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A comprehensive baking reference offers 350 recipes for baking pies, breads, cookies, cakes, pastry, crisps, cobblers, and tarts.
A comprehensive guide to the quick and easy one-dish meal presents 175 recipes and tips to minimize preparation time and cleanup chores.
MORE THAN 300 EXHAUSTIVELY TESTED RECIPES THAT CELEBRATE AMERICAN CUISINE Step into our test kitchen and learn how to make truly great American food. Want to know how to keep lemon meringue pie from weeping or which type of chocolate makes the best pudding? Want to capture the flavors of a real clambake on top of the stove? To find the answers to these and hundreds more questions, we made 28 lemon meringue pies, chopped our way through pounds of chocolate, and steamed enough clams to feed a small town. In addition, weve included more than 200 illustrations plus no-nonsense equipment ratings and taste tests of supermarket ingredients.The Best American Classics features more than 300 recipes that cover the wide range of American cooking. Choose from favorite regional dishes such as Chicago deep-dish pizza, New Orleans legendary red beans and rice, or New York cheesecake. Or select beloved family fare like chicken pot pie, glazed meatloaf, and green bean casserole. Restaurant classics are here as well, from Parker House rolls and Waldorf salad to bananas foster. The Best American Classics celebrates the breadth of our cuisine with foolproof recipes that will stand the test of time.Real Boston Baked Beans that are worth the wait If you want to make Boston baked beans that are a cut above the tourist variety, youll need salt pork and bacon for authentic smoky flavor. And for best results, bake the beans for five hours, leaving the cover off the pot during the final hour to thicken the sauce to just the right consistency.Stovetop Mac n Cheese thats Silky Not Sticky This all-around family favorite appears in more guises than just about any other comfort food on the planet. But the best recipe, we found, is made on the stovetop (not baked) and uses evaporated milk in the sauce (not a fussy bchamel). All-American Meatloaf thats Crusty and Glazed Not Soggy For the best meatloaf, use a mix of meats (beef, pork, and veal). Then, select the right binders: cracker crumbs and breadcrumbs dont mask the flavor of the meat. Lastly, bake the loaf free-form (so it doesnt get soggy) and give it a double dose of glaze.Strawberry Shortcake That Tastes as Good as it Looks For a juicy filling that stays put between the biscuits, choose the ripest berries and then mash some of them into a chunky sauce and slice the rest. Left to sit with a little sugar, the mixture macerates, making a thick filling that soaks into the tender, easy-to-make biscuits.
Say good-bye to soupy mashed potatoes, greasy eggplant, and bland asparagus and say hello to perfect vegetables every time. Every recipe, technique, and kitchen staples needed to prepare over 350 different vegetable recipes are included in this Best Recipe Classic volume.
MORE THAN 200 FULL-FLAVORED SOUP AND STEW RECIPES FROM AMERICAS MOST TRUSTED TEST KITCHEN Whats the secret to great chicken stock? Which cut of meat makes the best beef stew? Whats the best way to thicken New England clam chowder? Do you really need to soak black beans before making soup? In an exhaustive effort to answer these and many more questions, the test kitchen simmered more than 6,000 pots of soup and stew. The result is this definitive collection of more than 200 recipes covering just about every soup and stew imaginable. Choose from perennial favorites such as Manhattan clam chowder, cream of tomato soup, Cincinnati chili, and beef barley soup or international recipes such as hot-and-sour soup, borscht, and miso soup.The Best Soups and Stews also contains 200 illustrations that show you how to cut up a chicken, defat stock, shape matzo balls, mince ginger, and much more. No-nonsense equipment ratings and taste tests of supermarket ingredients are also included. Find out which supermarket chicken broth received our highest rating, which blender turns out the smoothest pureed soups, and which pot is best for making stews. With this book at your side, we guarantee that you will never turn out a bland pot of soup or a greasy stew with tough stringy meatin fact, cooking favorite and new recipes will be easy and foolproof.What separates great corn chowder from the pack? For deep corn flavor, grate ears of corn to create a thick pulp bursting with fresh corn flavor, then add whole kernels at the last minute. And for richness and smoky flavor, saut salt pork and leave it in the chowder as it simmers.What is the secret to rich-tasting beef stew? First, use beef chuck and cut your own stew meat (for consistency of texture and flavor); then skip the flouring stepfloured meat gives stew a weak, less beefy flavor. And for the perfect texture overall, cook the stew in the oven after browning the meat and add the vegetables in stages.How do you make the ultimate French Onion soup? The best French onion soup starts with caramelized red onions (they have the most intense sweetness and complexity of flavor) and two types of brothchicken and beef broth. And for the perfect cheesy crust, use Asiago for flavor and Swiss for meltability.How do you make great chicken cacciatore? Start with skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs for the deepest flavor, then discard the skin after the initial saut to prevent the stew from becoming greasy. Add portobellos for earthy flavor and build a robust sauce with red wine and a Parmesan rind.
Soup's on! With this new Best Recipe title, the editors of "Cook's Illustrated" left no stockpot unheated in their search for the best of the best--the best tips and techniques for building flavor, valuable information on storage and reheating, an essential cookware ingredient guide, and more than 200 recipes.
Samin Nosrat verdichtet ihre reiche Erfahrung als Köchin und Kochlehrerin zu einem so einfachen wie revolutionären Ansatz. Es geht dabei um die vier zentralen Grundlagen guten Kochens: Salz, Fett, Säure und Hitze. Salz – das die Aromen vertieft. Fett – das sie trägt und attraktive Konsistenzen ermöglicht. Säure – die alle Aromen ausbalanciert. Und Hitze – die die Konsistenz eines Gerichts letztendlich bestimmt. Wer mit diesen vier Elementen souverän umgeht, kann exzellent kochen, ohne sich an Rezepte klammern zu müssen. Voller profundem Wissen, aber mit leichter Hand und gewinnendem Ton führt Nosrat in alle theoretischen und praktischen Aspekte guten Kochens ein, vermittelt Grundlagen und Küchenchemie und verrät jede Menge inspirierender Tipps und Tricks. In über 100 unkomplizierten Rezepten wird das Wissen vertieft und erprobt: frische Salate, perfekt gewürzte Saucen, intensiv schmeckende Gemüsegerichte, die besten Pastas, 13 Huhn-Varianten, zartes Fleisch, köstliche Kuchen und Desserts. Samin Nosrats Rezepte ermuntern zum Ausprobieren und zum Improvisieren. Angereichert mit appetitanregenden Illustrationen und informativen Grafiken ist dieses Buch ein unverzichtbarer Küchenkompass, der Anfänger genauso glücklich macht wie geübte Köche.

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