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David B. Savage offers the reader 14 interviews with 24 experts on collaboration. These are the new podcasts on how we collaborate on diverse topics including Disruptive Technology, Human Sexual Trafficking, Marathons, Critical Thinking, Leadership, Dispute Resolution, Rotary, Human Resources, Innovation, and Assessment of Organizational Culture.
Table of Contents Guests on the Collaborative Podcast Series Foreword What is Creating Shared Value, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration? Define Your Personal Values as a Successful Collaborative Leader Chapter 1 Why Collaborate featuring Chuck Rose and Denise Chartrand Chapter 2 Collaboration Gone Bad featuring Kathy Porter and Duncan Autrey Chapter 3 Our Global Campfire Chapter 4 Set Intention Chapter 5 Be Aware Plus Aboriginal Collaboration featuring Ken Cloke, Cheryl Cardinal, and Ryan Robb Chapter 6 Embrace Conflict featuring Esther Bleuel and Jeff Cohen Chapter 7 Seek Diversity featuring Joan Goldsmith and Amy Fox Chapter 8 Design the Collaboration, featuring Richard Schultz, Laura Hummelle, Colin Campbell Chapter 9 Come Together featuring Donna Hastings, Rob McKay, Art Korpach Chapter 10 Listen Deeply featuring Tara Russell, Linda Matthie, Viki Winterton, Stephen Smith Chapter 11 Collaborate with Vision featuring Dee Ann Turner, Doreen Liberto, Dana Meise, Teresa de Grosbois Chapter 12 Now Lead featuring David Milia, Don Simmons, Bruce McIntyre, James Armstrong and Charalee Graydon Chapter 13 Make It So featuring Michael Hill, Johanne Lavoie, and Atul Tandon Chapter 14 Leadership and Team Awareness Bob Anderson and Ginger Lapid-Bogda Chapter 15 Next Generation Leaders and our Future featuring Dan Savage, India Sherrit, Sarah Daitch and Kevin Brown Chapter 16 Book Release Celebration featuring Anna McHargue and David Milia Acknowledgements About the Author If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together- African proverb I've been asked many times, why have I done this podcast series. Why have I written Break Through to Yes: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration? Why is collaboration so important? I'll tell you why. We need it. I need it. Our future needs it. Business is forced into silos and must give up to an open and agile system that better suits today's world and our shared future. We must create shared value. We must think critically. The costs of command and control leadership are getting higher. During my 42-year career in business, I've held titles including director, president, and chief operating officer. I have seen many and repeated failures, sometimes with the cost of billions. These failures affect organizations and their capital projects and operations. When a company starts making mistakes, tries to force its agenda on others, or is in conflict with its own stakeholders, the consequences are significant. People revolt and profit margins are destroyed. Projects get delayed in regulatory and community review for extended lengths of time. Employees simply don't give their best because they do not trust the systems they work in especially when they have little influence in the processes or programs in which they are involved. The cost to organizations can be both internal and external disengagement, rejection by regulatory bodies and governments, rejection by impacted communities, and damage to the environment. Add to that a wide range of negative human impacts including everything from depression, conflict, suicide, marital breakdown and career paralysis to the loss of intelligence and vision of the brightest people in your business, simply because they mentally and spiritually check out when they come to work. All this means lost productivity, lost opportunities to grow and prosper, and distracted leaders and workers who no longer feel able to do good work. Leaders and organizations, however, can gain a strategic advantage by avoiding all this energy and revenue-zapping negativity simply by working together to build a culture of collaboration.
Why Buy and Use This Guide Book? "We can only meet our critical global and local challenges with collective intelligence." Roz Savage, MBE Work is challenging. Volunteer work is challenging. Life is challenging. And getting more complex every week. Yet, we expect to be more productive and successful each day. We know that we can achieve far more, far more effectively and efficiently when we work together well. But how do we do that? This book is your guide. Use it to: 1. Learn more about collaboration 2. Lead your teams 3. Generate, decide, design, assess, and complete your initiatives This guide is your hands-on planner. I offer it to you so you can produce better outcomes. This is How To. And this book will become your ongoing reference. Better by Design is the 7th in my Break Through to Yes series on collaboration. 2016: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration 2017: The Foundations for Collaboration, The Collaborative Guests Podcasts, The 10 Essential Steps to Collaboration, and Unlocking the Possible with Collaboration 2018: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration (revised and updated), and Better by Design: Your Best Collaboration Guide My previous books, co-authored, are Ready Aim Excel: 52 Leadership Lessons (2012) and Let's Talk: A Company to Company Council Dispute Resolution Handbook (2004). My Sustain Magazine (2013) served organizations committed to the economic and social opportunities of sustainability. Why me? I will help you solve your challenges and capture your opportunities with my unique background and proven leadership in helping people and organizations work together better. I bring you: 1. Over 42 years of leadership, negotiation, collaboration, and dispute resolution, 2. Three decades of volunteering for, and in some cases leading, important not-for-profits organizations 3. Published seven books on collaboration, co-authored a book on leadership, and co-authored a book on dispute resolution between companies 4. Coached leaders for more than ten years 5. Hosted 45 podcasts on collaborative leadership 6. Developed a 360 assessment for organizational/team development 7. Surveyed leaders in several industries and not-for-profits, as well as Rotary International and the Heart and Stroke Foundation I realize there is a significant gap. That gap is the absence of a readily accessible, informative, and practical guide for you. You may not have the time or resources to bring together all the wisdom. And you still have dreams, aspirations, purpose, and teams to create, encourage, and accomplish. This Better by Design guidebook is intended to help you decide, design, assess, lead, and succeed with your initiatives and projects. This book is intended to serve you and your organization. As you design and lead your next initiative, my vision is that you will minimize inefficiencies, maximize results, build stronger project teams, and change your world with the help of Better by Design. Use this guide over and over-as the fresh starting place for you to generate your own practical methods and energized visions. "When it comes to the often daunting challenge of collaboration, most leaders wish there was a handy guide available to help walk them through uncharted territory. Thankfully, David Savage has now produced just such a resource. His new book, Better by Design: Your Best Collaboration Guide., should be part of every leaders' toolkit. David Savage has produced a practical guide that promises to simplify the process of collaboration and enhance the outcomes of trusting relationships." David Mitchell, past CEO of the Canadian Public Policy Forum Contents include: Values and Ethics A Graphic Overview What is Collaboration? Why Collaboration Fails A Culture of Collaboration A Collaborative Process Key Elements How You Show up The 10 Essential Steps to Collaboration A Checklist An Assessment Your Examples and Decisions A Call to Action
Learn to tap into a team's collective brainpower to reach breakthrough results. This guide presents a proven process for organizations to build teams that go beyond surviving to thriving, no matter whether the goal is charitable fund raising or new project development.
