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A blueprint for improving the American public school system cites the inherent flaws of progress-based systems, recommending practices that tap the talents, motivational instincts, and potential of students and teachers.
Ron Nash shows how to replace “whatever” with “whatever it takes” through this professional development program focused on individual reflection. Includes examples from successful schools nationwide.
This thought-provoking book strengthens key skills for effective teaching, including classroom leadership, skillful planning, and promoting active learning, respect, and achievement.
In today’s shifting global economy and the emergence of technology and service–oriented knowledge organization, requiring enhanced levels of organizational flexibility and innovation, how do we maximize the human capital potential of workers to enhance their ability to perform and add value in a hyper–intensive competitive global marketplace? What are the methods and strategies for effectively motivating employees and increasing the job satisfaction of workers? What are the important drivers of worker satisfaction? What are the important individual, organizational, and social outcomes of various job satisfaction levels? What are the individual, organizational, and societal differences in job satisfaction levels and its determinants? These are just some of the pressing questions facing the organizations of today which this volume discusses.
Not everyone finds goals easy to select or focus on, despite escalating evidence of their importance in education. This book offers a simple action research approach to goal pursuit, favoring depth, informed decision making, and an improvement orientation. It presents practical, yet academically informed, ideas, and has real case study examples.
"This book provides academics and practitioners with an authoritative collection of research on the implications and social effects computers have had on communication. With 65 chapters of innovative research compiled in this comprehensive reference source, this handbook of research is a must-have addition to every library collection"--Provided by publisher.
"Finding the Zone is an essential read for any parent or educator who believes that curiosity, engagement, and critical thinking---not test scores---are the true keys to a purposeful life. Beginning with a well-researched case for the uniqueness of each mind and ending with how our homes and schools could help each of us `find the zone,' this book pulls essential knowledge from psychology, brain research, and educational theories and synthesizes it into an absorbable but undiluted account of how our minds work. Lawrence has given us a gift: a fascinating read that builds a foundation for helping each of us reach our full potential." Jane Kise, Edd Author and education consultant,, Differentiated Coaching Associates, LLC "I often hear my patients remark in frustration, `I wish I were in the zone!' Cheers to Gordon D. Lawrence for his innovative words on this subject by eloquently explaining being in the zone. It is about opening doors, creating space, and allowing the mind to be proactive. It is about stepping forward, not backward, in order to reach your potential in life. This book will show you how to do just that." Dr. Anthony Castro Clinical psychologist and author of Creating Space for Happiness: The Secret of Giving Room "I count this important book among a new wave of writings that inspires me to face this key challenge: How can I access and develop the creative core of my life, work, and personality? Discussions in the book illuminate the relationship between how we all understand our temperaments and the degree to which we succeed in connecting with our inner zone of creativity; these discussions are eye-opening....I highly recommend Finding the Zone to readers -who wish to limn the silver boundary that joins their understanding of themselves as a personality type to their maximum mental potential," Marty Babits, LCSW, BCD Author of the Power of the Middle Ground: A Couple's Guide to Renewing Your Relationship "This book deserves to be read by all managers and teachers. It provides a clear-cut path toward more effective performance and explains why it works.---" Paul R. Lawrence Professor emeritus of organizational behavior, Harvard Business School "Simply put, Lawrence's book is an insightful and innovative blueprint for managers to use to unlock and maximize the talents of employees. It is a clear and eloquent thesis on the kind of humane and energizing environment needed in the twenty-first-century workplace."---Cole L. Saxon Jr. CEO, Agri-America Marketing, Inc.

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