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Analytical methods are the essential enabling tools of the modern biosciences. This book presents a comprehensive introduction into these analytical methods, including their physical and chemical backgrounds, as well as a discussion of the strengths and weakness of each method. It covers all major techniques for the determination and experimental analysis of biological macromolecules, including proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids. The presentation includes frequent cross-references in order to highlight the many connections between different techniques. The book provides a birdï¿1⁄2s eye view of the entire subject and enables the reader to select the most appropriate method for any given bioanalytical challenge. This makes the book a handy resource for students and researchers in setting up and evaluating experimental research. The depth of the analysis and the comprehensive nature of the coverage mean that there is also a great deal of new material, even for experienced experimentalists. The following techniques are covered in detail: - Purification and determination of proteins - Measuring enzymatic activity - Microcalorimetry - Immunoassays, affinity chromatography and other immunological methods - Cross-linking, cleavage, and chemical modification of proteins - Light microscopy, electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy - Chromatographic and electrophoretic techniques - Protein sequence and composition analysis - Mass spectrometry methods - Measuring protein-protein interactions - Biosensors - NMR and EPR of biomolecules - Electron microscopy and X-ray structure analysis - Carbohydrate and lipid analysis - Analysis of posttranslational modifications - Isolation and determination of nucleic acids - DNA hybridization techniques - Polymerase chain reaction techniques - DNA sequence and epigenetic modification analysis - Analysis of protein-nucleic acid interactions - Analysis of sequence data - Proteomics, metabolomics, peptidomics and toponomics - Chemical biology
This book describes the state of the art in the field of bioanalytical nano- and microsystems with optical functionality. In 12 chapters distinguished scientists and leaders in their respective fields show how various optical technologies have been miniaturized and integrated over the last few decades in order to be combined with nano- and microsystems for applications in the life sciences. The main detection and characterization technologies are introduced, and examples of the superiority of these integrated approaches compared to traditional ones are provided. Examples from e.g. the fields of optical waveguides, integrated interferometers, surface plasmon resonance or Raman spectroscopy are introduced and discussed, and it is shown how these approaches have led to novel functionalities and thereby novel applications.
Druhé vydání učebního textu, který je určen studentům Farmaceutické fakulty. Autorky této praktické příručky kladou důraz na procvičení a profesionální zvládnutí anglické farmaceutické terminologie a frazeologie. Každá z 30 lekcí obsahuje odborný text a praktická cvičení, zaměřená na porozumění psanému slovu, konverzaci a procvičování gramatiky. Připojen je i anglicko-český slovník s transkripcí slovní zásoby a rejstřík.
This exceptionally clear and accessible introduction to bioanalytics, which includes numerous features of an encyclopedia such as dedicated frames with technical information, also offers readers four-color graphics, photos and varied texts on the topic.
Nonclinical Development of Novel Biologics, Biosimilars, Vaccines and Specialty Biologics is a complete reference devoted to the nonclinical safety assessment of novel biopharmaceuticals, biosimilars, vaccines, cell and gene therapies and blood products. This book compares and contrasts these types of biologics with one another and with small molecule drugs, while incorporating the most current and essential international regulatory documents. Each section discusses a different type of biologic, as well as early characterization strategies, principles of study design, preclinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and preclinical assays. An edited book that is authored by leading experts in the field, this comprehensive reference provides critical insights to all researchers involved in early through late stage biologics. Provides in-depth coverage of the process of nonclinical safety assessment and comprehensive reviews of each type of biopharmaceutical Contains the most pertinent international regulatory guidance documents for nonclinical evaluation Covers early de-risking strategies and designs of safety assessment programs for novel biopharmaceuticals and vaccines, as well as follow-on biologics or "biosimilars" A multi-authored book with chapters written by qualified experts in their respective fields
Das bewährte Standardwerk Bioanalytik beschreibt und erläutert alle analytischen Methoden, die heute in der Biochemie und Molekularbiologie eingesetzt werden - in fünf großen Abschnitten: Proteinanalytik, 3D-Strukturaufklärung, Spezielle Stoffgruppen, Nucleinsäureanalytik, Systematische Funktionsanalytik. Die komplett überarbeitete 3. Auflage berücksichtigt zahlreiche methodische Weiterentwicklungen und greift auch hochaktuelle Trends in der Forschung auf. Großer Wert wurde auf eine kritische, praxisbezogene Darstellung der Methoden und auf eine Vernetzung der verschiedenen Kapitel untereinander gelegt. So wird die Neuauflage dieses kompetenten und informationsreichen Lehr- und Handbuches wieder all jenen, die sich in der Vielfalt der biologisch-chemischen Labormethoden zurechtfinden müssen, als zuverlässiger Wegweiser dienen.

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