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Catholic school teachers have a special vocation to reach the hearts and minds of young people, even in the midst of never-ending lesson planning, grading papers, and trying to lead a balanced life. Called to Teach, a book of 366 short, thought-provoking reflections, can help teachers stay focused on their Christ-centered mission by providing a source of energy, renewal, and affirmation for their day. This collection of one-minute daily reflections offers a prayerful opportunity to recapture the joyous expectation Christ has in mind for Catholic teachers. Each day begins with a scripture passage that sets a theme and provides much-needed encouragement as a reminder of the daily gifts present in a Catholic school. Justin McClain, a theology and Spanish teacher at Bishop McNamara High School in Forestville, Maryland, will help teachers take a fresh look at everyday benchmarks of success in lesson planning, classroom prayer, and dealing with difficult theological questions. He also addresses needs outside the classroom—relaxation and a good night’s sleep, healthy eating habits, continuing education, and more time for prayer.
These are challenging times when it comes to the need for lay Catholics to understand the Church's position on any number of doctrinal issues. Likewise, we need bishops who will lead warmly and amicably, yet likewise accurately and as dutiful spiritual fathers. The goal of this book is to invite the Catholic laity (along with anyone of good will) to become steadily familiar with the teachings of the Church as transmitted by the writings of modern Catholic bishops. There is a particular focus on the bishops of the English-speaking world, as well as on the writings of the bishops over the course of the last two centuries. If you would like to grow in your Catholic faith, this book explains how the bishops have patiently and pastorally led the faithful to walk ever closer to the ultimate Good Shepherd: the Lord Jesus Christ.
Teachers in Catholic schools are called to do more than instruct in a particular subject area. You are called to witness to the Catholic faith and to ready your students to be socially active and responsible, moral, literate, and to reflect Christian values in daily life in and out of the classroom. How do you do this while teaching high school physics or primary language arts or middle-grades social studies? How do you pass on the faith in a Catholic school if you’re not a Catholic yourself? Veteran religious educator Judith Dunlap answers these questions and more in When You Teach in a Catholic School. Dunlap provides inspiration and practical tips for teachers who want to share their faith in the classroom and school environment. This valuable resource offers fresh insight into the ministry of teaching—for teachers, school staff and administration, and parent-teacher organizations.
Continuing the tradition of 5 Minutes with Christ and 5 Minutes with the Saints, this uplifting book of meditations by members of the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) at the University of Notre Dame draws on inspiration from the Psalms, Proverbs, and the books of Wisdom in the Bible. These timeless insights of scripture can provide inspiration and encouragement for all of those on the front lines of Catholic education. Written by teachers for teachers, this book is a valuable resource not only for teachers, but also for pastors, principals, administrators, and school board members as they seek to motivate others and to reflect on their own role in education. More than seventy meditations will help you get back in touch with Jesus, the source of all wisdom who gives meaning and coherence to your life as a teacher. With contributions from teachers who work in a variety of subject areas at all levels of elementary and high school, 5 Minutes with the Psalmsand the Wisdom Books will be a welcome reminder of the dignity of the teaching vocation and a gentle source of encouragement for educators struggling to meet the needs of their students each day.
Fresh, new and invigorating…A retreat in a book….what if the Rosary could speak to us in our own situation in life, in the work that God has called us to? This question got Larry Duffany thinking….Using his nearly 20 years of experience in teaching at nearly every level of Catholic school education and his time in administration, Larry Duffany explores the mysteries of the Rosary from the particular perspective of those who serve in the ministry of Catholic school education. Through these reflections a teacher will find a companion on the journey, hope, understanding, and perhaps a little inspiration. In Chalk It Up to Mystery: Reflections on the Rosary for the Catholic School Educator, Larry Duffany offers thoughts on: • The Call of the Catholic Educator • The Catholic School Community • Bringing Christ to Life in the School • Being of Service to the Family • Being Merciful • Celebrating the Giftedness of Others In addition to reflections on these topics and more, Larry presents his readers, with several thought provoking questions and ample space to journal as they enter more deeply into the mysteries of the life of Jesus and his Blessed Mother. This book is well suited for: • Faculty Retreat Days • Formation of New Catholic School Educators • Catholic School Board Formation • Reflection and Renewal for Veteran Catholic School Educators • Reflection on the Mission and Vision of Catholic School Education Chalk It Up to Mystery: Reflections on the Rosary for the Catholic School Educator awakens the religious imagination of its readers bringing them into the heart of the stories, into the heart of the mysteries, unveiling God’s love for his people as made evident through the work of teachers and administrators in Catholic Schools.
Originally housed in a two-story home and then in an old converted schoolhouse along Taraval Street in 1917, San Francisco’s St. Cecilia Church today stands as a cultural pillar and architectural gem of the Parkside District. The parish continually grew to meet the demands of its members, despite the hardships brought on by events like the Great Depression and both world wars. Through years of expansions, new construction and additions, the parish remains an active gathering place for thousands of people. Local author Frank Dunnigan utilizes community remembrances and photos from dozens of different sources to tell the story of a vibrant parish that continues to live up to its motto: “The Finest, the Greatest and the Best.”

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