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A handbook to beekeeping, featuring advice for: setting up and caring for your own colonies; the best location to place your new bee colonies; the most practical and nontoxic ways to care for your bees; swarm control; using top bar hives; harvesting the products of a beehive and collecting and using honey; bee problems and treatments; information for urban bees and beekeepers; using your smoker the right way; better pest management; providing consistent and abundant good food; and, keeping your hives healthy.
With this book learn and understand about the power of the bee, you will find that some of the most obvious and tasty benefits are that you are doing the world a great favor!Learning beekeeping can help to find a lucrative and fun career path for yourself - given the vital nature of bees in our society, you aren't likely to find it hard to get work as a beekeeper! Use this book to learn which beekeeping materials, you will need to make your hives successful. Learning about beekeeping is something that everyone can benefit from - you can then spread the word to others about the immensely vital nature of the bee. Hopefully, in future, you can stop people from swatting our little friends! * Honey bee species* Beekeeping materials* Caring for bees effectively* Harvesting Honey
A beginner's guide offers practical instructions and personal observations on all aspects of beekeeping, including such topics as choosing equipment, managing healthy colonies, and harvesting honey.
Everything you need to 'bee' a successful backyard beekeeper If you've ever thought about becoming a backyard beekeeper—or have already tried a hand at it and want to be better one—then this is the book for you! In Beekeeping for Dummies, 4th Edition you'll find everything you need to know in order to start your own colony, including how to assemble and maintain beehives, handle every phase of honey production, purchase and use all the latest tools, and what to do beyond your first season. This hands-on guide provides all the tools, tips, tricks, and techniques needed to become a real backyard beekeeper. You'll learn to identify the queen from her workers and drones, properly open and close the hive, distinguish one type of honey from another, and preserve your colony if disaster should strike. Keep bees on a small urban rooftop or in a large country yard Assemble your own hive and sustain it for years to come Safely inspect and manage your colony Harvest and sell your own honey Becoming a backyard beekeeper isn't as hard as people think—and with this hands-on guide, you'll be able to create one honey of a colony that will have the neighbors buzzing.
Beekeeping:Simple Start Guide To Building Your First Bee Colony This book is recommended for anyone who is interested in taking up beekeeping, either as a hobby or a business investment. It represents the perfect guide for anyone who is looking to build his/her first bee colony, including information on beekeeping in general, bees and bee colonies The chapters are organized in a logical manner, with plenty of useful advice and careful recommendations. Here is a preview of what you are going to discover in this book... Introduction - beekeeping as a human pastime since the ancient of times, main reasons for beekeeping (honey, pollination) Chapter 1 - Why should you consider beekeeping? (fresh supply of honey, collection of beeswax, pollination etc.) Chapter 2 - Beekeeping equipment (bee hives, frames, covers, extractor, containers, uncapping knife etc.) Chapter 3 - Everything you should know about bees (bees as social creatures, hierarchy within the beehive, bee castes - queen bee, drones, workers) Chapter 4 - How to build your first bee colony (preparing for keeping bees, buying & moving colonies, installing packaged bees etc.) Conclusion - Beekeeping as part of the bigger picture (wild bee populations are destroyed by urbanization and pesticides) You can use this book as your faithful guide into the world of beekeeping, discovering everything there is to know on the subject. Enjoy your read and do not hesitate to recommend this wonderful resource to your friends and family members! Download your E book "Beekeeping: Simple Start Guide To Building Your First Bee Colony " by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now with 1-Click" button!
Shows how to construct a beehive, including the typical components, necessary materials, and beekeeping accessories.

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