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Offering a comprehensive, "step-by-step" approach to the subject, Business Statistics Using Excel, Second Edition, gives students the tools and skills they need to succeed in their coursework. FEATURES - "Techniques in Practice" exercises at the end of each chapter encourage self-assessment - Excel screenshots provide clear and helpful examples that illustrate how to apply Excel skills to business statistics - Full integration of Excel exercises and applications--both in the textbook and on the Companion Website--enable both classroom-led learning or self-directed study NEW TO THIS EDITION - Expanded coverage of probability and probability distributions - Updated checklists help students to link the skills to their own development portfolios - All chapters have been fully revised and updated to include additional examples, explanations, and discussion questions - Greater emphasis on employability skills, which enables students to contextualize their learning and also helps them to identify how these skills can be applied and valued in real business environments The accompanying Companion Website offers a variety of features: For students: - Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010 - Self-test multiple-choice questions - Data from the exercises in the book - Links to key websites - Online glossary - Revision tips - Visual walk-throughs - Numerical-skills workbook: New to the second edition, this online refresher course covering basic math and Microsoft Excel helps reinforce students' confidence in their mathematical ability For instructors: - Instructor's Manual containing a guide to structuring lectures and worked-out answers to exercises in the book - PowerPoint slides - A Testbank with thirty questions per chapter
'Takes the challenging and makes it understandable. The book contains useful advice on the application of statistics to a variety of contexts and shows how statistics can be used by managers in their work.' - Dr Terri Byers, Assistant Professor, University Of New Brunswick, Canada A book about introductory quantitative analysis, the authors show both how and why quantitative analysis is useful in the context of business and management studies, encouraging readers to not only memorise the content but to apply learning to typical problems. Fully up-to-date with comprehensive coverage of IBM SPSS and Microsoft Excel software, the tailored examples illustrate how the programmes can be used, and include step-by-step figures and tables throughout. A range of ‘real world’ and fictional examples, including "The Ballad of Eddie the Easily Distracted" and "Esha's Story" help bring the study of statistics alive. A number of in-text boxouts can be found throughout the book aimed at readers at varying levels of study and understanding Back to Basics for those struggling to understand, explain concepts in the most basic way possible - often relating to interesting or humorous examples Above and Beyond for those racing ahead and who want to be introduced to more interesting or advanced concepts that are a little bit outside of what they may need to know Think it over get students to stop, engage and reflect upon the different connections between topics A range of online resources including a set of data files and templates for the reader following in-text examples, downloadable worksheets and instructor materials, answers to in-text exercises and video content compliment the book. An ideal resource for undergraduates taking introductory statistics for business, or for anyone daunted by the prospect of tackling quantitative analysis for the first time.
Business statistics students at both the undergraduate and MBA level who are not experts in the use of Excel. This text is designed to reflect the important changes in the teaching of statistics brought about by the usage of computers. It takes advantage of the ability of computers to help students understand statistical methods. It uses a straightforward, step-by-step approach, and uses the computer both as a tool for solving statistical problems and as pedagogical device to help students understand difficult concepts. *Excel usage has been simplified: Less emphasis on formatting. More emphasis on helping students get the 'big picture'. *Excel is used more as a scratch pad: In the revision the approach has moved from creating worksheets which automatically solve problems to using Excel as a scratch pad for each problem that arises. *All screen captures updated to Excel 2000 and all the material has been tested on Excel 2000. *Step-by-step instructions: Detailed instructions are given as each new topic is introduced. As students become more familiar with the topics less coaching is provided. *Computer demonstrations reinforce student understanding: Students are directed to use Exce
MODERN BUSINESS STATISTICS, 5E allows students to gain a strong conceptual understanding of statistics with a balance of real-world applications and a focus on the integrated strengths of Microsoft Excel 2013. To ensure student understanding, this best-selling, comprehensive text carefully discusses and clearly develops each statistical technique in a solid application setting. Microsoft Excel 2013 instruction, which is integrated in each chapter, plays an integral part in strengthening this edition's applications orientation. Immediately after each easy-to-follow presentation of a statistical procedure, a subsection discusses how to use Excel to perform the procedure. This integrated approach emphasizes the applications of Excel while focusing on the statistical methodology. Step-by-step instructions and screen captures further clarify student learning. A wealth of timely business examples, proven methods, and additional exercises throughout this edition demonstrate how statistical results provide insights into business decisions and present solutions to contemporary business problems. High-quality problems noted for their unwavering accuracy and the authors' signature problem-scenario approach clearly show how to apply statistical methods to practical business situations. New case problems and self-tests allow students to challenge their personal understanding. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Exceptional managers know that they can create competitive advantages by basing decisions on performance response under alternative scenarios. To create these advantages, managers need to understand how to use statistics to provide information on performance response under alternative scenarios. Statistics are created to make better decisions. Statistics are essential and relevant. Statistics must be easily and quickly produced using widely available software, Excel. Then results must be translated into general business language and illustrated with compelling graphics to make them understandable and usable by decision makers. This book helps students master this process of using statistics to create competitive advantages as decision makers. Statistics are essential, relevant, easy to produce, easy to understand, valuable, and fun, when used to create competitive advantage. The Examples, Assignments, And Cases Used To Illustrate Statistics For Decision Making Come From Business Problems McIntire Corporate Sponsors and Partners, such as Rolls-Royce, Procter & Gamble, and Dell, and the industries that they do business in, provide many realistic examples. The book also features a number of examples of global business problems, including those from important emerging markets in China and India. It is exciting to see how statistics are used to improve decision making in real and important business decisions. This makes it easy to see how statistics can be used to create competitive advantages in similar applications in internships and careers. Learning Is Hands On With Excel and Shortcuts

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