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A New York Times Notable Book: This national bestseller is a vivid biography of the meteoric rise and tragic death of art star Jean-Michel Basquiat Painter Jean-Michel Basquiat was the Jimi Hendrix of the art world. In less than a decade, he went from being a teenage graffiti artist to an international art star; he was dead of a drug overdose at age twenty-seven. Basquiat’s brief career spanned the giddy 1980s art boom and epitomized its outrageous excess. A legend in his own lifetime, Basquiat was a fixture of the downtown scene, a wild nexus of music, fashion, art, and drugs. Along the way, the artist got involved with many of the period’s most celebrated personalities, from his friendships with Keith Haring and Andy Warhol to his brief romantic fling with Madonna. Nearly thirty years after his death, Basquiat’s story—and his art—continue to resonate and inspire. Posthumously, Basquiat is more successful than ever, with international retrospectives, critical acclaim, and multimillion dollar sales. Widely considered to be a major twentieth-century artist, Basquiat’s work has permeated the culture, from hip-hop shout-outs to a plethora of products. A definitive biography of this charismatic figure, Basquiat: A Quick Killing in Art is as much a portrait of the era as a portrait of the artist; an incisive exposé of the eighties art market that paints a vivid picture of the rise and fall of the graffiti movement, the East Village art scene, and the art galleries and auction houses that fueled his meteoric career. Basquiat resurrects both the painter and his time.
Basquiat: A Quick Killing in Art is the tragic story of the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, detailing his turbulent childhood, explosive dealings with the art world and rise to fame, which led to his death from a drug overdose at the age of twenty-seven. Phoebe Hoban brings some order to the chaos of Basquiat s life and the arcane dealings of the international art market, placing him in a context alongside his contemporaries, Julian Schnabel and Keith Haring, as well as his mentor, Andy Warhol. This, the definitive biography of the artist, chronicles the meteoric success and overnight burnout that made Basquiat an instant artworld myth. As much the portrait of an era as the portrait of the artist as a young man, the book is an incisive expose of the Eighties art market, a vivid picture of the rise and fall of the graffiti movement, the East Village art scene and the out-of-control auction houses, and resurrects both the painter and his epoch...
Details the talented painter's turbulent childhood, explosive dealings with the elite art world, relationships with such figures as Andy Warhol and Madonna, and rise to fame, which led to his death from a drug overdose at the age of twenty-seven.
This work examines the fascinating life and art of the African American painter Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988). • Photographs show Basquiat at various times in his career, including shots in his studio surrounded by his work • A list of artworks described in the text provides details and sources where they can be viewed in full color, including images online
The beautifully written, deeply affecting story of Jean-Michel Basquiat's partner, her past, and their life together New York City in the 1980s was a mesmerizing, wild place. A hotbed for hip hop, underground culture, and unmatched creative energy, it spawned some of the most significant art of the 20th century. It was where Jean-Michel Basquiat became an avant-garde street artist and painter, swiftly achieving worldwide fame. During the years before his death at the age of 27, he shared his life with his lover and muse, Suzanne Mallouk. A runaway from an unhappy home in Canada, Suzanne first met Jean-Michel in a bar on the Lower East Side in 1980. Thus began a tumultuous and passionate relationship that deeply influenced one of the most exceptional artists of our time. In emotionally resonant prose, award-winning author Jennifer Clement tells the story of the passion that swept Suzanne and Jean-Michel into a short-lived, unforgettable affair. A poetic interpretation like no other, Widow Basquiat is an expression of the unrelenting power of addiction, obsession and love. From the Trade Paperback edition.
A tour of the last four decades of contemporary art in New York City reveals how artists pioneered new trends in gentrification and inspired art renewals, focusing on the achievements of such artists as Basquiat and Rauschenberg.
This first biography of the English painter and grandson of Sigmund Freud traces the life of this extraordinary artist who painted everyone from Kate Moss to Queen Elizabeth and whose intent was always to find and reveal the character hidden within by means of his intense visual imagination.

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