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This book provides the first comprehensive introduction to the circle of ideas developed around Mori's program.
We present an introduction to Berkovich’s theory of non-archimedean analytic spaces that emphasizes its applications in various fields. The first part contains surveys of a foundational nature, including an introduction to Berkovich analytic spaces by M. Temkin, and to étale cohomology by A. Ducros, as well as a short note by C. Favre on the topology of some Berkovich spaces. The second part focuses on applications to geometry. A second text by A. Ducros contains a new proof of the fact that the higher direct images of a coherent sheaf under a proper map are coherent, and B. Rémy, A. Thuillier and A. Werner provide an overview of their work on the compactification of Bruhat-Tits buildings using Berkovich analytic geometry. The third and final part explores the relationship between non-archimedean geometry and dynamics. A contribution by M. Jonsson contains a thorough discussion of non-archimedean dynamical systems in dimension 1 and 2. Finally a survey by J.-P. Otal gives an account of Morgan-Shalen's theory of compactification of character varieties. This book will provide the reader with enough material on the basic concepts and constructions related to Berkovich spaces to move on to more advanced research articles on the subject. We also hope that the applications presented here will inspire the reader to discover new settings where these beautiful and intricate objects might arise.
Riemannian Topology and Structures on Manifolds results from a similarly entitled conference held on the occasion of Charles P. Boyer’s 65th birthday. The various contributions to this volume discuss recent advances in the areas of positive sectional curvature, Kähler and Sasakian geometry, and their interrelation to mathematical physics, especially M and superstring theory. Focusing on these fundamental ideas, this collection presents review articles, original results, and open problems of interest.
Develops the theory of algebraic curves over finite fields, their zeta and L-functions and the theory of algebraic geometric Goppa codes.
Singularity theory appears in numerous branches of mathematics, as well as in many emerging areas such as robotics, control theory, imaging, and various evolving areas in physics. The purpose of this proceedings volume is to cover recent developments in singularity theory and to introduce young researchers from developing countries to singularities in geometry and topology.The contributions discuss singularities in both complex and real geometry. As such, they provide a natural continuation of the previous school on singularities held at ICTP (1991), which is recognized as having had a major influence in the field.
The aim of this book is to introduce the reader to the geometric theory of algebraic varieties, in particular to the birational geometry of algebraic varieties. This volume grew out of the author's book in Japanese published in 3 volumes by Iwanami, Tokyo, in 1977. While writing this English version, the author has tried to rearrange and rewrite the original material so that even beginners can read it easily without referring to other books, such as textbooks on commutative algebra. The reader is only expected to know the definition of Noetherin rings and the statement of the Hilbert basis theorem. The new chapters 1, 2, and 10 have been expanded. In particular, the exposition of D-dimension theory, although shorter, is more complete than in the old version. However, to keep the book of manageable size, the latter parts of Chapters 6, 9, and 11 have been removed. I thank Mr. A. Sevenster for encouraging me to write this new version, and Professors K. K. Kubota in Kentucky and P. M. H. Wilson in Cam bridge for their careful and critical reading of the English manuscripts and typescripts. I held seminars based on the material in this book at The University of Tokyo, where a large number of valuable comments and suggestions were given by students Iwamiya, Kawamata, Norimatsu, Tobita, Tsushima, Maeda, Sakamoto, Tsunoda, Chou, Fujiwara, Suzuki, and Matsuda.

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