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BASTION (a fortified position) is an absolute work of fiction. It is written with the hope that it will entertain its readers with the many stories and characters within. The book begins with Jackson parachuting into Normandy on D Day. He promises a young paratrooper he would go to East Texas and tell his parents how he died. He did not realize the young paratrooper was the sole heir of a multibillion dollar estate. The first stories are about Jackson's stay in Army hospitals and being discharged. The book tells the stories of his two year journey to East Texas to keep his promise to the dead soldier. Jackson learns the soldier's family is the Bastions who own nearly all of Red River County plus some of Bowie County. He marries El, their beautiful auburn haired daughter, and she makes him joint heir of the entire Bastion estate. The book tells how Jackson uses an unlimited amount of money to do good for all. He and El were, and remained, deeply in love. El was always his greatest supporter in what seemed his scatter-brained adventures. Jackson had married a one hundred thousand acre cattle ranch and couldn't ride a horse. He bought a caterpillar to ride the range while he learned to ride a real horse. It didn't take long for him to ride with the best. BOBBY NEAL CHAPMAN was born to tenant cotton farmers Basil Calvin Chapman and Etalka Lee Chapman on December 14, 1926. They and his sister Doris lived six miles east of Bonham, Texas in a two room house. When he was five years old the family moved to Hilger School District to live with his Grandmother who was very sick. Hilger had only a two room school house and less than thirty students. Basil was a good man. He only had a third grade education, but he was a good family man. He worked hard and was at home when the sun went down every day. Bobby lacked only one week of being fifteen years old when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. He graduated from High School at the age of sixteen and went to work for the railroad in Bonham, Texas until old enough to go to the army. After spending nearly two years in the Army Paratroops, he returned to work with the Railroad after being discharged. Counting military service he spent forty four years working for the Railroad.
Mags returns to the Collegium, but there are mixed feelings--his included--about him actually remaining there. No one doubts that he is and should be a Herald, but he is afraid that his mere presence is going to incite more danger right in the heart of Valdemar. The heads of the Collegia are afraid that coming back to his known haunt is going to give him less protection than if he went into hiding. Everyone decides that going elsewhere is the solution for now. So since he is going elsewhere--why not return to the place he was found in the first place and look for clues? And those who are closest to him, and might provide secondary targets, are going along. With Herald Jadrek, Herald Kylan (the Weaponsmaster's chosen successor), and his friends Bear, Lena, and Amily, they head for the Bastion, the hidden spot in the hills that had once been the headquarters of a powerful band of raiders that had held him and his parents prisoner. But what they find is not what anyone expected.
Two months after the reversion, Shanti continues her training at the Seekers' Sanctum. She is assailed with visions of Anna's past...visions that are further proof that she and the goddess are connected. As Shanti's amazing progress captures the attention of the entire Sanctum, she forges her own path with a daring to return to the Covenant's capital of Colonia, knowing that her parents and the Prophecy of Annara are the keys to unlocking the well as her role in stopping the Second Darkness.
This is a series of seven fantasy adventure books written for middle school (c. 10-14 year old) children, although many older teens have been engrossed by the stories, and especially the brainfood they supply. Kings Keep is a (fictional) private school set in bushland near the city ofSydney,Australia. The adventures and mysteries in the books relate to the many former uses of the school site as well as its unusual teaching staff and teaching methods, all of which keep the new students (and the reader) guessing throughout the series. The castle references in each book title are at first cryptic and unexplained to further tantalize the reader. The action centres around the main character, twelve-year-old Alec, a farm boy from far westernNew South Waleswho is very much a fish out of water in the city. He is struggling to come to terms with a family tragedy that has left him angry and vulnerable. Alecs adventures and dilemmas raise important issues including friendship and trust, multiculturalism and aboriginal culture, altruism and self-preservation, uniqueness and destiny, time and space. Liberal sprinklings of Australian history, biography, art, foreign languages and sciences provide interesting and, at times, provocative topics for the reader to explore further.
The same dream again. Things were twisted now, thunder clapping as the same man from before stood at the top of the same cliff. Rigil watched from some unknown position at this mystery being who was fighting for his life against some kind of invisible force. He raised his arm and shouted some kind of word that couldn't be understood as shadows began creeping in all around him. But this time his face could be seen. As an arrow struck him and he fell to his death, his face looked exacly like- Rigil's.
The perimeter security and force protection measures in place at the time of the attack on Camp Bastion in 2012 were inadequate, says the Defence Select Committee. On 14 September 2012, 15 heavily-armed Taliban insurgents infiltrated the camp and attacked the airfield. The ensuing engagement lasted into the next day and resulted in the deaths of US Marine Corps Lt Col Christopher Raible and Sgt Bradley Atwell, the wounding of eight US personnel, eight UK personnel and one civilian contractor and the destruction of six US Harrier jets. US and UK troops killed 14 of the Taliban attackers and wounded the remaining attacker, who was detained and interrogated. The Committee concluded that the arrangements for manning of the guard towers around the perimeter of Camp Bastion were exposed by the attack as inadequate. The decision not to man a particular guard tower on the night contributed directly to the failure to detect the insurgents at an early stage which might have limited the impact of their assault. All guard towers at Bastion are now manned constantly. The Committee were unimpressed by the evidence from the Chief of Joint Operations, who explained that the number of security incidents was unusually high in Helmand Province in 2012. The Committee was told that the focus of ISAF commanders had been on security incidents elsewhere in Helmand Province and on threats from insider attack. Unfortunately the MoD has declined to provide the Committee with comparable details of the level of security incidents recorded in Helmand for previous years as this information was classified. This would have allowed the Committee to make an informed assessment of the relative threat levels in the area at the time. Insufficient attention was given to the fundamental requirement of defending Camp Bastion from external assault. The Committee believes that this was complacent. Given that the attack took place in the British sector of the camp, British commanders must bear a degree of responsibility for these systemic failures and associated reputational damage.
Twice the combined might of Ynis Aielle's greatest heroes and wizards has hurled back the demon armies of Morgan Thalasi. Always the Black Warlock has rebounded, stronger and more evil. But never has he wielded such power as now. With the Staff of Death, Thalasi can raise a new army from out of the very ground -- soldiers who cannot be killed because they are already dead. As the Black Warlock and his fearsome general -- the foul wraith that was once Hollis Mitchell -- prepares a devastating attack, the humans and elves of Ynis Aielle are staggered by a fresh calamity. The beautiful Rhiannon, daughter of the Emerald Witch, has been captured by Mitchell and given over to his dark master. Now the last hope of defeating Thalasi -- and Rhiannon's last hope as well -- lies at the heart of a mountain, guarded by a dragon as old as the world itself. . . From the Paperback edition.

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