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Perfection is a myth, and hope is a choice. Our own brokenness as parents actually makes us better able to prepare our kids to really live. Our best teachers are our children. And despite daily fear and discouragement, hope is within reach. Grab ahold of it. Julie E. Richardson invites you to examine your own life and discover your struggles actually make you stronger- and a better parent. Find courage and live out your beliefs and values as you speak up on behalf of those who have no voice. Realize your own transformative relationships can help build a better tomorrow, together, with your children.
The Program and Business Docket for the 2017 General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), July 8-12, 2017, in Indianapolis, Indiana. This document includes the schedule, program information, worship orders and music, education tracks, and business session information (including full resolutions).
This in-depth exploration uses individual portraits to show what parents face as they love and care for their mentally ill children and cope with how the mental health system has failed them. • More than 40 in-depth interviews giving parents the opportunity to tell their stories about caring for a child with a mental disorder • An extensive bibliography of relevant material
John & Deirdre Capodanno had been married for five years and were the doting parents of two beautiful, happy and healthy sons, Jay, age two, and Charlie, who was just shy of six-months old. Life was good: they had a strong marriage, solid careers, a comfortable home, and a beautiful little family created out of love. Then the sky fell in. In an instant, their life together was turned upside down with the discovery that Charlie had a massive brain tumor. Further diagnosis would uncover a rare form of brain and spine cancer that would more than likely take his precious life far too soon. This inspiring story of love, devotion, perseverance and survival takes you on the emotional roller coaster ride the Capodanno family endured as they valiantly fought to save their child's life. It's about how one child defied incredible odds and the invaluable life lessons learned through this life-changing experience. It will renew your faith as you witness a true miracle unfold. Hope, Faith and Charlie empower anyone facing a life-threatening challenge and will assure you that when all you have on your side is your own courage, a tiny bit of hope and your faith, you have everything you need.
For Christian parents, there is no greater joy than seeing their children learn to walk with the Lord. And there is no greater fear than that their children will walk away from God. After serving together in pastoral ministry for forty years, Phil and Diane Comer know those hopes and fears well. Thirty-seven years ago, they became parents themselves. And like all new parents, they were intimidated and unsure about how to take on the task of spiritually training their young children. Now, with all four of their children grown and establishing their own households of faith, Phil and Diane have embarked on a quest to help the next generation of parents raise passionate Jesus followers. Drawing on years of pastoral counseling, teaching, leading, and decades of watching families from the perspective of pastors and leaders in ministry, Phil and Diane instruct, guide, encourage, and offer hope and practical help to Christian parents. Raising Passionate Jesus Followersis a manual full of practical, biblically based guidelines that parents will be able to turn to again and again through each stage of their children’s development. Starting at birth, into grade school, through the daunting teenage years, to launching them into college, and finally letting go, this book contains the why’s and the how’s parents need. This book will serve as an invaluable resource for any parent whose greatest longing is to shepherd their children into a vibrant faith in God.
VOTED BOOK OF THE YEAR! by the Amber Alert RegistryForeword by Marc Klaas, Founder and President of KlaasKids FoundationFinally! A hard-hitting Q&A on predators and child molesters. Sax''s book is a must read for anyone concerned about the safety and well-being of America''s children. As a former felony prosecutor of crimes on children, this is Crime & Prevention 101.-NANCY GRACE, Former prosecutor, host of HLN Prime Time''s Nancy Grace and author of the New York Times best seller Objection! - How High-Priced Defense Attorneys, Celebrity Defendants, and a 24/7 Media Have Hijacked Our Criminal Justice SystemThere is no crime-not even murder-that worries and sickens parents more than child sexual abuse. Parents wonder how to protect their children when almost every day the news reports another incident of someone in authority arrested on suspicion of child abuse-from clergy and teachers to family members themselves. Even law enforcement has had trouble defining the problem and only recently has the Department of Justice begun recording statistics of sexual assault against children. Amid the confusion generated by sensational news reports and uncertainty regarding the nature and extent of child sexual abuse, what can parents do?In this straightforward, clearly written guidebook, veteran sex-crimes prosecutor and Los Angeles deputy district attorney Robin Sax answers one hundred questions that she has most often encountered in her fifteen years of experience. From the definition of abuse to the profiles of a predator to how to report an incident and to whom, Sax provides practical, reassuring, and appropriate information.For ease of use, the book is organized into six major sections:?Recognizing predators: molesters, pedophiles, and opportunists?Talking to kids about risks and identifying potential problems?Recognizing abuse?Reporting sexual abuse?Going to court?Healing and moving onSax makes it clear that protecting children begins with every parent in the home. Parents must view protecting children from the potential of sexual assault as a priority. Teaching children preventive measures should be viewed as important as teaching kids how to dial 9-1-1.Sax concludes by emphasizing that the best defense against sexual offenders is information. Her book provides realistic answers to empower parents and educators, even in the face of one of life''s scariest threats.MORE PRAISE FOR ROBIN SAX''S NEW BOOK:Sax has written an exhaustive treatise on predators, which at the same time is an excellent resource for parents, caregivers, teachers, lawyers and anyone who cares about protecting children from sexual abuse. If you want to know what to expect from the ''system'' or just want to know how to protect you and your loved ones, you must read this book. Sax provides her information objectively and realistically and is a must read for everyone who wants to protect children.-MARK GERAGOS, Preeminent criminal trial lawyer; Frequent guest and legal commentator on the Today Show, Good Morning America, and many other programsPredators and Child Molesters answers everything you wanted to ask and tells everything you need to know to prevent your worst nightmare and possible lifelong torment for your child. Sax writes in an easy-to-read format providing practical answers for keeping youngsters safe. This is a must read for every parent or anyone who cares for kids.-MARK GOULSTON, Huffington PostPredators aren''t only found in the jungles or on the savannah; they are just down the street, at the mall, and, sometimes, in our very own homes. But unlike the lions and tigers of the wild, domestic human hunters can go unrecognized until it is too late. In this must-read book, Robin Sax shares her expertise from years as a sex crimes prosecutor, helping parents understand how pedophiles operate and what they can do to make sure their children don''t fall victim to them.-PAT BROWN, Criminal ProfilerRobin Sax (Los Angeles, CA) is a former deputy district attorney for

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