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A New York Times Notable Book: This national bestseller is a vivid biography of the meteoric rise and tragic death of art star Jean-Michel Basquiat Painter Jean-Michel Basquiat was the Jimi Hendrix of the art world. In less than a decade, he went from being a teenage graffiti artist to an international art star; he was dead of a drug overdose at age twenty-seven. Basquiat’s brief career spanned the giddy 1980s art boom and epitomized its outrageous excess. A legend in his own lifetime, Basquiat was a fixture of the downtown scene, a wild nexus of music, fashion, art, and drugs. Along the way, the artist got involved with many of the period’s most celebrated personalities, from his friendships with Keith Haring and Andy Warhol to his brief romantic fling with Madonna. Nearly thirty years after his death, Basquiat’s story—and his art—continue to resonate and inspire. Posthumously, Basquiat is more successful than ever, with international retrospectives, critical acclaim, and multimillion dollar sales. Widely considered to be a major twentieth-century artist, Basquiat’s work has permeated the culture, from hip-hop shout-outs to a plethora of products. A definitive biography of this charismatic figure, Basquiat: A Quick Killing in Art is as much a portrait of the era as a portrait of the artist; an incisive exposé of the eighties art market that paints a vivid picture of the rise and fall of the graffiti movement, the East Village art scene, and the art galleries and auction houses that fueled his meteoric career. Basquiat resurrects both the painter and his time.
Künstlergenies entfalten eine facettenreiche Strahlkraft - besonders auf der Filmleinwand. Sie wirken auf unsere Vorstellungen vom Künstlerdasein und von künstlerischer Produktion. Der Fokus der »projizierten Kunstgeschichte« liegt auf biografischen Spielfilmen (Biopics), in denen die Lebensgeschichten von Künstlerinnen und Künstlern auf dramatisierende Weise inszeniert und von Schauspielstars verkörpert werden. Anhand der Biopics »Pollock« (2000) und »Basquiat« (1996) untersucht dieses Buch aus kunsthistorischer und filmwissenschaftlicher Sicht die Künstler_innenmythen und Starlegenden, die textlichen und visuellen Vorlagen und ihre Repräsentationspolitik. Künstlergenie ade - oder: es lebe das Künstlergenie?
This work examines the fascinating life and art of the African American painter Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988). • Photographs show Basquiat at various times in his career, including shots in his studio surrounded by his work • A list of artworks described in the text provides details and sources where they can be viewed in full color, including images online
Before his death at the age of twenty-seven, Jean-Michel Basquiat completed nearly 2,000 works. These unique compositions—collages of text and gestural painting across a variety of media—quickly made Basquiat one of the most important and widely known artists of the 1980s. Reading Basquiat provides a new approach to understanding the range and impact of this artist’s practice, as well as its complex relationship to several key artistic and ideological debates of the late twentieth century, including the instability of identity, the role of appropriation, and the boundaries of expressionism. Jordana Moore Saggese argues that Basquiat, once known as “the black Picasso,” probes not only the boundaries of blackness but also the boundaries of American art. Weaving together the artist’s interests in painting, writing, and music, this groundbreaking book expands the parameters of aesthetic discourse to consider the parallels Basquiat found among these disciplines in his exploration of the production of meaning. Most important, Reading Basquiat traces the ways in which Basquiat constructed large parts of his identity—as a black man, as a musician, as a painter, and as a writer—via the manipulation of texts in his own library.
Focusing on extreme moments in the careers of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Walker Evans, David Hockney, Sally Mann, Georgia O'Keeffe, Jackson Pollock, Alfred Stieglitz, Andy Warhol, and others, Weinberg explores how these individuals struggled to gain or maintain the attention of an increasingly jaded audience."--BOOK JACKET.
While social concerns have been central to the work of many African-American visual artists, painters

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