An internationally known public speaker, entrepreneur, and marketing executive shares practical, up-to-date tips for mastering the skills of networking. Networking doesn’t have to be that frenzied old-school game of calendars packed with stuffy power lunches and sterile evenings at community business gatherings. We’ve entered a new era, one in which shifting cultural values and the explosion of digital technology enable us to network in vastly more efficient, more focused, and more enjoyable ways. A fresh take on How to Win Friends and Influence People, Your Network Is Your Net Worth is an entertaining, straightforward guide filled with revealing case studies, hands-on advice, and innovative strategies for building your network. Written by sought-after speaker, entrepreneur, and marketing executive Porter Gale, with a foreword by Apple evangelist and bestselling author Guy Kawasaki, this book shows you how to establish, expand, and nurture your connections both online and off. New ways to network are popping up every day—and Gale tells you how to make the most of them—but even traditional networking opportunities are not the same animals that they once were, and we need to shift our attitudes and approaches accordingly. Networking has evolved from a transactional game to a transformational process. Whereas once it was about power plays, now it’s about charting your own course, following your passions, and making meaningful connections, which in turn increase your happiness and productivity. In addition to chronicling her own rise from an ad agency intern to an in-demand consultant, Gale also shares the inspiring stories of so many others who live by this networking model: a military wife who connects with social media communities while her husband is deployed overseas, a young woman blog-ger battling leukemia, a dyslexic politician who wins elections by telling stories, and the CEO of a Major League Baseball team who once made a phone call that changed the course of his life. When you focus on your passions and reorganize your networking around your values and beliefs, you will discover the kind of lasting relationships, personal transformation, and, ultimately, tangible wealth that are the foundation for happiness and success. With a message both timely and important, Your Network Is Your Net Worth is the definitive handbook to Networking 2.0.
Giving up is the only way to breakthrough! If the modern world, with its increased connectivity, plentiful resources, widespread education, and emerging careers in new industries, offers one thing in abundance, it is opportunity. So why do many people, especially women, get stuck, unable to find their breakthroughs in life? Powerfully illustrated with accounts of personal transformation and lessons learned, Breakthrough provides the tools you need to identify and reach out to the opportunities within and around you. Seventeen women thought leaders from around the globe recount their career and personal paths and share life lessons. These bear-it-all stories show how women like you across the world have gone from struggles to triumphs, setbacks to bounce-backs, and hopelessness to happiness. They will guide you with steps and strategies to unlock your potential and break through to greater possibilities. Here you will discover the high-powered Breakthrough Engine - a framework that provides the life transforming mindset and tools to burst through your roadblocks. Position yourself towards your breakthrough to fulfil your dreams and find happiness.
Practical, proven guidance for transforming the culture of any IT department As more and more jobs are outsourced, and the economy continues to struggle, people are looking for an alternative to the greed-driven, selfish leadership that has resulted in corporations where the workers are treated as interchangeable parts. This book shows how the human factors can be used to unlock higher returns on human capital such that workers are no longer interchangeable parts, but assets that are cared about and grown. Refreshingly innovative, Transforming IT Culture shows how neuroscientific and psychological research can be applied in the IT workplace to unleash a vast pool of untapped potential. Written by an expert on IT culture transformation Considers the widespread "cultural blindness" in business today, and how it can be addressed Draws on the author's repeated success transforming IT divisions across major corporations by applying the human factors Explains why social intelligence, human factors, and collaboration are the source of harmony, shared learning, mutual respect, and value creation Employees want positive change in business, something to stop the downward spiral we are on, both financially and emotionally. Transforming IT Culture shows how the essential ingredient to any high performing IT department is a culture where employees are valued and managed to their strengths. Using the Information Technology profession as a lens through which we can understand knowledge worker productivity and how to seriously improve it, this important new book reveals why Collaborative Social Systems are essential to every organization.

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