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Blue Sky God interprets some new scientific theories with blue sky thinking to bring radical insights into God, Jesus and humanity, drawing also on some deep wells from the past in the writings of the early Christians. In an accessible style, it looks at science research and theories in areas such as quantum physics and consciousness, epigenetics, morphic resonance and the zero point field. From there, seeing God as the compassionate consciousness at the ground of being, it draws together strands to do with unitive consciousness and the Wisdom way of the heart. Throughout, it seeks to encourage an evolution in understanding of the Christian message by reinterpreting much of the theological language and meaning that has become ‘orthodoxy’ in the West. In doing so, it challenges many of the standard assumptions of Western Christianity. It outlines a spiritual path that includes elements from all of the world's great religions, is not exclusive, and yet has a place of centrality for Jesus the Christ as a Wisdom teacher of the path of transformative love.
Christians throughout history have believed that God reveals himself both through Scripture and nature. The metaphor of God’s Two Books is often used to represent these two divine revelations. The Book of God’s Words is the Bible. Scripture reveals inerrant spiritual truths. These include, the God of Christianity is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the creation is very good, and only humans are created in the Image of God (Gen. 1:1, 27, 31). The Book of God’s Works is the physical world. Nature declares God’s glory, eternal power, and divine nature (Ps. 19:1; Rom. 1:20). Through the gift of science, our Creator has blessed us with the ability to explore and understand the structure, operation, and origin of his creation. Together God’s Two Books offer us a complementary divine revelation of who created the world and how he created it. A majority of Americans view science and religion as being in conflict, according to the Pew Research Center. Christians and non-Christians alike share this view, yet if this perceived conflict misrepresents the relationship between modern science and Christian faith, then it is both unhelpful and unnecessary today. In Evolution: Scripture and Nature Say Yes, theologian and scientist Denis O. Lamoureux reviews several options for embracing biblical Christianity and findings of science, including biological evolution. Holding to a high view of Scripture alongside an expert appreciation for scientific discovery, Lamoureux further outlines a way to understand passages referring to the natural world in the Bible and also demonstrates how modern science can point toward God. Lamoureux shares his own story along the way, recounting struggles many readers will relate to on his journey toward PhDs in both theology and biology and a fruitful relationship between the two. Topics in this book include: A biblical model of intelligent design in nature based on Psalm 19 and Romans 1. Examination of the ancient science in Scripture, such as a flat earth and 3-tier universe. Comparison of different Christian views on origins—young earth creation, progressive creation (old earth creation), and evolutionary creation. Criticisms of the atheistic interpretation of evolution held by Richard Dawkins and his belief that intelligent design is merely an illusion. Galileo’s peaceful relationship between Scripture and nature, including his view that “the intention of the Holy Spirit [in the Bible] is to teach us how one goes to heaven, and not how heaven goes.” Darwin’s religious beliefs and evidence of the impact that intelligent design had on him throughout his life, along with his claim, “It seems to me absurd to doubt that a man may be an ardent Theist [personal God] and an evolutionist.” Believers wanting to honor God’s Two Books—Scripture and Nature—faithfully and without conflict will find an excellent introduction in Evolution: Scripture and Nature Say Yes.
In Species of Origins, Karl W. Giberson and Donald A. Yerxa examine America's controversial conversation about creation and evolution. While noting that part of the discord stems from the growing cultural and religious diversity of the United States, they argue powerfully that the real issue is the headlong confrontation between two seemingly incompatible worldviews upon which millions of Americans rely: modern naturalistic science and traditional Judeo-Christian religions.
Are you one of those craving for stories that light fires and push buttons? Here's introducing a dazzling fiction story. The book Liberty: Romance Out of a Clear, Blue Sky Book 1 (by Kenneth S. Sumerford) is about science, evolution, intelligent design, romance and the nature of God. Liberty Adair is recovering from her broken marriage and even has questions about God, science and her future. She is a beautiful and smart woman who is a Christian and unexpectedly meets an atheist college professor. They are worlds apart, but they both need love and have disturbing questions about science and God. Ernest is secure and successful until he is almost killed by a heart attack at age 39. Liberty was divorced from her husband one year ago and now wonders if her life is rich with meaning, or is her life without direction and purpose? Ernest believes that modern science has replaced beliefs in God. Liberty is researching evolution and intelligent design to answer some burning questions. At age 29, how can she be sure of what is real and what are outdated religious beliefs? Can the dead live again when their bodies are destroyed? How does the Creator interface with humans? Do RNA and DNA prove intelligent design by the Creator? Liberty and Ernest struggle to find the answers by using science, probabilities and logic. Together they embark on a journey to discover the truth about the evolution of life, the Creator, and intelligent design. Later, Liberty finds a new boyfriend. Ernest has a love affair with a previous girlfriend. Will Liberty and Ernest strengthen their love, or will they explode in suspicions and arguments? Find out the answers to these questions and others in about 245 pages of modern romance, mysteries in the evolution of life and the nature of the Divine. Recommended for ages 16-90, for intellectual content and romantic situations. ____________
Too often conversations on Science and Christianity skate over much deeper assumptions--or perceptions--on the nature and interpretation of Scripture, and the nature of science and of God. Instead, the rhetoric goes quickly towards contentious issues, like evolution, global warming, or genetic engineering, without establishing a framework of mutual understanding. Consequently, "conversations" can take place between people who completely misunderstand each other because those foundations have not been clearly articulated. In this introductory book you are invited on a journey of discovery, one that makes us self-aware of our starting assumptions. It is only from a framework of critical engagement with both science and the Bible that contemporary issues and the needs of the church and society can be addressed. While the Creator is one who brings order, this book also reminds us that untamed chaos also has a God-ordained place within creation. The author explores the element of chance that seems to be at the heart of nature and shows how this can be incorporated constructively within Christian thinking. Nature is not mere mechanism and is more "open" than we might first think. This means that miracles are scientifically plausible and prayer can really change things. . . .
Can we combine science and faith in a way that maintains the integrity of both? Can a Christian be faithful to God and His word and also be in agreement with modern science? Yes! In this book you will see that our wonderful Christ and the God of purpose can be seen in the science of evolution. I also hope you will see that evolution, far from being a damnable teaching, is the very essence of the Holy Scriptures. The science of evolution can open to us a door to see, appreciate, and love even more the God of purpose whom we have believed.

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