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Lady Gaga's song "Born This Way" has become an anthem for homosexual rights, asserting in a simplistic fashion that same-sex attraction is a trait much like hair or skin color. In Born This Way?, the author surveys the most common scientific arguments in favor of homosexuality and respond to pro-homosexual arguments. A review of the research will show that, while there are some genetic or biological factors that correlate with a higher incidence of same-sex attraction and homosexual behavior, as of yet there is no proof of genetic or biological causation for homosexuality.
For the last twenty years John Corvino has traversed the US responding to moral and religious arguments against same-sex relationships. In this timely book, he shares that experience-both by addressing the standard objections and by offering insight into the culture wars more generally. In the process, he makes a fresh case for moral engagement, forcefully rejecting the idea that morality is a 'private matter'.
Top scholars--such as Yale history professor John Boswell and New Testament professors L. William Countryman of Berkeley and Robin Scroggs of Union Theological Seminary--show that those who perceive Bible passages as condemning homosexuality are being misled by faulty translation and poor interpretation.
There are many commendable books on the Bible and homosexuality which span anywhere from a hundred to several hundred pages in length. For the curious, such books can sometimes be inaccessible or more than they really want to read. "The Bible, Christianity, & Homosexuality" is a concise yet profound analysis of the Bible verses often misused to condemn gay and lesbian Christians. This study was written to be accessible to all, indeed, something family members and friends of gay and lesbian Christians might actually take the time to read. The Los Angeles Times describes this work as "an illuminating...analysis that argues the Bible doesn't condemn faithful gay relationships." (McGough, 7/18/05).
What if the scientists and the theologians are wrong about homosexuality? He’d heard the hell-fire and brimstone sermons from angry, self-righteous preachers. He’d studied the psychologists’ interpretations of same-sex attraction, genetics and biology. He’d observed the agenda-driven political and religious debates from both sides of the ideological spectrum. But when David McGrinn, an infantry Marine with a degree in psychology, began interviewing gay men, researching Scripture and examining the claims of modern psychology, he realized that neither side of the debate was telling the whole truth. McGrinn discovered that scientific findings and biblical teaching on the origins of homosexuality were not that far apart. Conversations with his gay friends confirmed his newfound understanding: When it came to interpreting the evidence, the church—and modern psychology—were both missing the point. McGrinn’s journey gave him a deeper compassion for those struggling with same-sex attraction and a stronger conviction of his own need for grace. God, Why Was I Born Gay? is a book for anyone tired of the religious rhetoric that offers no hope for the homosexual—as well as the postmodern suggestion that one’s sexual orientation is of no eternal consequence.

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