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High school counselor Kevin Kuczynski, "Mr. K," has helped students deal with all kinds of issues behind the closed doors of his office. From hardships at home, to struggles with schoolwork; from the consequences of having sex, to the dangers of drug and alcohol use; from the joy of college and career planning, to the anguish of suicide and violence, he has encountered students from all walks of life in any number of situations. Now, he offers you the same insight, direction, and purpose he has shared with countless students. So come in, have a seat, and open the door to your future.
Empower students to stand up for what matters Created in collaboration with children and teens, Owning Up helps young people identify and be critical of social issues in their lives—from bullying and harassment in the classroom to systems of power and oppression in the world around them. While there is no one-size-fits-all curriculum, Owning Up takes us leaps forward by: Designing sessions to be easily facilitated by a school counselor, teacher, leader, or other professional in small group settings Combining discussions, games, and role-playing to engage adolescents in the complexities of social culture Exploring critical topics such as media analysis, gender, sexual harassment, racism, gossip, and self-image
To commemorate HCI's 40th anniversary, many of its most loved and revered authors have contributed personal stories of lifechanging events in Success Stories from the Heart. Poignant and inspiring from cover to cover, these authors generously share their personal journeys to find truth, the unexpected discoveries they made along the way, and the spiritual renewals they experienced as a result. A brave and mighty volume, Success Stories from the Heart bares their souls and tells the stories of not only their own lives, but of the many lives they've touched. Each contributing author in this extraordinary book has played a pivotal role in the advancement of mental health services and personal transformation. They coined the phrases, they made the discoveries, they are the vanguards who brought us a deeper understanding of the issues that affect us, our families, our communities, and every one of our relationships. They are the true, indispensable guides and mentors who rescue us from ourselves and each other, that teach us better, more fulfilling ways to live. These stories chronicle experiences that go beyond the educational realm, past office visits and therapy sessions, and brought them deep into the tender realm of the heart. They are the encounters that blurred the lines and made their work personal, the hopes and tears of their careers, the indelible scars that belie their commitment to do whatever it takes to make a difference. It is this blending of personal and professional life that births wisdom, that connects people, and heals a hurting world. Let Success Stories from the Heart inspire you—it's a celebration of 40 momentous years and a thrilling celebration of life!
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A WAREHOUSE FULL OF TEEN SAVAGESIt wasn't supposed to get this bad. I used to be just some kid, whose dead dad was famous and whose only friend was her headphones. We're a dime a dozen, right? But then my mother marries a molester, and the seesaw tilts down hard.So I've been trying to find something good: a grownup with some love to spare, or a safe place to hide. Instead I find Bridgeport, this city that's always dark, even at noon on Sundays. I love Bridgeport so much I run away to it, to its basements and pot smoke and man-boys. But then some relative sees Princess Di on the news, visiting this place for teen screw-ups—Straight Inc, it's called. On the outside, Straight's a drug rehab. But on the inside, it''s something else. When my mother signs me in, I tell them I've only smoked pot twice. But they don't listen. To Straight, every teen is a drug addict—at least, every teen with a desperate parent and a checkbook. My mother says bye to my beach ball of a face, puffy with tears and terror, and then I'm dragged into this warehouse full of teen savages. And the doors are locked behind me. If I'd known I was gonna be trapped there for a year and a half, I would've fought harder.REAL LIFE HUNGER GAMESThey had said they were taking me to a boarding school, where you read good books for teens, make tie-dye T-shirts, and—ha!—learn how to smoke weed. Instead, I learn to read staff's mood by the smell in the air. Will it be bloody tonight, or just spitty?Don't think I'm kidding. Straight Inc? Total cult. And cult kids don't sit around reading books, we bash around and hunt other kids, like real life hunger games.KIDS HUNTING KIDSAt Straight, the most important thing is that monster confession each kid eventually makes: "I'm a gutter addict. Straight saved my life!" Parents hear that and can't wait to fork over the money. But how do you get a kid who's not on drugs to confess to being an addict? Easy! Use Straight's special therapy:-Trap three hundred teens in a room, sixteen hours a day. -Don't give them enough food, water, or sleep. -Pull a random kid out of Group. Make him scream. Make sure Group hears him. -Tell Group, "You want to be safe? Make other kids admit they're addicts." -Provide humiliation tools: Spit Therapy, Toilet Paper Therapy, the Spanking Machine…The kid-hunt takes place twice a week. We smash. We spit. We scream. And we confess our "druggie sins." You might call them stories, but we swear they're true, and you would call it child abuse, but for us, it's called Review. After sixteen months of Review, I'm such a Straightling, I'd rather die than leave. TRUE STORIES OF SURVIVALWhen I'm finally sprung, my druggie high school doesn't do much to make me want to live. But the grownups at AA do. I'm fifteen years old, with a year and a half of sobriety. To AA, I'm a symbol of hope. So they're kind to me. They almost…heal me. And eventually, I'm able to go out into the world. I go to college and work with street kids and start teaching.In the end, Karma wins. Straight Inc—called "a concentration camp for throwaway kids" by the ACLU—is investigated, sued and closed down. And me? Well, there are two things I've always wanted: to be a writer, and to be loved. I had a hunger for family, and a need to write good books that would make all teens—like, the struggling readers to the AP students—put down their cell phones and video games; a YA series that makes kids say, “OMG, reading doesn't suck!” When New York Times bestselling author Ellen Hopkins read and loved my memoir, I knew my time had arrived. I ran to tell my husband; our dogs licked the laugh off my face. So me? Yeah, Karma got me. Karma got me and handed me my dream life. *The school edition of STRAIGHTLING features modified content. The original edition is available at

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