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This is the best biography of one of the most exciting, colorful, and controversial figures of the Civil War. A renowned cavalryman, Nathan Bedford Forrest perfected a ruthless hit-and-run guerrilla warfare that terrified Union soldiers and garnered the respect of warriors like William Sherman, who described his adversary as "that Devil, Forrest . . . the most remarkable man our Civil War produced on either side." Historian Bruce Catton rated Forrest "one of the authentic military geniuses of the whole war," but Brian Steel Wills covers much more than the cavalryman's incredible feats on the field of battle. He also provides the most thoughtful and complete analysis of Forrest's hardscrabble childhood in backwater Mississippi; his rise to wealth in the Memphis slave trade; his role in the infamous Fort Pillow massacre of black Union soldiers; his role as early leader and Grand Wizard of the first Ku Klux Klan; and his declining health and premature death in a reconstructing America.
Confederate Generals provides extended biographical sketches of twenty of the most significant, compelling, and colorful of the Southern generals. Leavened with 10-15 relevant photographs and illuminating anecdotes, each profile also includes descriptions of the most important military actions in which each general was involved. The generals range from the renowned and legendary to the somewhat obscure, including: -- P. G. T. Beauregard -- The South's first war hero, commander of the attack on Fort Sumter -- John Bell Hood -- His Texas Brigade was regarded as the finest fighting unit in the Army of Northern Virginia -- Thomas Jackson -- Lee's most trusted and resourceful lieutenant, the mighty Stonewall's loss was irreplaceable -- James Longstreet -- Although criticized for being too cautious, he held Lee's undying trust -- J. E. B. Stuart -- The consummate image of Southern chivalry and the most daring cavalry leader of the Virginia campaigns In addition, Confederate Generalsreveals biographical details on Western commanders like Braxton Bragg, Patrick Cleburne, John Hunt Morgan, and Joseph Wheeler. It profiles top-ranked strategists like Jubal Early, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and Albert Sidney Johnston. And it unearths fascinating details from the lives of noted leaders like Richard Ewell, Ambrose Hill, John Pemberton, Leonidas Polk, and Robert Toombs. Confederate Generals opens a window on the most fascinating military leaders of the Civil War.
The first-ever biography of the man who created America's most famous whiskey Born in Lynchburg, Tennessee, in 1850, Jack Daniel became a legendary moonshiner at age 15 before launching a legitimate distillery ten years later. By the time he died in 1911, he was an American legend-and his Old No. 7 Tennessee sipping whiskey was an international sensation, the winner of gold medals at the St. Louis World's Fair and the Liege International Exposition in Belgium. Blood and Whiskey captures Daniel's indomitable rise in the rough-edged world of the nineteenth-century whiskey trade-and shows how his commitment to quality (his whiskey was always charcoal-filtered) and his flair for marketing and packaging (he launched his distinctive square bottle in 189-5) helped create one of America's most venerable and recognizable brands. Peter Krass (Hanover, NH) is the author of Carnegie (0-471-46883-5), cited by Barron's as the "definitive" biography and selected by Library Journal as one of the best biography/business books of 2002.
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