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Backstage at Boeing facilities, readers are treated to an inside look at the changes made to each variant and their technical specs. Color photos of aircraft on runways and in flight.
The advantages of airline competition to consumers are clearly apparent. Lower fares, greater choice, more frequent flights and a wider range of available services have all been evident when the entry of a new competitor has occurred. In many instances however, after an initial, relatively short-lived, period of aggressive competition the new entrant has either gone bankrupt or found a less stressful existence co-operating in some manner with the incumbent. In this wide-ranging book, the author looks at the competitive arena in the post-regulation era and especially focusses on deregulation's legacy; globalization in a bilateral world breaking the link between nationality and airlines. The book is of special interest to those members engaged in the Airline Industry, Regulatory Authorities and Government Departments of Transport and Industry. It will be of value to academic specialists in transport economics and public policy; MSc students and Institutes of Transport; pressure groups and the Travel and Tourism Industry.
dieses Buch ist ein Grundlagenwerk des Luftverkehrs, das sowohl Studenten der Fachgebiete Verkehr und Tourismus einen Einstieg bieten als auch interessierten Praktikern einen Überblick über die aktuellen und relevanten Themen ermöglichen soll. Es ist ein betriebswirtschaftliches Lehr- und Handbuch, da immer wieder Bezüge zu den betriebswirtschaftlichen Grundlagen des Luftverkehrs hergestellt werden. Insofern stellt es auch einen Beitrag zu einer angewandten Betriebswirtschaftslehre dar. Darüber hinaus werden vielfältige Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten im Airline-Management aufgezeigt, die dem Airline- und Tourismus-Praktiker konkrete Entscheidungshilfen liefern sollen.
Color history examines the industry climate that led to the development of the 737-100 and the larger capacity -200 variant. Depicts a variety of global carriers from the 1960s to present.
The origin of Aerodynamic Design of Transport Aircraft stems from the time when the author was appointed part-time professor in the Aerospace Faculty of Delft University of Technology. At the time his main activities were those of leading the departments of Aerodynamics, Performance and Preliminary Design at Fokker Aircraft Company. The groundwork for this book started in 1987 as a series of lecture notes consisting mainly of pictorial material with a minimum of English explanatory text. After the demise of Fokker in 1996 one feared that interest in aeronautical engineering would strongly diminish. As a result of this, the course was discontinued and the relationship between the author and the faculty came to an end. Two years later the situation was reappraised, and the interest in aeronautical engineering remained, so the course was reinstated with a former Fokker colleague Ronald Slingerland as lecturer. The lecture notes from these courses form the foundation of this publication.
Das Werk gibt einen umfassenden Überblick über ökonomische, rechtliche und technische Aspekte der Unternehmen im Luftverkehr. Zur Neuauflage: Die Entwicklung des Luftverkehrs seit dem Jahr 2003 erforderte eine umfangreiche Überarbeitung des Buches. Neben einer Aktualisierung der Tabellen, Statistiken und Verzeichnisse und der Beseitigung formaler Fehler wurden neue Kapitel, Textabschnitte und Abbildungen aufgenommen.

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