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This text shows how to design a treatment manual and adherence measure for attachment-based family therapy (ABFT) for adolescent depression and presents data and results on the treatment's efficacy.
Offering fresh and provocative insights on the practice of couple and family therapy, this unique volume shows how attachment theory can inform, enhance, and guide interventions for a wide range of relationship problems and clinical issues. Chapters from leading attachment researchers and family therapists integrate the literature from both fields to provide a multifaceted perspective on the role of attachment in distressed and satisfying relationships. Illustrated with evocative clinical material, the book presents research-based therapy models for embattled couples, families struggling with parent-child conflict and adolescent problems, and adoptive and foster families. Also discussed are ways to support stronger mother-infant attachment attachment-oriented interventions for couples facing specific clinical problems, including depression, PTSD, and chronic pain applications for same-sex couples and much more.
Die multisystemische Therapie (MST) ist ein empirisch abgesichertes Verfahren, das als Alternative zu stationären Behandlungskonzepten auch ambulant angewendet werden kann. In über 30 Ländern wird MST inzwischen erfolgreich mit Kindern und Jugendlichen in über 400 Programmen praktiziert. In diesem Buch werden die Prinzipien der multisystemischen Therapie erläutert. Außerdem bekommen Leser klare Leitlinien an die Hand: für die Indikation und um individuelle Interventionen bei delinquenten Jugendlichen und Kindern zu planen und durchzuführen.
Das Buch gibt einen kurzen Überblick über die theoretischen Grundlagen und die Praxis der Systemischen Therapie/Familientherapie und stellt anschließend differenziert den aktuellen Stand der systemischen/familientherapeutischen Psychotherapieforschung dar. Insbesondere werden die derzeit vorliegenden kontrollierten randomisierten Outcome-Studien sowie Studien zum Psychotherapieprozess referiert. Darüber hinaus wird auch auf die Versorgungsrelevanz dieses Ansatzes eingegangen. Es wird deutlich, dass die Wirksamkeit von Systemischer Therapie/Familientherapie für eine Reihe von Störungsbildern sowohl im Kindes- und Jugendalter als auch bei Erwachsenen gut belegt ist. Aufgezeigt werden zudem die besonderen Vorteile des systemischen/familientherapeutischen Ansatzes, nämlich die meist geringeren »Drop-out«-Raten, die hohe »Kundenzufriedenheit« der Patienten und Angehörigen mit der Therapie sowie die günstige Kosten-Nutzen-Relation. Der Band liefert damit einen aktuellen und umfassenden Überblick zur systemischen/familientherapeutischen Psychotherapieforschung.
"Alan Carr has once more demonstrated his unique ability to combine an encyclopaedic breadth of knowledge with clear pragmatic ideas about how to apply this knowledge in clinical practice. The 2nd edition of this book is more than just an update with new sections on common factors in therapy and on integrative models of family therapy which are particularly welcome." —Ivan Eisler, Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London, UK Editor, Journal of Family Therapy "Carr’s style of comprehensively considering different theories and approaches in a practical manner and demonstrating their integrative and cohesive properties is exceptionally helpful and grounding for the reader. There is little doubt that this volume will well serve students, trainees and experienced practitioners for sometime to come." —Eddy Street, Former Editor of Journal of Family Therapy Now in its second edition, Family Therapy: Concepts, Process and Practice has been fully updated to cover recent advances in theory and practice. It offers a critical evaluation of the major schools of family therapy, provides an integrative model for the practice of marital and family therapy, and demonstrates how this model can be used in everyday practice with a range of common child-focused and adult-focused problems. It also provides a thorough, up-to-date review of research on the effectiveness of family therapy and outlines implications for evidence-based practice. This popular text now includes exercises that can be used by trainers and trainees to foster family therapy skills development. Other key features from the first edition are retained, including: Chapter plans at the start of each chapter and a helpful summary of key points at the end Suggestions for further reading Glossary of key terms in theoretical chapters Case examples Full details of resources for professionals, including useful web sites. Family Therapy: Concepts, Process and Practice is a must-have resource for all students and mental health professionals training in family therapy. It will also be of interest to experienced practitioners, and those who are involved in delivering training programmes.

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