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The secret war between vampires and humans escalates and the world will never be the same again... Christopher Jude Miller – fully grown and still human – has returned to New York to seek answers about his past. It is there he meets Joie, a young woman connected to his past, and falls into a twisted love triangle. He and Joie also realize that the magical forces that made both their lives possible have unexpected side effects, as they discover that united they have abilities neither knew of before - including the power to cure vampires. Created after the incidents that brought in the National Guard to contain the vampire zombie plague on the Lower East Side, Clean Slate Global is a covert ops organization formed to rid the world of vampires, run by ex-deputy mayor Jonathan Richmond. But Richmond unleashes an ancient evil with darker motives. It plots to use Christopher and Joie's power to eliminate all vampires from the Earth...with the exception of its own new and improved indestructible army of the undead.
A teenage runaway is killed by a sadistic vampire with the pathology of a serial killer, who has stalked her family for over a decade. Brought back to life to feed on her child, she's killed again -- but not before reviving her first victim, her firstborn. The undead infant escapes, triggering a citywide search for a vampire baby whose existence threatens to expose the entire vampire society. And they will stop at nothing to make sure that doesn't happen. In the downtown art world/club scene of New York City, Steven and Lori, an artist and a writer, are in the middle of a bad break up. Instead of being able to simply move on, they are stuck with each other, bound by a contract to do a book on vampires. When they stumble across the real thing, will their feelings for each other intensify as they're reunited to battle monsters they scarcely believe exist?
Nicht von dieser Welt Johannes Wright, der Meister-Musiker des Jahres 3229, geht mit seinem Orchester auf seine erste große Reise durch das Sonnensystem. Er will den Menschen, die in den letzten Jahrtausenden Planeten, Monde und Asteroiden besiedelt haben, seine Musik bringen. Sie ist nicht nur die beste, sondern, wie er manchmal feststellen muss, auch die einzige Möglichkeit wahrer Kommunikation. Und so starten Wright und seine Freunde auf Pluto und arbeiten sich in Richtung Sonne vor, jenem schicksalhaften Ereignis entgegen, das sie – und mit ihnen jeden einzelnen Menschen – verändern wird: der absoluten Erkenntnis des Universums.
Leben-Jesu -Forschung / Geschichte.

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