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‘Emily’s Quest’ is the final tale in The Emily Starr Series, and tells the story of Emily being separated from her childhood sweetheart and agreeing to marry another man. This early work by Lucy Maud Montgomery was originally published in 1927 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. Lucy Maud Montgomery was born on 30th November 1874, New London, in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. Her mother, Clara Woolner (Macneil), died before Lucy reached the age of two and so she was raised by her maternal grandparents in a family of wealthy Scottish immigrants. In 1908 Montgomery produced her first full-length novel, titled 'Anne of Green Gables'. It was an instant success, and following it up with several sequels, Montgomery became a regular on the best-seller list and an international household name. Montgomery died in Toronto on 24th April 1942.
"Beautifully descriptive passages paint vivid images making the reader experience the times." ~Laura S. Reading, Amazon Verified Reviewer A Nation's Secrets Forestall Marriage Amid Scandal and Lies in EMILY'S VOW, a Historical American Romance by Betty Bolte Charleston, South Carolina, October 1782 Emily Sullivan's greatest fear is dying in childbirth, as did her twin sister and their mother. Then she's thrown in a loyalist prison for her privateering father's raids on the British, and her accuser--a former beau--promises to recant if she will marry him. Frank Thomson always loved Emily despite her refusal to return his affections. A patriot spy posing as a loyalist officer, when Frank learns of Emily's plight, he challenges her accuser to a duel. Freed from prison, Emily ponders returning the affections of her rescuer--the only man she's ever loved and who married her twin to save the Sullivan family's reputation. But Frank cannot afford to be discovered. For the sake of young America, he must deliver his secrets. AWARDS: International Book Awards, Finalist PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Betty Bolte is known for her detailed research and true-to-period imagery. Her work delights readers who appreciate a historical experience. This story does NOT contain vulgar language and DOES include mildly explicit sexual situations. We hope you enjoy it! REVIEWS: "Truly a marvel to read and I loved every minute of the story." ~Lynelle, Touring Host Reviewer "I recommend to all that want to learn more about the process of the American Revolution and the experiences of the women in the 18th century." ~Deniza Futuro, eBook Discovery Reviewer A MORE PERFECT UNION SERIES, in order: Emily's Vow Amy's Choice Samantha's Secret Evelyn's Promise
Eine Liste voller verrückter Aufgaben für einen unvergesslichen Sommer Emily kann es nicht glauben: Ihre beste Freundin Sloane ist verschwunden, einfach so. Keine Erklärung, kein Abschied, nichts. Das einzige Lebenszeichen, das Emily ein paar Tage später erhält, ist ein Brief mit einer merkwürdigen Liste, eine To-do-Liste wie es scheint. Soll Emily sich damit die Zeit bis zu Sloanes Rückkehr vertreiben? Da es das Einzige ist, was ihr von Sloane bleibt, macht sie sich daran, die Dinge auf der Liste abzuarbeiten. Äpfel pflücken in der Nacht? Kein Problem. Tanzen bis zum Morgengrauen? Klar, warum nicht. Einen Fremden küssen? Nacktbaden? Moment mal ... Schnell wird Emily klar, dass Sloanes Liste sie ganz schön herausfordert. Doch als ihr unerwartet der gut aussehende Frank zu Hilfe kommt, steht ein unvergesslicher Sommer bevor ...
Die amerikanische Bestsellerautorin — mit einer ganz neuen Stimme — jetzt bei Diana! Eine glücklich verheiratete Vollzeitmutter und eine alleinerziehende Karriereanwältin: zwei Frauen, deren Leben unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnte. Bis ein tragischer Unfall Valerie und Tessa auf ungeahnte Weise zusammenführt. In der Folge werden die Liebe zu ihren Kindern, das Vertrauen in den Partner und der Glaube an das eigene Glück auf eine harte Probe gestellt.
After an English professor-and old friend of her mother-is found dead in a cider house, orchard owner Meg Corey starts to wonder: Could her own mother have committed murder?
This bundle of titles in the Quest Biography series entertainingly presents a variety of influential Canadian lives. In this volume we find opera star Emma Albani, artist Emily Carr, political philosopher George Grant, Canadiens goalie Jacques Plante, and Prime Minister John Diefenbaker.
The Blondes is a hilarious and whipsmart novel where an epidemic of a rabies-like disease is carried only by blonde women, all of whom must go to great lengths to conceal their blondness. Hazel Hayes is a grad student living in New York City. As the novel opens, she learns she is pregnant (from an affair with her married professor) at an apocalyptically bad time: random but deadly attacks on passers-by, all by blonde women, are terrorizing New Yorkers. Soon it becomes clear that the attacks are symptoms of a strange illness that is transforming blondes—whether CEOs, flight attendants, students or accountants—into rabid killers. Emily Schultz's beautifully realized novel is a mix of satire, thriller, and serious literary work. With biting satiric wit, The Blondes is at once an examination of the complex relationships between women, and a merciless but giddily enjoyable portrait of what happens in a world where beauty is—literally—deadly.

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