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In this timely and thought provoking book, the authors explore the effects of bullying on children and provide suggestions to end the cycle of child-to-child violence. Filled with personal stories from children and packed with practical ideas for parents, teachers and students.
Chapter 1Transforming the Culture Chapter 2Dimensions and Overview of Bullying Chapter 3Back to Bullying Basics Chapter 4Getting Specific About Bullying Chapter 5Cyberbullying: Unimagined Cruelty Chapter 6Bully Free Summer Camps Chapter 7Bullying from Pre-School through Adolescence Chapter 8Helping Special Needs Students Achieve Success Chapter 9The Challenges of Changing the Culture Chapter 10Change Agents Chapter 11Empowering Students in the Solution Chapter 12Ten Burning Questions Chapter 13Parents as Protectors, Partners, and Change Agents Chapter 14Letters From the Children
Back Page I cry every day before and after school because I have been a victim of bullying for most of my life. I had the misconception that once I reached middle school that I would be free from being [a] victim. Wow! Was I wrong [!] I am now a 7th grader and the torture continues. I suffered in silence until I met Ms. Smart; I feel some level of comfort because she let us know that she does not tolerate bullying in her classroom. Like many others I tried to commit suicide by jumping out of a window of a three-story building. I am also a cutter. I want to live but how? –Seventh-grade student Unfortunately, stories like that of this middle school student are all too common. The social pressures of bullying can lead to intolerable unpleasantness for some students. Bullying in schools is a growing concern in the United States. Bullying causes many problems, not only for the victim, but also for the bully. Students desire a safe haven at home and school; however, problems with bullies lead to insecurity in the victim and make home and school feel more like a prison than the safe haven they are supposed to be. Bullying via the Internet or cyberbullying is steadily increasing. A bully can harass someone via text, email or hurtful comments on a social network site. This has led to a whole new breed of bullying. A bully no longer has to be face to face. He/she can now say harmful things about a person through the Internet for others to read and comment. No matter how it is looked at, bullying is wrong. It’s never okay. It’s never cool. It never makes one person look better than another because they are bullying someone. This book offer strategies as to what to do if one should find themselves as a victim of bullying behavior as well as if you happen to be the bully. Also covered are tips for parents, teachers and community members.
Bullies & Victims explores the context of teasing and the power of relationships between children, as well as the roles of adults, schools, the media, and society at large.
Based on a practical, six-part framework for reducing peer cruelty and increasing positive behavior support, End Peer Cruelty, Build Empathy utilizes the strongest pieces of best practices and current research for ways to stop bullying. The book includes guidelines for implementing strategies, collecting data, training staff, mobilizing students and parents, building social-emotional skills, and sustaining progress, and presents the “6Rs” of bullying prevention: Rules, Recognize, Report, Respond, Refuse, and Replace. This is not a program, but a comprehensive process for reducing bullying from the inside out, involving the entire school community. Bullying-prevention and character education expert Michele Borba, who’s worked with over 1 million parents and educators worldwide, offers realistic, research-based strategies and advice. Use the book on its own or to supplement an existing program. Digital content includes customizable forms from the book and a PDF presentation for use in professional development.
Stop bullying in its tracks and promote a sense of belonging in all students. This update takes a closer look at what bullying is, places renewed emphasis on the role (and power) of bystanders, presents a range of new examples and scenarios, and more thoroughly addresses the issues of cyberbullying—including specific technologies, such as Facebook and texting. Readers will find support for teachers, counselors, and supervisors, including ready-to-use PowerPoint presentation for preservice and in-service training. Digital content includes PowerPoint presentation and all reproducible forms, surveys, handouts, and letters to parents and caregivers found in the book.

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