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"This book examines Philip K. Dick's writing through the lens of ontological uncertainty, providing a comparative map of his oeuvre, tracing both the interior connections between books and his allusive intertextuality. Some of his most important short stories and two of his realist novels are also examined, providing a general introduction to Dick's body of work"--Provided by publisher.
Once solely the possession of fans and buffs, the SF author Philip K Dick is now finding a much wider audience, as the success of the films Blade Runner and Minority Report shows. The kind of world he predicted in his funny and frightening novels and stories is coming closer to most of us: shifting realities, unstable relations, uncertain moralities. Philip K. Dick: Exhilaration and Terror of the Postmodern examines a wide range of Dick's work, including his short stories and posthumously published realist novels. Christopher Palmer analyzes the puzzling and dazzling effects of Dick's fiction, and argues that at its heart is a clash between exhilarating possibilities of transformation, and a frightening lack of ethical certainties. Dick's work is seen as the inscription of his own historical predicament, the clash between humanism and postmodernism being played out in the complex forms of the fiction. The problem is never resolved, but Dick's ways of imagining it become steadily more ingenious and challenging.
Among the great history of science fiction writing there exists firmly the legacy of Philip K. Dick. The themes of Dick's work explore the gamut of sociological, political and metaphysical. Dominated by monopolistic corporations, authoritarian governments, and altered states, Dick's works are well known as the source material for some of the greatest science fiction movies of all time including "Blade Runner," "Total Recall," "A Scanner Darkly," and "Minority Report." This collection pulls together many of his early short stories. Included in this volume are the following stories: "Beyond Lies the Wub," "The Skull," "The Gun," "The Eyes Have It," "Tony and the Beetles," "Mr. Spaceship," "The Defenders," "Piper in the Woods," "Second Variety," "The Variable Man," "The Hanging Stranger," "Beyond the Door," and "The Crystal Crypt."

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