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This user-friendly guide effectively discusses expert findings about brain growth, structure, and functions to help teachers and administrators foster a love of learning in all students.
New and veteran teachers will find guidelines to translate the latest research on learning, memory, and the brain into effective and enjoyable classroom practice. The author provides in–depth and accessible coverage of learning theory, multiple intelligences, resilience theory, and emotional intelligence to help teachers master the complexities of teaching all the young brains in their classrooms. This invaluable text: - Helps readers understand complex concepts and translate theory into actual practice - Provides brain–compatible classroom management strategies - Features new graphic organizers, illustrations, and sidebars Discover how this journey down the yellow brick road can lead to instruction that promotes success for all young minds.
The third book in the Voices of Experience series grades K-3 is for the end of the year when you are wrapping things up.
Using evidence-based strategies, this inspiring handbook provides principals and teachers with a catalog of practiced "moves," or actions that upgrade performance, create durable motivation, and renew energy levels.
Voices of Experience series is a collection of great activities for new teachers, teachers new to a grade level, teachers who want new ideas to re-energize their practice and new teacher mentors. Each book is organized around four activity based sections: relationships, organization, assessment and reliables. Practical Ideas to Spark Up the Year grades 4-8 is for the middle of the year when you need to get yourself and your students "fired up."
Memory is inextricable from learning; there’s little sense in teaching students something new if they can’t recall it later. Ensuring that the knowledge teachers impart is appropriately stored in the brain and easily retrieved when necessary is a vital component of instruction. In How to Teach So Students Remember, author Marilee Sprenger provides you with a proven, research-based, easy-to-follow framework for doing just that. This second edition of Sprenger’s celebrated book, updated to include recent research and developments in the fields of memory and teaching, offers seven concrete, actionable steps to help students use what they’ve learned when they need it. Step by step, you will discover how to * actively engage your students with new learning; * teach students to reflect on new knowledge in a meaningful way; * train students to recode new concepts in their own words to clarify understanding; * use feedback to ensure that relevant information is binding to necessary neural pathways; * incorporate multiple rehearsal strategies to secure new knowledge in both working and long-term memory; * design lesson reviews that help students retain information beyond the test; and * align instruction, review, and assessment to help students more easily retrieve information. The practical strategies and suggestions in this book, carefully followed and appropriately differentiated, will revolutionize the way you teach and immeasurably improve student achievement. Remember: By consciously crafting lessons for maximum “stickiness,” we can equip all students to remember what’s important when it matters.

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