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“It all began with the bite of a mosquito. Yes, with a bite of this pesky, but seemingly so innocuous little insect that had been sucking her blood. Not just one, but hundreds had punctured her arms and legs with red marks which later swelled to small welts. Who would ever have thought that our family's life would become derailed, that its tightly woven fabric would eventually fray and break—all from the bite of a mosquito?” In November of 1970, the Finell family’s lives were changed forever by a family vacation to Acapulco. Seven-year-old Stephanie fell ill soon after their return to the United States, but her mother, Karin, thinking it was an intestinal disorder, kept her home from school for a few days. She was completely unprepared when Stephanie went into violent convulsions on a Friday morning. Following a series of tests at the hospital, doctors concluded she had contracted viral equine encephalitis while in Mexico. After a string of massive seizures—one leading to cardiac arrest—Stephanie fell into a six-week coma. When she awoke, her world had changed from predictable and comforting to one where the ground was shaking. Due to the swelling of her brain from encephalitis, she suffered serious brain damage. Doctors saw little hope of recovery for Stephanie and encouraged her parents to place her in an institution, but they refused. In Broken Butterfly, Karin Finell recounts the struggles faced by both her and her daughter, as well as the small victories won over the ensuing years. Little was known about brain injuries during that time, and Karin was forced to improvise, relying on her instincts, to treat Stephanie. Despite the toll on the family—alcoholism, divorce, and estrangement—Karin never gave up hope for Stephanie’s recovery. By chance, Karin heard of the Marianne Frostig Center of Educational Therapy, where Dr. Frostig herself took over the “reprogramming” of Stephanie’s brain. This, in time, led her to regain her speech and some motor skills. Unfortunately, Stephanie’s intermittent seizures hung like the proverbial “Sword of Damocles” over their lives. And while Stephanie grew into a lovely young woman, her lack of judgment resulting from her injury led her into situations of great danger that required Karin to rescue her. Karin’s love for her daughter guided her to allow Stephanie to fill her life with as many positive experiences as possible. Stephanie learned and matured through travel and exposure to music and plays,acquiring a knowledge she could not learn from books. Stephanie wished above all to teach other brain injured individuals to never look down on themselves but to live their lives to the fullest. Through Stephanie’s story, her mother has found a way to share that optimism and her lessons with the world.
Little Broken Butterfly Wings is a book that appeals to all ages. It is meant for readers to reflect upon the status of their ¿wings.¿ The author and illustrator hope the uplifting message of Little Broken Butterfly Wings inspires readers to seek out healing and get back to into life.
Mallory Scott trusts no one. At twenty-two, she's in a battle for her life. Living in a women's shelter after finally escaping an abusive relationship, the only thing Mallory is focused on is staying safe. But when he finds her again, Mallory must flee the shelter in the middle of the night and rely on the kindness of a stranger to help her create a new life for herself in Paradise, Pennsylvania, far away from everything she knows. Eric Matthews has what every man wants: a successful job and beautiful new girlfriend. Unfortunately, it seems he is living for everyone else but himself. But when chance leads a mysterious woman to appear in his life, his world is suddenly thrown off its axis. Mallory wants nothing to do with him, and he is determined to find out why. Attracted to the one man she thinks she can never have, Mallory battles with her heart's deepest desires. Her barriers slowly break down until jealousy flares--revealing her haunted past. As destiny remains just within reach, only time will tell if a shocking scheme will separate Mallory and Eric forever. In this compelling contemporary romance, the past intertwines with the present as a woman searches for the truth that will finally set her free.
Belle had been well on her way to global success as one of the most daring ballerinas of her time, when a catastrophic staging mistake crippled her. Unable to handle living amongst her one-time peers, Belle flees the city of Des Moines, pointing her car east with no destination. She drives until she runs out of gas for the second time, then, on a whim, decides to rebuild her life in the tiny town of Anderson, PA. Her welcoming committee consists of Ruger, her young, playful landlord who has been in love with her from afar ever since she made headlines on national stages. Though reluctant to be in such close proximity to a fan, Belle decides to rent a room in his storybook-style cottage. Still crippled from her accident, Belle is in need of a physical therapist. Being a small town, there is only one; and he has a deep and tangled history with Belle's starstruck landlord. As depression at the loss of her career threatens to swallow her whole, Belle pushes beyond her limits in a desperate attempt to regain the strength and ability she feels she's lost. Ruger has been back in town for a couple of years after his sudden and ill-planned escape six years earlier. His past follows him wherever he goes, and he can't seem to shake his obsession with his long-time ex boyfriend; the skilled and extremely hot Colt. Ancient hurts build walls between them, however, and the more impatient Ruger becomes, the thicker the walls become. Belle's arrival at his rental kicks off a journey of self-discovery that had been a long time coming, and his painful restructuring of self mirrors her own journey toward healing. They bond quickly, though neither of them can decide whether real feelings or desperation are driving their attachment. Colt has spent the six years since Ruger broke his heart bettering himself in every way. He put in the work, and became a better man for it. When Ruger breaks down one night, however, his self-control wanes. In addition to the sudden rekindling of the fire that he'd thought had gone out between them, Colt finds himself irresistibly drawn to Ruger's new tenant... who also happens to be his newest client. Ethical questions and overwhelming lust drive them to do things they never would have considered before. Will they tear each other apart? Or will they find a way to balance their dysfunction, and create the sort of mundane magic they all crave?
Inspirational author, Sandra A. Barnes is the autobiography writer of "Battered, Beaten and Scorned Still I Rise Above It All." She is from a small town located in North, South Carolina. While enjoying music and writing, she also spends quality time with her family and friends. The author is the mother of one daughter with two wonderful grandchildren. The motivation for her inspiration is from a very special friend. The author dedicated this book to her grandchildren, and also hopes to present a positive reflection for all to see within the inner beauty of a person's heart, no matter what age, ethnic, disability, or circumstances that one may go through in life. "Sometimes, all it takes is one spark to change the world." - Senior Publisher - Steven Lawrence Hill Sr.
"Scattered Pieces of a Broken Butterfly Wing" chronicles the life of a woman and her family who has experienced moment after moment of brokenness in their lives. From losing loved ones, suffering a broken home, experiencing marital crises, and even facing her own faith crises, the writer has survived it all to declare the faithfulness of God and the surpassing love of Jesus Christ. She has emerged from the settled dust to share her journey of emotional and spiritual healing in her tell all book, "Scattered Pieces of a Broken Butterfly Wing".

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