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A charmed life can tumble down in an avalanche of problems. Bobby Tremain’s the first in his family to attend college, also the first to see snow. A massive magical blizzard makes this not-so-average bear want to sleep all winter, but he needs to pass exams or risk flunking out of Providence Paranormal College. Lynn Frampton’s got a brain of epic proportions and an even smarter mouth. She went to college on the other side of the country to escape the town where everybody knows and fears her brain. At college, Lynn's barely able to make friends, let alone influence people. At least she’s at the top of her class. Bobby needs Lynn’s help to stay awake and pass his exam. She might just need his companionship, too. Can Lynn and Bobby find new hope together or will their failures send them both packing home?
For vet and animal whisperer Charli Avers, talking to bears is all in a day's work. But when she finds a man--a very sexy, very alpha man--where a bear ought to be, the wild comes close to home. Charli is drawn to this mysterious stranger. She wants to help him piece together the past he can't remember--even if that means shedding her human misgivings and embracing her more carnal desires. After shifting from bear to man, Barry believes he's finally found his mate. Now he just needs to find himself. He doesn't know much about the animal within him, but his human heart aches for Charli. She ignites his instincts to protect her from all danger--including their electric attraction. The stakes climb as Charli investigates the mystery behind Barry's memory loss and how it may relate to strange sightings and thefts in this little corner of Oregon. Without answers, she may lose Barry--and herself--to the wild side forever.
Bear-shifting, rogue biker Orion Samuelsson is on the run and nursing more than a little bottled up rage. For years, he’s been haunted by the cruel, brutal leader of his old club, the Dirty Devils. Love? Happiness? All distant fantasies. That is, until he lays eyes on a gold and black lynx-shifter dashing through a river. Clea Kellen is the owner of Jamesburg's most popular daycare. And on top of that, she’s a lithe, witty, pointy-eared lynx shifter whose biological clock is tick-tick-ticking away. Even though she’s part-time mama to a whole bunch of bouncing cubs, one of her own is a forgotten dream. That is, until she catches a glimpse of a golden bear with pale brown eyes, watching her in the distance. On a daycare camping trip, Clea’s whole world – in the form of a giant fir tree – comes crashing down. She dives to cover one of her cubs, sure she’s done for. When she finally opens her eyes, she can’t believe the massive, golden bear standing in only feet away with fire in his eyes and a tree on his back. As he stares into Clea’s soul, straining under the fallen fir, Orion’s buried desire for a mate, and a family to call his own, burns deep in his heart. Right then, he knows he’s found her. He knows he won’t rest until she’s his, until he possesses her, takes her for his mate... forever. But, with Orion on the run from his former gang, and Clea’s brain telling her to put on the brakes while her heart is screaming for her to hit the gas, will these two fated mates give in to love... and to each other?
Nissa Alexander returns to Bear Paw River ten pounds and one boyfriend lighter with an attitude screaming Leave me the Hell alone. The last thing she needs is her older brother, the Alpha, lecturing her about settling down and true mates. Hell, he doesn't even have his own mate, so he has no right to talk.And then, there's the hunky bad boy, who's working a missing person's case in her neck of the woods. He needs to stop sniffing around before someone gets hurt. Nissa's heart has been trampled on enough these past few years. She is absolutely not going to fall for this lone wolf. Not gonna happen. But her bear isn't taking no for an answer.Zach Werner is on the hunt. But this time, it's not for a predator or a bad guy to bring to justice. His job is to find a missing woman. Why the Florida wolf pack is paying so much money to find this female, Zach doesn't know. And he doesn't care. His job is his life. At least, until he meets Nissa. After a brief tangle in the woods, Zach knows this curvy beauty is his mate. Can he convince her he's the wolf for her and stay alive long enough to finish the job?
Gia Santos is a curvy girl who has always had a thing for shifters. Thankfully, she lives in a world where shifters are accepted by the population and where she is able to join a dating site to specifically meet them. Trey Cross is a bear shifter in a desperate situation. If he does not find a mate by the time he is 30 years old he will lose his ability to ever take a mate. Currently he is 29. Time is of the essence and so Trey joins the same dating site in order to find a mate and find one fast. It is there that Gia and Trey meet and sparks instantly begin to fly between the two of them. Only problem is, Trey feels he knows Gina from somewhere and if he is right then things could be about to get very, very dangerous for her...
When Ever Jackson came to Arcadia to track down her missing sister, she was immediately met with suspicion by the strange residents. Nobody's willing to help her search, but she's determined to get to the bottom of things. Even when a pesky town sheriff decides to stick his nose where it doesn't belong, lawman or not, Ever isn't leaving Arcadia without her sister. Aidan Tucker preferred humans stay out of his Shifter town. They're a danger to his world, especially nosy ones like Ever. His job was to get the girl off Shifter land...until he got a whiff of her, and realized with a shock that the little spitfire who won't back down from a fight is both human, and his mate. Well, hell. The human might get herself killed, so Aidan tags along even though she doesn't want his help. But there are secrets in his town that go beyond mere shapeshifting, some that even the Sheriff doesn't know, and Ever Jackson may be right in the middle of trouble...
The Eleven must use their natural skills and highly developed preternatural strengths to stop the spread of evil by the Lords of Time.

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