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GUARDIAN BOOKS OF THE YEAR 2017 LONGLISTED FOR THE HISTORICAL WRITERS' ASSOCIATION NON-FICTION CROWN 2017 'A ripping read ... fascinating, charming, enjoyably unorthodox' Daily Telegraph Was Niccolò Machiavelli really the cynical schemer of legend - or was he a profound ethical thinker, who tried to save the democratic freedom of Renaissance Florence as it was threatened by ruthless dynasties? This revelatory biography shows us a man of fox-like dissimulation: a master of disguise in dangerous times. 'A gripping portrait of a brilliant political thinker, who understood the dangers of authoritarianism and looked for ways to curb them' The New Yorker 'Compelling ... this unconventional biography questions whether the philosopher deserves his reputation as an advocate for tyranny' Julian Baggini, Financial Times
“Remarkable, engaging.… Be Like the Fox can be read with pleasure by anyone interested in the craft of politics and the life of ideas.”—New York Times Book Review In the five hundred years since he wrote The Prince, Machiavelli’s name has been linked to tyranny and the doctrine that “the ends justify the means.” But that is not what he stood for. In Be Like the Fox, Erica Benner takes us back to Renaissance Florence, where newly liberated citizens fought to build a free republic after the Medici princes were exiled. Machiavelli dedicated his life to this struggle for freedom. But despite his heroic efforts, the Medici soon swept back into power. Forced out of politics and prevented from speaking freely, Machiavelli had to use his skills of foxlike dissimulation to defend democracy in an era of tyrannical princes. Drawing on his letters, political writings, hard-hitting satirical dramas, and conversations with kings and popes, Be Like the Fox reveals Machiavelli as an unlikely hero for our times.
'People don't quit their jobs, they quit their bosses... The action of leadership is not leading, it's teaming... Leadership is the ecosystem that the leader cultivates' General Stanley McChrystal In Leaders, retired four-star General Stanley McChrystal has written a passionate call to arms, looking to redefine what it means to be a successful leader in today's world. The bestselling author dismantles the outdated Great Man theory of leadership proving that exceptional leaders are not defined by their personalities or achievements but the environments they cultivate. By profiling pairs of iconic leaders from Alexander the Great and Mark Zuckerberg to Winston Churchill and Steve Jobs to Robert E. Lee and Harriet Tubman, McChrystal analyses how each has responded to similar challenges and what we can learn from them. His research, bolstered by decades of management experience from his first day at military academy to his most recent work with the corporate clients of the McChrystal Group, leads him to construct a ground-breaking new paradigm: Effective leadership is not about the leader themselves but the environment they create.
Machiavelliana is the first comprehensive study of the uses and abuses made of Niccolò Machiavelli’s name in management, primatology, leadership, power, as well as in novels, plays, commercial enterprises, television dramas, operas, rap music, children’s books, and more.

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