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"I can see why so many people are enthusiastic about Yrsa's work. It's very engaging, fresh, and exciting." -- James Patterson "Iceland's crime queen." --The Scotsman One of the finest Nordic crime writers working today, Yrsa Sigurdardóttir has been published to rave reviews worldwide. Now, with Ashes to Dust, she delivers a dynamite and timely thriller set at the site of a volcano. In 1973, a volcanic eruption buried an entire Icelandic village in lava and ash. Now, hoping to make some cash, a crew is assembled to excavate the site and turn it into a tourist destination. Markús, who was a teenager when the volcano erupted, enlists the help of attorney Thóra Gudmundsdóttir to try to prevent the excavation from going forward. When the digging continues and three fresh bodies (and a spare head) turn up in the basement of Markús' childhood home, Thóra begins to question Markús' motives for wanting to stop the excavation. His explanation for the bodies is complicated, and the locals seem oddly reluctant to back him up. As Markús' story begins to unravel, Thóra finds herself with an impossible task, defending Markús while trying to solve a quadruple murder that may very well implicate her client. With unforgettable characters, unexpected twists, and superb psychological suspense, Ashes to Dust is a riveting thriller from a new international star.
Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes reflects research drawn from numerous biblical and historical sources examining the practice of cremation. Provides helpful information especially for Christians.
This self-help/how-to handbook was written to aid parents & professionals FALSELY accused of child abuse, & THEIR LAWYERS. The book describes the horror of being wrongly accused of child abuse & how the same can effect the children who are treated as abuse victims. The author of DON'T BLAME ME, DADDY (Hampton Roads 1992), Dean Tong is a nationally recognized family rights activist. He has done over 400 radio & TV talk shows & is listed in Bowker's 1997-98 edition of Who's Who in Medicine & Healthcare. ASHES TO ASHES...FAMILIES TO DUST takes a critical look at our system that is charged to protect our children. And, in light of the Woody Allen-Michael Jackson cases, it suggests YOU could be next! Tong outlines step-by-step what to do if falsely accused & adds attorney, support group & internet on-line resource lists. To order: Query FamRights Press @6102 Webb Rd., No. 811, Tampa, FL 33615. Phone/Fax 813-885-6173; or call TOLL-FREE 1-800-987-7771. Listed in Books in Print & w/ Baker & Taylor Books. Internet:
Charts the disastrous 2006/7 Ashes Test series from the point of view of a member England's incredible phalanx of committed supporters - The Barmy Army. This work is written by someone who has sung, shouted, drunk and exchanged insults with the Aussies on behalf of Queen and Country, and occasionally taken the spoils.
After a cocktail waitress' burning body ends up in the Nevada desert, Alice James and Jim Snow know that solving the case could mean big business for their James & James Detective Agency--if only they could ignore their feelings for each other long enough to follow the clues. Original.
Like many young women, Zo Flowers found herself in a dangerous relationship in her early twenties. Flowers ended the relationship after a short time, but the experience motivated her to be a catalyst for real change. She started conducting candid interviews with women about their experiences with domestic, dating, and sexual violence. From Ashes to Angels Dust: A Journey Through Womanhood is the book that emerged from those early interviews. From Ashes to Angels Dust: A Journey Through Womanhood is a unique collection of candid interviews, national resources, healing techniques, and Zos poetry. From Ashes to Angels Dust: A Journey Through Womanhood is the story of our mothers, sisters, and grandmothers. Dear Zo, the book was wonderful! I shared it with a couple of my colleagues. I could see myself in several of the scenariospainful to recall. How in the world could any of us get ourselves into such sad and often brutal situations? Reading your book was like being in the midst of a motion picture. You captured so much pain. Thanks so much for touching my life - however briefly. May God protect you as you start your new journey. Stay free and HAPPY! Pauline M. Two weeks ago at our Saturday School in Soweto, we read one of the stories in the book about Lois and Brian. It really struck a familiar cord with our 50 high school students. After reading the short story, it was a great vehicle to talk about abuse. Again, thank you. Your book is helping many young lives here in Soweto, South Africa. Stay blessed Jose B.

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