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She Sold Her Own Virginity The penniless Charlotte dreams of a bright future, but she has nothing to sell but herself and her virginity. She chooses to auction both to the highest bidder. A BDSM Menage Erotica tale of a virgin and her first time with a mature Alpha Male Master, his friend...... and others. Expect short breath and wet panties. Medical assistance should not be required. Adult content. For mature readers only. This Box Set contains the following previously published stories: Book 1: The Virgin - Auctioned Book 2: The Virgin - Sold Book 3: The Virgin - No More Book 4: The Virgin - Unleashed Book 5: The Virgin - Fulfilled Total approx 25,000 words
Christmas with Her Two Masters Charlotte is looking forward to a Christmas break with her two Masters. But when there is a turn in the weather, will she be able to enjoy it?
She Sold Herself and Her Virginity.... The penniless Charlotte dreams of a bright future. But she has nothing to sell but herself and her virginity. She chooses to auction both to the highest bidder. Charlotte's buyer becomes her Master and he chooses to share her with his friend. But when she later returns to them, as the relationship between the Three develops, it becomes clear that there is more to Charlotte than a young woman in need of money. Who is Charlotte? What are her secrets? And if her past returns, who will pay the price? A Tale of BDSM Ménage Erotic Romance and Suspense This book contains the following books from the 'Buying the Virgin' series, previously published separately. Also included: one bonus episode taken from the 'Bought by the Billionaire' Series Part One – The Virgin – Auctioned Part Two – The Virgin – Sold Part Three – The Virgin - No More Part Four – The Virgin – Unleashed Part Five - The Virgin – Fulfilled Part Six – The Virgin's Holiday Part Seven – The Virgin's Christmas Part Eight – The Virgin's Valentines Part Nine – The Virgin's Master Part Ten – The Virgin's Lover Part Eleven – The Virgin's Fantasies Part Twelve – The Virgin's Choices Part Thirteen – The Virgin's Summer Part One Part Fourteen – The Virgin's Summer Part Two Part Fifteen – The Virgin's Summer Part Three Part Sixteen – The Virgin's Summer Part Four Part Seventeen – The Virgin and the Masters Part One Part Eighteen – The Virgin and the Masters Part Two Part Nineteen – The Virgin and the Masters Part Three Part Twenty – The Virgin and the Masters Part Four Part Twenty-One – The Virgin and the Masters Part Five Part Twenty-Two – The Virgin and the Masters Part Six Part Twenty-Three – The Virgin's Wedding Bonus Content – The Master's Wife's Birthday (from Bought by the Billionaire) Part Twenty-Four – The Virgin's Real Christmas Total content approx 240,000 words Explicit Adult content – for mature readers only
Her Enemy's Promise... Klempner has escaped from prison. Charlotte's beloved Master has been captured. Michael races to find Charlotte, Mitch and Kirstie before Klempner does. What are Klempner's intentions? Who will find Charlotte first? And when Charlotte faces her Old Enemy, what will happen? A BDSM Ménage Erotic Romance and Thriller Explicit Adult Content. For Mature Readers Only Approx 36,000 Words
In this first book of a trilogy, see an Earth-like planet and its population shaped by I AM (God) to perform a special task. I AM, An Alternate Saga of Biblical Proportions takes readers to a world where some very bad things happen, as a determined I AM shapes mankind into the most ruthless of warriors. Who better than Humans to wage war upon the Empire of Satan? Meet the players: Clan MacLee who rebuilds their community after a devastating flood; the evil Order of Ra who control the world by shaping its leaders with drugs and debauchery; and the Sisters of the Khan, whose ancient sorority dictates all large-scale farming. The primary sport is long-boat rowing, which develops the huge powerful shoulders needed to perform I AM's task. It also ties up a large portion of the world's economy in wagering on races. The tale is an oral history being recited four thousand years into the future. The students hearing it are Cactus Monkeys, one of the original sentient species inhabiting this planet. Be aware of this novel's violence, sensuality, and religious controversy. About the Author: Galen H. Mullis is a native New Mexican, Navy veteran, thespian, avid balloonist, and Jack of all trades. "Lying in the hospital trying to survive a major heart attack, I was granted a vision of this wondrous story. I sat in amazement as words flowed from my fingertips. This story was truly inspired by something beyond my humble understanding of the universe." Publisher's website: http: //

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