trivial details as comfort and handling, the vintage American muscle car was built for straight-line speed and quickly became the ride of choice for power-hungry racers and serious gearheads. In a country where performance was measured in brute force, a quarter mile at a time, the muscle car was the perfect machine. In the intervening years, these down-and-dirty, high-performing beauties have earned their place in the automotive pantheon. As prized by collectors and aficionados as they are by denizens of garages and drag strips, classic muscle cars now fetch upwards of a million dollars at auctions and feature in any story of America’s automotive glory days. The icons of muscle car art—including Camaro and Chevelle SS, the Hemi and 440-6 ’Cuda, Challenger, Roadrunner, Super Bee, GTX, Super Bird, Daytona Charger, Super Cobra Jet and Boss Mustang, Talladega Torino, Buick GSX and W30 Oldsmobile 442, and AMX Javelin—are all here, on full display in this lavishly illustrated volume, each described in a detailed essay followed by a gallery of portraits and special gatefold presentations that capture the art of the muscle car at its finest.
Born in Los Angeles and raised in the epicentre of the California hot rod explosion, Ed Roth created automotive forms purely from his own imagination. He transformed car design, reinvented American hot rod culture and put Detroit on notice. Each of his creations transcended function and form to turn the American automobile into rolling sculpture.
The Surf & Hot Rod Music of the 60's: Collectors Quick Reference, is a must have for record collectors! The book includes 43 of the most sought after surf and hot rod music artists records of the 60's. From Aki Aleong to The Ventures. Includes short bios of each artist and complete U.S. Discographies (albums, single 45's, Extended Play 45's (EP's)and Mini Albums (jukebox editions)plus track listings. Also includes photos of album jackets. Discography years covered are from 1959 through 1967, including rare, hard-to-find releases.
Vintage Cars and Comics from 1969! 64 Pages of Fast & Furious Chills, Spills and Thrills! Story & Art by JACK KELLER, shot from Charlton Comics' Original Silver Prints!SEE Hot Rodders, Dragsters and Dirt Jockeys drive all kinds of classic stockers, indy cars and other racers at incredible racing arenas and the highways and byways of America!The legendary Charlton Comics published Hot Rods and Racing Cars for over 20 years from the 1950s to the 1970s and are beloved and collected by gearheads worldwide. The comics in this Collector's Edition were written and drawn by car buff Jack Keller and give amazing insight into the 20th Century racing world. This collection features art shot from Charlton's master silver prints, the closest thing to the original art, and were used to publish the comics in the first place.Featuring 6 wild tales of Classic Hot Rods and Racing Car Comics!DANGER AT DAYTONA The hemi cost them their bankroll, so Clint Curtis couldn't lunch this mill! But on the track of the 500, Clint has only a split second to react to a fiery crash right in his path! From Hot Rods and Racing Cars #95 (April 1969)HOT ROD BANDITS Clint Curtis has a day off from competition racing but ends up in a race for his life as he has to out-torque a band of hot-rodding street pirates! From Hot Rods and Racing Cars #95 (April 1969)THE WINNING COMBINATION Clint's mechanic pal Alex enters the Destruction Derby and gets a thirst for racing... but does he have what it takes to be a winner? From Hot Rods and Racing Cars #96 (June 1969)TRANS AM Behind the wheel of a Porsche, Clint has big hopes for the Green Valley 300 until he overrevs the mill and gets fired! He then gets roped into driving a Camaro in the Trans Am for another team! From Hot Rods and Racing Cars #97 (August 1969) THE WINNER LOSES Clint gets anxious when he spins out in the Trenton 150. There's still has a chance, until the storm comes... and a series of losses makes him desperate. From Hot Rods and Racing Cars #99 (December 1969)BIKE VS. BUGGY After an incredible win driving one of Pappy Pig's dilapidated cars, Pappy takes off with the prize money and Clint and Alex are out for revenge! From Hot Rods and Racing Cars #100 (February 1970)Plus an Original HOT RODS Cover Gallery!
Brand new, first edition of Mobilia Sourcebook: The Essential Auto Collectibles Directory. The ultimate book resource for the automotive collecting hobby. This first edition includes 600 main listings and 2,000 cross-references -- all indexed by more than 50 unique collecting categories. If your particular interest is gas-powered miniature racers, there is a special section devoted to all the active suppliers in that market. Interested in pedal cars, in automotive literature, in license plates, in automotive art? What about an interest in Route 66 or automotive signs or motorcycle collectibles? Each category of collecting interest -- 50 in all -- has its own section of vendors, each with address and phone number, and up-to-date description of its business and specialty. A directory like the Sourcebook is only as good as its indexing. This book ensures that the reader can find key contacts with ease. This is a great resource and a hobby first. -- 600 Listings of Key Automobilia Specialists -- 50 Unique Collecting Categories -- 2000 References -- Comprehensive Index

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