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Danny Connolly is a back-up pitcher with the Dulaney Orioles. He knows that "back-up" means "not good enough to start." When he has gotten a chance to pitch, he hasn't exactly been the shut-down reliever the team needs.To make matters worse, he's playing in the shadow of his older brother, Joey, a lights-out high school lefty with a 90-mph fastball who's attracting lots of attention from college recruiters and major league scouts. It's bad enough that Danny's parents fawn over Joey and rarely talk about Danny's games. But now, as his big brother's mound exploits are drawing more and more attention, Danny is starting to get the why-aren't-you-as-good-as-Joey? comments from the Orioles, too. The pressure to live up to Joey's success is stifling. Lonely and frustrated, Danny embarks on a secret project designed to make his family and teammates sit up and take notice. Aided by a mysterious stranger with an uncanny knowledge of the aerodynamics of a thrown baseball, he attempts to learn a pitch no one has seen before. The clock is ticking as the O's try to repeat as league champions. If Danny's audacious plan works and he can master the magical fluttering pitch known as "The Terminator," he'll soon be the talk of the league--and the dependable closer the Orioles desperately need. PRAISE FOR HOTHEAD:". . . just the ticket for readers who've worked their way through Dan Gutman and Matt Christopher but are still a little shy of Matt de la Pe a and Carl Deuker. "--Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books "Written with Ripken's obvious knowledge of the game, Conor's story rings true, with plenty of good baseball action. If Conor's not always in good spirits, the novel is, with likable characters, lively baseball action and the usual dreams of playing in the big leagues-in Conor's case, at Camden Yards. Ripken and Cowherd, like Conor and his Babe Ruth League Orioles, make a winning team. "--Kirkus
Grandstand Baseball Puzzles is a celebration of Americas pastime. It enthusiastically takes the puzzle solver through a year of baseball by presenting crosswords and logic puzzles of varying difficulty with themes relevant to each month of the year. The puzzles are like no other sports puzzle book before it as they contain an unprecedented amount of trivia, statistics, and commentary. You will, without a doubt find yourself picking up your favorite baseball reference book or searching through baseball statistics websites as you attempt to conquer each of these puzzles. How well do you remember the 1980s? Who are the heroes and goats of the great Fall Classic? Do you know those Yankees or Red Sox legends as well as you think you do? Find out the answers in the most elaborate accumulation of baseball trivia puzzles to date, Grandstand Baseball Puzzles.
No two baseball parks are the same and their differences can make or break a game. Ballparks shows off the details of how individual parks define the game and what it's like to see ball played there. The Green Monster in Boston, the ivy in Chicago, the center field hill in Houston, the Bermuda Triangle in Miami, the convertible roof in Seattle, the baggy in Minneapolis, and the cove in San Francisco: baseball is unique among American sports. Football, basketball, and hockey are played on identical fields, courts, and rinks. Only in baseball does the park define the game. Ballparks highlights those differences. It is not a wordy, text-based account of baseball stadiums; nor an encyclopedic telling of their history. Instead, it is a picture-packed look at what makes the current Major League parks, and some of the famous old ones, so special. Ballparks highlights what it is like to sit in the stands, stretch in the seventh inning, and watch the sun go down over a cityscape. The 5th edition of Ballparks is updated to encompass all parks constructed up to 2017 and includes a frameable novelty print.
Discusses the challenges and accomplishments of ten of the best young players in baseball, including Nomar Garciaparra, Sean Casey, and Kevin Millwood.
GET THE FACTS BEHIND THE STATS Who set the record for the most hits during his rookie season? What player's pregame routine includes eating chicken and never having strawberries on his cheesecake? Who has won batting's Triple Crown? Leading off for the Louisville Slugger? Book of Great Hitters: the most awesome, all-star lineup of all time. This incredible collection of player profiles gives you the personal and career highlights of the greatest players to ever step into the box. From "Big Ed" Delahanty, who began his career in 1888, to Alex Rodriguez more than one hundred years later, these heavy hitters have all left their mark on America's national pastime. Complete career stats let you discover who holds the records for home runs, RBIs, stolen bases, lifetime averages, and much, much more. Test your knowledge as you learn about the legends of the game, including: D. W. CRISFIELD (Summit, NJ) is the author of several children's sports books, including Pick Up Games: The Rules, The Players, The Equipment.

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